Body Quirk or Something Worse

Sex Mistakes Men Make
Do you think you’ve mastered your skills in the bedroom? Not so fast. The Doctors outline common sex mistakes men make without even realizing it and claim that what men are missing has them missing out.

Woo Your Woman
Women are seduced by many means, many of which begin outside the bedroom. Communicate, get to know your honey’s body, and find out what she likes.

“One size doesn’t fit all,” Dr. Lisa concludes.

Erogenous Anatomy
Erogenous zones are places on the body that, when stimulated, cause sexual excitement and arousal. Plastic surgeon Dr. Ordon runs through some of women's "spots."

The G-Spot, or Grafenberg spot, is a highly sensitive area located 2-3 inches inside the vagina, on the front or upper vaginal wall.

The A-spot is the anterior fornix erogenous zone, located inside the vagina, in front of the cervix.

The C-spot, or clitoris, is the female equivalent of the tip of a male penis, and has more than 8000 nerve fibers. Located above the vulva, the visible portion is roughly the size of a nickel. Many women find it easier to reach orgasm from clitoral stimulation than vaginal stimulation alone.

“They [men] think it’s all about vaginal penetration, and it’s not,” Dr. Lisa says.

The U-spot surrounds the urethra on the outer opening of the vaginal area.

Body Quirks

Actress and comedienne Niecy Nash from Comedy Central's Reno 911 goes on assignment forThe Doctors to uncover mystifying body quirks and what you can do about them. She takes a sampling of body quirk questions forThe Doctors at the famed Los Angeles Farmers Market.

Intestinal Gas
Soy and legumes are beans, which often cause gas. To combat it, try soaking beans in water before cooking, or adding digestive aids like Beano.

Sensation of Falling
Why do some people experience a falling sensation just before they go to sleep? The Doctors explain that it is associated with sleep myoclonus, or involuntary muscle movement, that happens at the moment of falling asleep. Though not considered dangerous, the sensation is not fully understood.

Vexed By Vino?
Why do some people report getting headaches from red wine, and an itch reaction from white wine?  Dr. Travis explains that grape skins have histamines in them, which can cause dilation of blood vessels and subsequent headaches. Some wines have sulfites and tannins, which can also cause headaches and allergic reactions.

If you experience these symptoms but don’t want to give up your vino, ask for a sulfite-free brand.

Niecy says that her feet and ankles swell due to lymphedema, which is a swelling of the body's extremeties. The swelling occurs when fluid in the lymphatic system doesn’t circulate and drain properly, and ends up pooling in the limb.

Elevate legs
Wear compression stockings
Water pills 

 Heavy Periods


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Chronic Coughs
Lauren from Grand Rapids, Michigan e-mails The Doctors about her 10-year-old son’s chronic cough. She reports it has lasted for several months, and though the cough is not deep or producing mucous, it persists.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears posits that it could be asthma, allergies, reflux or a stress-related cough, which is almost like a nervous habit.

If it’s stress-related, Dr. Jim says, the hallmark of the cough is a barky, almost Canadian goose-sound, and the cough will not occur at night.

Some ways to treat the stress-cough include relaxation techniques.

Mystery Rash
Melissa’s 5-year-old son, Gabriele, developed a mysterious rash for the last two years. The rash appears twice a year in the crook of his elbow, and around his mouth.

Dr. Jim says that a rash in the crook of the elbow is almost always eczema, but in Gabriele’s case, it may just be dry skin. Dr. Jim advises that the next time the rash appears, Melissa should apply preventative cream like a weak hydrocortisone cream, or some other anti-inflammatory medicated cream, to the affected areas.

The rash around his mouth may be lip-licker's dermatitis, which occurs when the saliva irritates the skin and causes an irritation. The pediatrician recommends applying Aquaphor to Gabriele’s lips, because it has lanolin and will keep them moisturized.

Hangover Cure
Can pickle juice cure a hangover? Pickle juice, an old Polish remedy, has electrolytes and has long been touted as a hangover cure.

“It’s sort of like a sports drink,” plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon explains. “You’re putting back salt, chloride and potassium.”

“Staying hydrated is the key,” Dr. Travis notes.

Dry Mouth
Dry mouth, or xerostomia, can be a pathological condition, but more often than not, it is caused by insufficient salivary flow. Chronic dry mouth can cause bad breath and bacteria build-up, which can lead to cavities and infections.

Medications such as anti-depressants and anti-histamines can cause dry mouth, but chewing gum or sucking on hard candies can help increase saliva production. Products like Biotene and Orajel can help relieve dry mouth as well.

Taco Tongue

Dr. Travis explains that taco tongue, or the ability to roll your tongue like a taco, is a 100 percent genetic trait. It is autosomal dominant, so if both your parents have the trait, then you do too.

Be Like Lance
Chris Carmichael is a former Olympian, cyclist, and personal trainer to world-famous cyclist Lance Armstrong. He is also a trainer for Team Aquaphor and has these tips to get and stay in shape:

Training Tips:
1. Build a fitness community. Get as many friends and co-workers on your fitness routine as possible.
2. Eliminate the barriers you’ve created with fitness and why you can’t exercise.
3. Consistency: get out there each day and do something!

“Fitness should be part of your life, and you should incorporate it at all times,” Chris says.

Team Aquaphor
Breast cancer survivors Kristen and Marlyn joined Team Aquaphor in the fight against cancer.

“Every step that you take towards your finish line, in your treatment plan, is getting you through it,” Marlyn explains. “You have to go through it to get through it. Once you get through it, you need to celebrate that you’ve done it.”



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