Four Ways to Rebuild Your Body

From Eastern Europe, to Asia to South America, The Doctors goes global to bring you four ways to rebuild your body!


Medicinal Mud
A car accident left Hannah with neck, upper back and shoulder pain. The crash whipped Hannah’s head forward and back, tearing muscles on both sides of her neck, which caused misalignment of her spine and swelling in her joints. As a result, Hannah’s range of motion in her neck is significantly limited.

Chiropractor Dr. Mike Maggio reviews Hannah's X-rays and determines she doesn't have severe neck or back injuries. He treats her pain using a remedy that has been around for over 100 years: Hungarian Wellness Mud. The mud has a very specific mineral content from a region in Hungary about 80 miles south of Budapest.

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The mud contains silicon dioxide, which helps repair and replenish damaged tissue, while maintaining its 104-degree temperature. The heat of the mud increases the circulation and blood flow to the treated areas, helping deposit sulfur, iron and aluminum oxide throughout the skin. The minerals also promote healthy blood flow and remove waste products, as well as help oxygenate the blood, which assists in healing.


“I [put] the mud on probably about two-to-three-inches thick, and the weight of the mud and the density of the mud help drive it deeper into the tissues,” Dr. Maggio says. “Then, we had her lie down on top of the mud, which adds even more penetration of the minerals.”

Despite being skeptical at first, Hannah says that her pain subsided after the mud treatment. “It was like a massage or a spa treatment,” she says.


Prior to the treatment, Hannah’s range of motion in her neck was just 25 degrees. Dr. Maggio tests her range of motion after the therapy, and measures it to be 95 degrees.


“I feel like a million dollars,” Hannah adds. “It’s such a relief. I’ve been in pain for six weeks.”

Treating Tender Tendons
Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or an occasional exerciser, you can suffer a stress injury to a tendon -- dense connective tissues that connects the muscle to the bone -- that makes even the simplest tasks difficult. Colette suffers from tennis elbow and has tried to treat it through acupuncture and physical therapy, to no avail.

“With Colette, she’s complaining about tennis elbow, but interestingly, of all the patients with tennis elbow, only five percent of them actually play tennis,” says physiatrist Dr. Steven Sampson. “Most of these injuries are from repetitive [motions] and overuse. [Examples are] lifting the laundry and a hairdresser turning her wrist in the improper position. They’re all repetitive, overuse injuries.”


Dr. Sampson will treat Colette with platelet-rich plasma therapy, the same method used by Pittsburgh Steelers champion wide receiver Hines Ward before this year’s Super Bowl. The non-surgical therapy allowed Ward to recover quickly from an injury and play in the game. Dr. Sampson demonstrates how platelet-rich plasma therapy is performed.


“Through this treatment, we are able to promote healing naturally without any adverse effects of cortisone,” Dr. Sampson says. “Unfortunately, cortisone, when injected into a tendon, while it may give short-term relief, the pain can come back stronger. We found that the tendon can actually rupture and tear from repeated cortisone injections.”



Shake it Up

If you have swelling or pain in your legs, or just want to improve circulation, a little shaking may be all you need. The Chi Machine was created to simulate the motion a goldfish makes when it swims.


“It has that gentle rocking,” acupuncturist and doctor of oriental medicine Dr. Michael Yang says. “If you feel relaxed, I think we can all agree that that has so many positive effects on complex pain syndromes,” Dr. Yang adds.


Sarah Kate suffers from fibromyalgia, and tried the Chi Machine for two weeks. The results were dramatic.


“It’s amazing,” she reports. “I never, ever expected it to work, and I feel incredible. The swelling in my legs has gone down. The pain is so much easier to handle. Even my skin cleared up. I just never expected just shaking my legs to do such incredible things.”



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