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Dancing with The Doctors
Ballroom dancing has become a popular way to get fit. In fact, former Dancing with the Stars contestant Lisa Rinna says it got her into the best shape of her life. “I liked that body I got,” she says after boogying out on stage. “I thought, ‘I don’t want to lose this.’"

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• Watch Dr. Ordon and Lisa Rinna get their groove on!

The Doctors try out the latest Afro-Brazilian dance moves!

The movie Slumdog Millionaire swept the Oscars, and now the Bollywood dance craze is sweeping the nation. Watch The Doctors learn some Bollywood moves.

To keep that body, Lisa and her Dancing partner, Louis Van Amstel, came up with a dance class that helped her and her students get in shape and lose weight. “They started to really feel good,” she says. “They were happy. They loved doing this.”

Lisa built on to the success of the class with a workout DVD series, “Dance Body Beautiful,” which takes the moves from Dancing with the Stars and puts them in a routine you can do at home. Dr. Ordon asks if the program is only for women, or if men can participate, as well. “Men can do it, too!” she says with a big smile. “I would love it if I could get a guy to do it, or lots of guys to do it!”

Dr. Ordon takes Lisa up on her request, gets into his dancing gear and brings Lisa to The Doctors’ dance floor. The two groove to some salsa music under a disco ball, impressing The Doctors and the audience!

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Move over aspirin: the latest anti-inflammatory treatment the medical community is buzzing about is … a bee sting! Most people jump at the sound of buzzing bees, but practitioners of this therapy swear the insect’s sting works wonders.

Chris Kleronomos specializes in bee sting therapy, or apitherapy, and says that bee venom is an excellent remedy for conditions like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

Dr. Travis agrees to be stung by a bee, but do you dare?


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Raw Meat Diet

You may have heard of the raw food diet, but the raw meat diet? While The Doctors do not endorse it, Aajonus, 61, claims eating raw meat, poultry and eggs saved his life. The diet consists of uncooked and unprocessed raw food and advocates claim that the benefits include improved digestion, better weight management and nutritional value, and reduced risk of disease. Proponents of the diet contend that raw foods contain enzymes which are said to act as catalysts to regulate the digestive process in the body and that cooking the food degrades those enzymes.

Aajonus says that cancer brought him to the verge of death when he was 20. He also struggled with juvenile diabetes and angina pectoris when he was a teenager and says he had 300 heart attacks by the time he was 22. His cancer resurfaced 10 years later and Aajonus says he felt fighting it again would be difficult. He was told that eating any uncooked food would kill him, so he began doing just that. “I ate the raw meat to kill myself,” he says. “And it did just the opposite. It invigorated me for the first time in my life. I didn’t have to worry about my obsession with eating.”

Aajonus buys his raw meats from specialty stores, and eats that plus one fruit a day. He also drinks vegetable juice.

“All the respect to you and what you’re doing,” Dr. Travis says. “But I do not recommend this to anyone at home. A raw meat diet runs the risk of so many bad things, like salmonella, among others.

“I’m not saying this diet for you isn’t a wonderful thing,” Dr. Travis continues. “But this is a dangerous diet for your average person. In the E.R. I have taken care of people who have almost died from eating raw chicken.”

Dr. Lisa warns that eating raw meats during pregnancy can cause birth defects.

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The colon is the part of the large intestine that runs from the cecum to the rectum. Its function is to remove water from digested food and move stool through to the rectum. The practice of colon cleansing is based on the theory that waste collects in the colon, stagnates and poisons the body. A colonic is a procedure that entails inserting a tube into the rectum and irrigating the colon with water. Proponents of the procedure say that the irrigation serves as a detoxification.

Eleni, 24, manages a wellness spa that administers colonics and has seen many positive results in her clients. They report healthier skin, increased energy, sounder sleep and more frequent bowel movements. Lisa, 23, has been getting colonics at Eleni’s spa every month for two years and is thrilled with the results.

However, many gastroenterologists discourage colonics. They say that when left unencumbered, the body removes toxins on its own. The kidneys and lungs remove by-products from the bloodstream and regular bowel movements remove waste through the gastrointestinal tract. Any interference with this fine balance can be dangerous. They encourage eating well and living a healthy lifestyle as the best way to keep your body toxin-free.     

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Naked Sushi
One outrageous and delightful culinary trend is sushi … served naked! Women dressed in nothing but their birthday suits, covered with strategically-placed sushi rolls, present a tantalizing meal.

See this delicious and provocative dish … served live onstage!

“I think it’s dehumanizing to women!” Dr. Lisa exclaims. She turns to the model, who is lying immobile on the table, covered in fronds and sushi. “Stand up for your rights! Get up, woman!”

Dr. Jim offers to take his clothes off and be the male version of the sushi model.

“I’m not eating off of Jim’s stomach! I don’t know where it’s been,” Dr. Lisa counters. “I’m sticking by my guns. It’s dehumanizing. I’m not eating off a human being.”

“I’ve tuned her out,” Dr. Ordon says. “This is as good as it gets!”

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Orgasmic Birth

Would you swap pain during childbirth for an orgasm? More and more women are claiming they have orgasmic births, especially during home births.

“I know it’s possible for women to have orgasms when they breastfeed, because nipple stimulation is nipple stimulation,” Dr. Lisa says. “But during delivery, I’ve actually never had a patient have that. I could see it happening, because a lot of times we’ll do nipple stimulation to bring on contractions. I suppose early in labor it could happen. Really, everywhere I’ve delivered, from Africa to India to here, most women are in pain if they don’t have anesthesia.”

Laura has been collecting information about orgasmic births for 15 years and says she has had orgasms right before giving birth from having sexual intercourse prior to her water breaking. “I just thought it was a fascinating phenomenon,” she says.

“The message that I try to bring is much larger than that,” she adds. “It’s about overcoming fear, shame and guilt. Emotions affect blood flow, and you want blood to flow to that area.”

“It’s just another tool to relax,” Dr. Jim says. “Having a good birth experience is all about relaxing in all the areas, and if that helps you do it, then why not?”

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