Master Your Metabolism with Jillian Michaels

Can What You Eat Make You Smarter?
A recent study showed that a group of teenage boys scored higher on intelligence tests just by eating certain kinds of fish once a week. Your brain needs essential fatty acids to function properly, and the more of them you get, the better off you are. Fish are high in fatty acids such as Omega-3, Omega-6 and DHA.

“Fish is the ultimate brain food,” says pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears.

The problem is that the toxin mercury can be found in a lot of fish, so choose your fish carefully and check for mercury-free labels. Whenever possible, choose ocean-caught fish rather than farm-raised fish.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon notes, “Rule of thumb is the bigger the fish, the more likely for it to have mercury.”

Some studies show that pregnant women who eat fish have smarter children, but expectant mothers must be cautious about the type of seafood they eat.

“Pregnant women should avoid shark, macarel and swordfish,” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. “They should also limit their tuna intake because mercury can cause birth defects.”

Omega-3 and Omega-6 supplements are another option, but make sure they are mercury-free as well. Make fish or essential fatty acid supplements a part of your diet and see if you don’t feel a little smarter!

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Essential Fatty Acids Prevent Against:
Heart disease
Weight gain
Bi-polar disorder
Eating disorders

Excellent Sources of Essential Fatty Acids:
Fish supplements
Olive oil

Are You Teaching Your Kids to be Fat?
A whopping 20 percent of 4-year-olds in the United States are obese and the numbers are rising rapidly. Studies show that if parents buy and serve junk or fast food, their children will follow suit in their shopping and eating habits. Parents are responsible for their children’s well-being, which includes nutritional intake.

Parents: You are your children's primary role model. The number one way to teach your kid about being healthy is to set an example yourself.

Weight Loss Rollercoaster
Are you on a weight loss rollercoaster? Round and round, up and down, yet still fighting to lose those extra pounds? Fitness phenomenon Jillian Michaels from NBC’s The Biggest Loser has unlocked the secret to weight loss: your metabolism.

“Many people think that your metabolism is a genetic sentence that you’ve been handed down, that you’re either blessed or you’re cursed by the weight loss gods,” Jillian says. “And the reality is that your metabolism is your biochemistry, which means you can dramatically affect the expression of your metabolism.”

In other words, you can change it! Many of the chemicals found in the air, water supply, and in processed foods affect your biochemistry, and therefore, your metabolism.

Jillian’s new book, Master your Metabolism, came about when Jillian herself was experiencing a metabolic meltdown. She recounts visiting her doctor because she couldn’t keep 15 pounds off, was exhausted and just didn’t feel right. The doctor tested her hormones and determined that Jillian had a hypo-thyroid condition.

“I had done so much damage to my body with diet foods, starving my system, burning the candle at both ends … ” Jillian explains. “And that’s where I began my quest to understand how to fix my metabolism.”

Reboot Your Metabolism!
Jillian came up with the 3 Rs to reboot your metabolism and get a lean and healthy body.
• Remove
• Restore
• Rebalance


When it comes to food, Jillian says, get rid of everything that doesn’t come from the ground or have a mother. Go through your cupboards and clear out everything filled with artificial flavors, additives, colors and chemicals.

“You can’t fix your metabolism if you’re continuing to poison it,” Jillian instructs. “You’ve got to remove chemicals, toxins and processed crap from your body.”

• Hydrogenated fats
• Refined grains
• High fructose corn syrup
• Artificial sweeteners
• Artificial coloring and preservatives
• Glutamates

Restore healthy foods to your diet. Certain foods can boost your fat-burning hormones and keep hormones like cortisol, which stores fat, down. And remember, you still have to count calories. Be mindful of portion sizes, how many calories you take in and how many you burn.

 Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. LEARN MORE...

• Berries
• Cruciferous veggies
• Lean protein
• Dark leafy greens
• Meat and eggs*
• Dairy*
• Organic foods whenever possible

*Make sure they come from grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free sources

Bringing the quality and quantity of meals, exercise and sleep back into balance will help to optimize your hormones and metabolism.

• Get adequate amounts of sleep
• Exercise
• Eat healthily
• Avoid sugary foods
• Eat every four hours to stabilize your blood sugar
• Always eat breakfast
• Eat until you’re full, but not stuffed
• Practice portion control
• Don’t eat after 9:00pm
• Don’t eat carbohydrates before bedtime. Carbohydrates release insulin, which interferes with human growth hormone, which is released mostly at night.

Chunky B Intervention
Chunky B, a 44-year-old comedian, has been warming up audiences for the Dr. Phil and The Doctors shows for years. The Doctors surprise Chunky B when they call him onstage for the wakeup call of his life.

Overweight, with a family history of high blood pressure and heart disease, Chunky B has two young children and says he hasn’t been to the doctor in more than 20 years. He’s truly a ticking time bomb and The Doctors are determined to help him.

Chunky B admits that being a part of The Doctors has shone a light on his own health. “It’s scaring the daylights out of me.”

“Sometimes I wish my dad could do more stuff with me, like hiking, and playing and running,” his daughter says quietly.

Real-Time Physical
Dr. Travis performs a brief physical for Chunky B and reveals that the comedian’s weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels and body fat are all extremely high.

“This really is,” Jillian says, pausing to take a deep breath, “this really is life and death.”

Chunky B’s children absorb the news, visibly shaken.

Jillian runs Chunky B through his paces for two minutes, instructing him to jump rope, do squats, push ups, and get his heart rate up.

“I believe in a wake-up call that you can feel,” the fitness trainer explains.

When asked
if he’s ready to make a life change, Chunky B steps up. “I’m committed,” he says. “One hundred percent.”

The Doctors surprise Chunky B with a one-year membership to 24-Hour Fitness, 100 hours with a fitness trainer, and Body Buggs for him and his wife. It’s time for Chunky B to become Hunky B!

 Cat Cora's Recipes

Download recipes for Cat Cora's lettuce gyros and yogurt tzatziki seen on the show.

Iron Chef Cooking Secrets
Celebrity Iron Chef Cat Cora shares her favorite recipes for quick, delicious and healthy meals, guaranteed to help you shed pounds in weeks. Cat emphasizes that eating well means changing your lifestyle as a family.

“Vinegar, citrus, great spices and fresh herbs add a lot of flavor without adding any fat or any cholesterol,” Cat explains. “You can have great food that’s healthy and not sacrifice flavor.”

Try substituting vegetables for carbohydrates, like lettuce wraps or lettuce tacos. Halibut filet marinated in a chili spice blend with kosher salt and lime seasoning makes a delicious low-fat, low-calorie and high-protein meal. Light sour cream or yogurt pairs well with meats, shrimp, fish and veggies.

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