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Are you unhappy with your thighs? What about your bladder? The Doctors are here to help with Ask Our Doctors: Fix Your Body!

Slimmer Thighs, No Surgery

Janice, 46, keeps in shape and eats healthily but has trouble toning up her butt and thighs. While she wants a smoother bottom, Janice does not want to have surgery or liposuction. “It’s that classic cottage cheese,” Dr. Ordon says. “Call it what you want, but all women have it to a certain degree -- cellulite.”

To help with her problem, Dr. Ordon explains that Janice is backstage having a noninvasive therapy treatment performed by Lynn Banfi of Per Amore in
Beverly Hills, which reduces cellulite and slims the thighs. She first uses Dermosonic, which combines ultrasound and non-invasive subdermal therapy to help reduce cellulite, localize fat reduction and smooth the skin. “Really, it’s all about stimulating the circulation, helping that,” Dr. Ordon says. “And the energy from the ultrasonic is actually heating up the fat, melting it a little bit, reorganizing it and help the body to get rid of it.”

After the Dermos
onic treatment, Janice will be put into an Oxypod, where convective dry thermal heat and deep-penetrating near-infrared heat is administered simultaneously with therapeutic, intense LED light. It naturally reduces fat mass content, secretes leptin hormones and stimulates the hypothalamus to help Janice lose weight and inches. “It’s an infrared heat, so it wasn’t hot,” Dr. Jim says. “Compared to a sauna, you can stay in there for 30 minutes without getting uncomfortable, and it would massage you at the same time.”

About 10 treatments are recommended for the best results, but after just her fourth, Janice’s body has made a noticeable change. In addition to reducing the bumps on her thighs and bottom, she also lost 2 ¾ inches!

Permanent Birth Control
Are you looking for permanent birth control that doesn’t involve having your tubes tied or having your husband go under the knife? A new, in-office procedure may just be the answer.

Essure is a quick, non-reversible, permanent birth control procedure for women that requires no cutting, hormones or general anesthesia. It has been FDA approved for over five years and i
s 99.8 percent effective, based on a four-year study.

OB-GYN Dr. Ralph Mayer, who performs the Essure procedure, explains that a doctor goes through the cervix and uterus to insert small couls in the fallopian tubes. Over a few months the body forms scar tissue, which blocks the tubes and makes Essure permanent. He says it feels like a pap smear and usually takes less than 20 minutes, but patients may feel mild
cramping immediately after. “Once a woman knows she has her family complete, whatever that means to her, it’s a perfect option,” Dr. Mayer says.


Urinary Incontinence
Halle is a mother of two, and every time she laughs, coughs, sneezes or exercises, she leaks urine. Her doctor told her she had stress urinary incontinence, and she asks The Doctors about a new procedure to help with it.

“Thirty percent of aging women will experience stress urinary incontinence,” says urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman. “What that means is that you leak urine when you cough, laugh, sneeze, hit a golf club, and it’s due to the support structures of the bladder and urethra stretching due to childbirth and aging.”

Dr. Lisa explains that non-surgical kegel exercises can help strengthen the muscles, as can the Athena, a pelvic muscle trainer. A new surgical procedure lifts the urethra using mesh, a synthetic material, and can be done in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia. The mesh is placed around the urethra and as the tissue scars, it helps support the urethra and keeps it from moving, preventing leakage.


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