How to Get Your Sexy Back

Get Your Sexy Back
Marriage, work, motherhood and stress can take a toll on your health, as well as your looks. Actress and author Lisa Rinna joins The Doctors to lend insight on how to get your sexy back, and look and feel your best at any age.

Lisa Rinna says her new book, Rinnavation: Get Your Best Life Ever, started out as a diet and fitness book, but quickly evolved into something more potent. She wanted all women to have a Dancing with the Stars moment, which she describes as pushing yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone.

“When you do that, it opens up this floodgate of life that you didn’t even know existed and confidence that you didn’t even know existed.” Lisa explains. “Because you prove to yourself that if you can do something like that, you feel like you can almost do anything!”

“I wanted this book to be all about renovating your life, and making your life the best life it can be at any moment in your life,” Lisa says.

Life and Love after Baby
After she had her children, Lisa admits, “I had to get my sexy back. I lost it, big time.”

 Your Brain On Sex

Boost your libido now! See how!
OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson adds “After babies, I think every woman has to find her sexy again. For new mommies, constantly, it’s about, ‘I don’t have any sex drive.’”

“And if you don’t, you are in big trouble,” Lisa Rinna continues.

She describes taking a strip class that got her in touch with her sexuality again, an experience she recommends for all women. As part of reclaiming her sensuality and femininity, Lisa also chose to have saline breast implants.

“I wanted my sexuality back,” the actress says. “I wanted to feel like a woman again. And I wanted to feel sexual for my husband.”
Her Lips Are Sealed
For the first time ever on television, Lisa Rinna opens up about her trademark lips. She recounts that when she was young, she had collagen injections in her lips and then had a permanent medical-grade silicone lip implant. People speculated about the procedure for years, but Lisa remained mum.
“For 23 years, I felt like it was nobody’s business,” she explains.

“Dumbest thing ever, I admit. Was I young and impetuous at 23-years-old? You betcha. Was it like going out and getting a tattoo? Yes. Was it permanent? Yes. Was I stupid to do it? Yes and no. Because I did it, and it made me who I am. And you know, everybody judges me for it, but who cares? I am what I am!”

The 45-year-old actress has used Botox and injectables, just little bits at a time, and thinks starting early is the key.

“It’s all about maintenance and skin care,” Lisa advises. “You want to stave off the knife.”

“I’m like any other woman,” Lisa says. “I’m always looking for the maintenance and the fountain of youth.”

“If you feel like you look good, you’re going to feel better about yourself, you’re going to be happier. I think it’s okay to look great, and feel great, and be proud of yourself, and to have a great … everything! Why not?” she exclaims.

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Lisa Rinna’s Homemade Beauty Secrets

Lighten Age Spots
1 lemon

1 lime
2 tbsp. honey
2 oz. plain yogurt
Mix together in a bowl.
Yogurt contains a natural bleaching property (and it’s one of the Fab Foods!). Rub the mixture into each age spot, including sun-damaged cleavage. Do this several times before you need to attend a big event, and your skin will look even and gorgeous.

Clay Mask
This is great for pulling toxins out of your skin. Some facialists use (I kid you not) 100 percent clay kitty litter. (I told you I’d try anything!) It contains the same ingredients that are in the expensive clay masks. Make a paste of the clay by mixing it with water and apply to your skin. Let sit until it hardens, then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Excerpt courtesy of Rinnavation: Get Your Best Life Ever by Lisa Rinna and publisher Simon and Schuster.

Ultimate Makeover Reveal

The Doctors partnered with the nationally-syndicated radio show Kidd Kraddick in the Morning to give one deserving listener, 30-year-old Sommer, the Ultimate Makeover. Sommer was nominated by her best friend, Randi, and chosen by Kidd Kraddick’s listeners.

Sommer had gastric bypass surgery five years ago and lost 150 pounds. But rolls and rolls of excess skin remained, causing Sommer great embarrassment and distress. Read more of Sommer’s story.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon details Sommer’s transformation, noting that he and his partner, Dr. Chopra, performed a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction; removing 10 pounds of fat and more than eight square feet of skin!

Sommer steps out, twirls around, and claps her hands, happy as can be.


Food Preservatives
There are two kinds of food preservatives: man-made chemicals and naturally occurring elements like salt. Chemical preservatives are added to foods to give them a longer shelf life, and natural elements like salt and sugar protect against food-borne illnesses. Preservatives have an acidic nature that inhibits the growth of molds, yeast and bacteria, but some people react poorly to them.

Signs of Food Sensitivities:
• Itchy skin
• Rashes
• Upset stomach
• Difficulty breathing


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