The Biggest Makeover Show Ever!

More Transformations

• After gastric-bypass surgery Courtney had a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and an arm lift. See the amazing results!

• Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif
explains the difference between an open and closed rhinoplasty.

• Dr. Ordon and Dr. Lisa talk about
breast implants and reductions and the options available.

• Campers from Wellspring Weight Loss Camp lost a combined 1,147 pounds

Ultimate His-and-Her Makeover
Bill and Diane are bikers who have been married for 25 years. Diane, however, is self-conscious about her looks and says that she has saggy cheeks, wrinkles and puffy eyes.

"I'd love to ride into a bike fest and have him be proud of me," she says. "But my self-esteem is bad."

Bill is also unhappy with his appearance. People have told him he resembles Santa Claus because of his long white hair and white beard. "I've had one lady tell me, 'You look like a bulldog,'" he says.

Dr. Ordon explains what procedures he and cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman performed on Bill and Diane to give them the ultimate couple makeover.

The have been kept apart for nearly a month as they recovered from their procedures. Watch as Bill and Diane see each other for the first time since their transformations!

See the couple's dental makeover up close.


Bill and Diane before and after their makeovers!


Bye-Bye Billy Bob
Actor Ron Lester may be best known for his part as obese offensive lineman Billy Bob in the hit movie Varsity Blues, but after having gastric bypass surgery and losing 348 pounds, he is now working to help overweight kids get healthy.

"The weight just sort of melted off," Ron says. "It's an amazing new life, I'll tell you that."

Check out Ron in The Fat Boy Chronicles, coming soon.

Ron's amazing transformation!


Stunning Smile
The Doctors searched far and wide for the worst teeth in America, and found them in 41-year-old Mark's mouth. In addition to missing a number of teeth throughout his mouth, Mark has extensive decay and often wakes up with tooth fragments in his mouth, due to grinding them at night.

"The teeth that aren't decayed have so much bone loss that they just have to be extracted," Dr. Bill says. "[He's] just got massive infection all over. He needs heroic dentistry in order to save his mouth."

Dr. Bill reconstructed Mark's entire smile, removing all but five teeth and filling a number of major cavities, while OC Dental Center made upper and lower partial dentures.

See Mark's dental makeover up close.

See Mark's brand-new smile!


Full-Body Makeover
Tina, 53, underwent gastric-bypass surgery and lost 179 pounds! To complete her head-to-toe transformation, plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Hurwitz performed a total body lift and a face lift. Tina also underwent a full cosmetic dentistry makeover, performed by Dr. S. Rand Werrin. Tina is also receiving life coaching with Neil Griebling.

Tina's total body lift!


Incredible Weight-Loss Makeover
After Kim, 39, got married, she progressively gained weight, peaking at nearly 300 pounds.  "It was like I just zipped up a fat suit for 10-plus years, and just wore that," she says.

Through diet and exercise, Kim lost 125 pounds, but was left with excessive saggy skin around her midsection. "It's kind of like finding that deflated balloon behind your couch," she says. "That's what it looks like."

To help Kim lose the extra skin, she underwent an elaborate surgical makeover, which included a specialized tummy tuck with a lower, less visible incision, as well as breast implants to top off her new look.

Kim before and after her tummy tuck!


Beautiful Bride
Heather, 29, lost 200 pounds after gastric-bypass surgery. To remove her leftover skin, Dr. Al Aly performed a belt lipectomy and breast reduction and lift.

Heather and her fiancé, Dan, are getting married in just days, and to finish her beauty makeover, The Doctors send her for her first manicure and a Toni & Guy hair makeover! So she can lose her glasses, Dr. Kerry Assil performs LASIK eye surgery and Dr. Bill helps her smile with Zoom! teeth whitening.

The Doctors, with the help of Unforgettable Honeymoons, surprise the couple with a honeymoon to Fiji!

See Heather's brand-new look!


Facial Transformations
Debra, 46, wanted a new, youthful look and underwent the ultimate facial makeover by plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Petti. Dr. Petti injected filler on Debra's frown lines and crow's feet, performed SmartLipo on her neck, added Sculptra to her forehead and cheeks for volume and Juvederm into the lips and performed a rhinoplasty.

see Debra's dental makeover up close.

Debra's youthful face!


Louise, 47, also desired a new look, so plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken performed a face lift, an eye lift, a chin implant, a wrinkle filler and a Neck-Lace procedure. She also had a tummy tuck for a tighter abdomen! To visit Dr. Moelleken's Web site, click here (Please note that this site may contain graphic medical images. Discretion is advised.).

She also had a dental makeover.
See itup close.

Louise's big change!


Watch as Dr. Ordon explains how a face lift transforms a face, and then go inside the operating rooms for Debra and Louise's procedures.

650-Pound Virgin
David, 34, weighed 650 pounds and was on the verge of suicide, until he made a promise to his mother.

"On my mom's deathbed, she told me she wanted me to lose the weight," he says on the TLC documentary The 650-Pound Virgin. "I gave myself three options: have gastric-bypass, kill myself or lose weight the natural way. I picked the natural way."

In just 26 months, David lost an incredible 410 pounds with the help of his personal trainer, Chris Powell.

"The very first thing we did, was I taught him how to prepare all of his food in bulk," Chris says. "But really, one of the most important steps was the lifestyle aspect of rewarding himself, allowing himself a reward pretty much every other day at first, then tapering that off so he was only rewarding himself, basically, once a week. And then from there, just a lot of moving, body-weight exercises and a lot of walking."

David's weight loss left him with a massive amount of extra skin. Follow David into the operating room as Dr. Mehdi K. Mazaheri an amazing skin-tightening procedure.


See David go from morbidly obese to fit and trim!


Weight Loss for a Cause
Daniel, 31, also dropped a large amount of weight through diet and exercise. He went from 525 pounds to 215 in just 14 months! His father's diagnosis with lymphoma inspired him to lose weight, because if he ever needed an organ transplant, Daniel wanted to be healthy enough to donate his. Luckily, he never had to go through that.

"[My dad is] doing really well," Daniel says. "I lost all this weight, and he didn't even need any organs or anything like that. He beat cancer!"

But Daniel's weight loss also left him with an excessive amount of loose skin. To help Daniel get the body he wants, Dr. Wyatt says as long as Daniel is a suitable medical and lifestyle candidate for the skin-tightening procedure, he will help him complete his transformation!


Daniel's weight loss and sagging skin





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OAD 9/14/09