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Emergency  Tourniquet

In case of emergency, Dr. Travis demonstrates how to fashion an emergency tourniquet and stop severe bleeding. Learn how.

Asthma Attacks Affect Sex Life

Heavy breathing during sex is often a good sign, but if you have asthma, it could be a warning sign. Jenny suffers from this, and says it affects her sex life.


Asthma is a chronic disorder that results in restricted breathing due to inflammation of the bronchial tubes, the main air passages in the lungs. “Asthma can be controlled,” Dr. Travis says. “But if you’re not controlling the symptoms, and you’re struggling with daily activities, including sex, you’ve got to get that under control.”


“There are a lot of people out there who have asthma, and [sex] is a form of vigorous physical activity,” says allergy and asthma specialist Dr. Warner Carr. “Exercise is a key trigger for asthma. So what can we do for Jenny? There are a few things. We talked about control, getting your asthma under control.”


Allergies and asthma are closely related, Dr. Carr explains, and to control attacks, finding out what you are allergic to can help. To get the asthma under control, look in the bedroom for causes. Taking precautions in your room can also keep your attacks at bay.


Dr. Carr’s Asthma Precautions


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• Remove clutter from your bed and bedroom.

Put encasings over the bed to prevent dust mites.

Clean any dirt and dust in your room.

Find out what time of the day you feel healthiest and most energized, and plan sex around that time.

Don’t have sex within two hours of eating.

Take your controller medicine every day.

Use a rescue inhaler 15-20 minutes before any vigorous physical activity, including sex, or as needed.


Ear Pinning for Kids

Ears that stick out can cause a child teasing and embarrassment. Amy’s son Hunter, 12, suffers from this and has asked Amy if he can have plastic surgery to pin his ears back. Amy is concerned he is too young, and wants to know what to expect if Hunter does undergo the procedure.

ear pinning

Dr. Ordon explains
how ear-pinning

surgery works

“The ears grow, so when they’re babies you don’t want to mess with the ears,” Dr. Jim says. “But at about age 5 to 8, somewhere in there, the ears are mostly grown, maybe about 75 percent grown, and they’re at the age where you could definitely do something about it, if you want.”


“It’s a little controversial, doing plastic surgery on younger patients,” Dr. Ordon says. “This is one of the [situations] where doing it early is the right time to do it because at around 8 to 10, when they’re in school, they may be called Dumbo Ears or Big Ears. This is really a congenital deformity.”


The procedure can be done under either local or general anesthesia, and the surgeon makes an incision behind in the natural fold where the ear joins the head.  Cartilage and skin is then removed to achieve the desired look, and the ear is pinned back with permanent sutures to secure the cartilage. The procedure leaves an unnoticeable, thin scar behind the ear after healing.

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