Battle of the Sexes

How well do you know the opposite sex? Test your knowledge in the ultimate battle of the sexes, where no topic is out of bounds!

Which Came First, the Sperm or the Egg?

The average man produces up to 150 million sperm per day. The average woman can store up to 200,000 eggs per ovary. You decide.

Have a Coke and a … Spermicide?

A controversial new form of birth control is the use of cola as a spermicide, which is said to reduce the motility of sperm. However, it only reduces the motility by 30 percent and is not proven effective. “This is such a bad thing for women; it’s caustic to the vaginal environment.” Dr. Lisa admonishes.


Sexsomnia is a form of sleepwalking; during which an individual performs sexual acts while sleeping and has no recollection of the events. Dr. Jim explains that sleepwalking can be triggered by stress, sleep deprivation, alcohol and certain drugs. Stephen has sex with his wife, Michelle, when he’s asleep. When asked about her husband’s performance, she giggles, “He’s probably better!”


Guys: women have been carrying this burden for long enough. It’s time that you pick up some of the slack and do some waxing, manicuring and primping of your own! Men have started to groom, trim and shave their chest, back and pubic hair. “It’s a good thing – it makes you look better!” Dr. Ordon asserts. For more about manscaping, click here.


Males have a bigger brain than females due to the fact that men have more muscle mass, which requires more neurons. However, a female’s corpus callosum, the area that connects the hemispheres of the brain, is larger and more active than a male’s. This allows women to perform more tasks at one time - which would explain why women are better at multi-tasking than men!

Dr. Van Wuh Deen, a professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School, provides side-by-side MRI images from male and female brains to illustrate the point.

It Was Just My Emotions, Running Away With Me

If you’ve ever wondered why women tend to be more emotional than men, the medical explanation may shed some light. The limbic system, the part of the brain that controls emotions, is larger and more advanced in women than in men. Hormones can also contribute to feelings, as Dr. Lisa often touts, “Women are hormonal beings.”

Does Size Really Matter?

Shonda from Houston, Texas, asks whether the length and width of a man’s penis make a difference in bed. Dr. Lisa says that a woman’s vagina is approximately four inches long and a man’s penis is approximately five to six inches when erect, and three to four inches when not. Anatomically speaking, size is therefore a moot point. Dr. Lisa encourages men to concentrate on the other ways they can satisfy and pleasure a woman, rather than focus on the size of their equipment. Dr. Jim adds, “It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.”

Can the Penis Break?

Carol in Muskogee, Oklahoma, asks whether it’s possible to break her husband’s penis if she gets a little too carried away in the sack. Dr. Ordon explains that an erect penis has channels that fill with blood. If the penis sustains a sharp bend or blow in an engorged state, it is possible to fracture the penis, which would require corrective surgery.

A Fertile Period?

Michael from Lubbock, Texas, wonders if a woman can get pregnant if she has sex during her period. Dr. Lisa explains that on average, a woman produces two to three tablespoons of blood during her entire menstruation, so although it may be a little messy, she can certainly engage in intercourse at that time.

However, Dr. Lisa cautions that a woman can still get pregnant because her period does not preclude her from ovulating at that time. It is important to note that a woman is at an increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases during her period due to the porous nature of the blood vessels at that time.


Steve from Hollister, California, explains that he wants kids but his fiancée, Vanessa, doesn’t. However, they would like the option to have children in the future, so Steve wonders what their birth control options are. Dr. Lisa says that the Inter-Uterine Device (IUD), a small device placed in the uterus, is an excellent option for couples looking for a long-term birth control solution.

The IUD device uses copper, rather than hormones, to create a hostile environment for sperm; and it has been deemed safe and effective for up to 10 years, and is easily placed and removed by a doctor. Dr. Lisa cautions that it is critical that a woman does not have a vaginal infection when the IUD is placed, as that can cause complications that lead to infertility.

And Cough, Please …

Just what are doctors checking for when they cup a man’s testicles, ask him to turn his head to the side and cough? If you guessed a hernia, you’re right.

How Long is the Clitoris?
This question stumped just about everyone. The length of the clitoris is approximately three inches, but most of it is actually inside the body.

Reaching the Peak

While experts agree that most males reach their sexual peak before they’re old enough to vote, females reach their sexual peak in their early 30s.

Just How Many Times a Day DO Men Think About Sex?

Tick tock! Studies show that men think about sex approximately once every 60 seconds.

No-Needle Vasectomy

Gentlemen: have you considered getting a vasectomy but the thought of needles poking at your genitals stops you dead in your tracks? This isn’t your father’s vasectomy!

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz explains the no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy procedure: Instead of using a needle to numb the scrotum, an air jet device is used to spray anesthesia directly into the scrotum and vas deferens; instead of using a scalpel to pierce the scrotum, a small scissor tip is used to pierce the skin and severe the vas deferens. “It’s the Cadillac of vasectomies,” Dr. Spitz affirms.

Steve and his girlfriend, Barbie, both have children of their own and don’t want to have any more. Dr. Spitz performs a no-needle vasectomy on Steve in the procedure room and instructs the couple not to have sex for a week. He adds that they should not have unprotected sex for another three months; Steve should ejaculate 20 times and have a checkup to make sure the procedure worked. 

Sterilization procedures for women often require general anesthesia and are much riskier than a vasectomy. Dr. Lisa declares, “And the women have the babies! Come on guys, do a woman a favor and step up to the plate!!”