Home Health Risks You Never Knew About

Can what lurks in your home put your health at risk? Learn what harmful home substances may put you and your family at risk.

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Home Health Hazards

Could your home be putting your health at risk? Watch as Dr. Jim counts down the top 10 home health hazards!


Home Health Hazards, 1-5

Home Health Hazards, 6-10

And, Dr. Jim and his kids show you how to make your home safe for children!

Home Sick

Ever since the Daniels family moved into their home more than a decade ago, they have constantly battled numerous medical issues. “I started noticing everybody being sick all the time,” 42-year-old Christine Daniels says. “Chronic colds, chronic sinus infection, chronic ear infections, asthma, headaches, extreme fatigue. I started putting two and two together when my neighbor said something to me one day: ‘You know, you guys are always sick. One of you is always sick.’ It was a big light-bulb moment. Maybe there is something in the house that’s making us sick. I can’t explain why we have these symptoms.

“Is it coming through the vents? Is it coming through the walls?” Christine asks. “I’m afraid of what’s lurking around here, that we’re breathing in here or ingesting. It makes me feel awful. I feel guilty as a parent.”


To help Christine find what is making her and her family sick, The Doctors sent Bau-biologists Lisa and Ron Beres of Green Nest to check the Daniels’ home for possible culprits. Ron and Lisa test for radon, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), water problems, mold and air problems, and they find a number of issues.


Tests reveal that radon levels in the Daniels’ home are low, which is a favorable result. “This is very important, because radon actually is the second-leading cause of lung cancer,” Dr. Ordon says. “What happens is, not the radon itself, but radon breaks down and decays and forms radioactive particles, which we inhale into our lungs. These particles actually change the DNA in the cells in the lungs and lead to cancer.”


EMR and water tests, however, do not yield favorableresults. The EMR test shows the voltage levels Christine and her husband Ron, 47, are subjected to in their bedroom are extremely high. This is due to all of the wiring in and around the room, including alarm clocks, lamps and other electronics. The electrical fields can disrupt the immune system and disturb sleep patterns. To minimize the risk of EMR, keep electronics at a safe distance about 6 feet away from the head of the bed or unplug them altogether, Ron Beres advises.


Aluminum, chlorine, haloacetic acids, trihalomethanes and vanadium are among the many contaminants found in the Daniels’ water. While some of the contaminants, such as chlorine and trihalomethanes are often found in water supplies, collectively, exposure to these chemicals are linked to Alzheimer’s disease, anemia, brittle bones, glucose intolerance, cardiac arrest, increased risk of cancer and asthma, Lisa Beres explains.

“That’s a long list,” Dr. Lisa says, “but it doesn’t mean you’re going to get everything from that, at all. Those are just potential things that are out there.”


The Daniels found the air-quality and mold test results startling as well. They had not changed their furnace filter in four years, and the buildup in it can spread mold, bacteria and viruses throughout the house. “You should be changing this once every three months, at the start of every season,” Lisa says.


She recommends an ultra-allergen filter to help the family breathe better, help the children’s asthma and reduce their electric bill.


A water leak behind the washer and dryer caused high levels of toxic black mold to develop. “Black mold in general can release mycotoxins, and it’s potentially deadly for us to breathe in,” Ron explains. “So this is very important for you guys to hear."


“The toxic spores from these toxic molds can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems,” Dr. Travis says. “You’ve had a lot of ailments, and this can suppress your immune system. And mycotoxins, they actually affect your body at the cellular level. There’s something called cytotoxins that can literally affect your cells, which affects your overall health and can lead to everything from flu-like symptoms, worsen asthma, cause skin irritation. So, these molds can be devastating.”


Ron recommends immediate remediation of the area affected by the mold. “It’s really key to find,” he says. “That’s the most important thing, to know that it’s there.”


Mold Remedies will investigate and take care of the Daniels’ home mold problems.

Carbon monoxide effects

As the level of poisoning goes up, the symptoms become more extreme:

• 20-30 percent: Headache

40-50 percent: Dizziness and nausea

50-60 percent: Fainting

60-70 percent: Coma

70 percent and higher: Death

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can cause sudden illness and death. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when the gas mixes and binds with hemoglobin in the blood, causing less oxygen to be transported to tissues and vital organs like the brain and heart. Symptoms often mimic those of the flu. The gas is more prevalent in the winter, when heating systems and fireplaces are used more often. “The ways I know to be concerned with carbon monoxide is number one, winter, and when an entire family comes in with headaches and dizziness, you start to wonder,” Dr. Travis says. “These flu-like symptoms, without any of the typical fevers, are really concerning.”


To prevent possible carbon monoxide poisoning, install battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors in your home and be sure to change the batteries every year. Keeping your chimney and fireplace clean and having your heating system, water heaters and other gas, oil or coal-burning appliances checked often can keep you safe, as well. “Without a detection system, you will have no idea that you are exposed to a potentially deadly gas,” Dr. Travis says.


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