No More Excuses: Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Solutions

Spray the Crave Away
Can you spray your way to thinness? A new diet product says you can. Just five squirts a day promises to control your cravings, curb your appetite, and get you into your skinny jeans before you know it.

“It’s probably more a gimmick than a reality,” Dr. Travis says.

Blood Type Diet
Can the secret to weight loss be as easy as learning your ABO’s? The latest diet purports that eating for your blood type will help you shed pounds quickly and keep them off. See if A, B or O will help you shed 5, 10 or 20.


Blood Type Diet
Blood TypeEatAvoid
O lean meats & fish grains, breads, beans and legumes
vegetables, soy & grains
meats & poultry
meats, produce & low-fat dairy wheat, corn and lentils
AB seafood, dairy, tofu & produce  
meats & poultry

In the end, The Doctors conclude, there’s no scientific evidence that blood type has anything to do with digestion or body chemistry. It’s best to follow a well-balanced diet, eat high-quality foods, and consume in moderation.


"If you're strong physically, you're strong in every facet of your life."

No More Excuses!

"I don’t have enough time." "I’m too busy." "I can’t afford it." "I’m not motivated." We’ve heard all the excuses of why you can’t or won’t reach your fitness and exercise goals. But this time, no more excuses! Whether your obstacles are big or small, mental or physical, there is a solution for you.

Fitness expert Jillian Michaels from the hit TV show The Biggest Loser joins The Doctors to count down the top four excuses people use to not exercise, lose weight or get fit. Are you guilty of making these same excuses? The no-nonsense trainer will get you up, moving and motivated -- for good!

Excuse #4 – No Motivation
1. Set specific goals.
Why do you want to achieve your fitness or exercise goals? Write them down and keep them in mind every time you’re tempted to raid the fridge and cheat!

“Make sure to set realistic goals,” Dr. Travis advises.

2. Tell everyone you know about your goals – it holds you accountable to them.

3. Take before and after pictures -- they'll motivate you more than you think.

4. The revenge factor. Never underestimate the motivation derived from revenge.

“If you have an ex, or a high school reunion coming up – nothing beats the revenge factor!” Jillian says with a laugh. “Then you can say, ‘Look what you missed out on, jerk!’”

Excuse #3 – No Knowledge
Many people labor under a gross misunderstanding of food’s nutritional content, and don’t understand the fundamentals of how to lose weight. The numbers don’t lie: to lose weight, you must expend, or burn, more calories than you eat. It’s as simple as that. Oftentimes, healthy foods are prepared in an unhealthy way, which defeats the purpose! It’s time to take charge and be vigilant about what you’re putting into your body.

Eating Out
If you’re in a restaurant, you need to ask how food is prepared. Green beans cooked in olive oil versus green beans cooked in butter are vastly different in their caloric and fat content.

“Be high-maintenance!” Jillian instructs. “Educate yourself! Ask for foods to be prepared differently. For example, ask for your vegetables to be steamed vegetables or have them prepared in olive oil.”

Label Trickery

Make sure to read the labels on your food and understand the serving size, which is often much smaller than you think.


At only 16 calories a tablespoon, sugar is better for you than any artificial sweeteners, which are loaded with chemicals that can increase appetite and store fat.

“Artificial sweeteners are what’s called an excitotoxin, and what they can do is re-train your metabolism to not recognize the calories in sweet foods,” Jillian explains. “In theory, according to several studies, they excite the part of your brain that controls appetite and release a hormone called neuropeptide Y that increases appetite and stores fat.”

Honey, agave nectar, stevia and xylitol are all healthy sweeteners to use as well.

"Health is Wealth,

Movement is Medicine"



The Bartendaz burst onto the scene as positive role models for urban youth. The isometric, or resistance, exercises don’t require fancy equipment, a gym membership or any money whatsoever. And, they can be done anywhere!

The calisthenics movement is gaining momentum, and founder of the Bartendaz, Hassan Yasin, as well as Brittany and Cody, fellow Bartendaz, perform onstage and show how easy it is to push, pump and pull your way to fitness.

Check out their moves!

Excuse #2 – No Money
The Bartendaz prove you don't need money to exercise. (See box at right)

Excuse #1 – No Time
“When you don’t have a lot of time to workout, the key is to make every second count,” Jillian instructs.

High-Intensity Interval Training
High-intensity interval training is a way to intersperse cardiovascular work in between resistance training to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, and keep burning them long after you've completed the workout.

“You want to do one-minute cardio exercises throughout your workout to bump that calorie burn, and jack up that heart rate,” Jillian instructs.

Check out the HITT workout

Muscle Recovery
If you work one muscle group one day, work another group the next day, Jillian advises. “Give your body the proper amount of time to rebuild and recover, otherwise you’re just damaging the muscle.”

“If exercise is the architect, recovery is actually rebuilding the muscle,” Jillian says. “We create these little micro-tears [in the muscle] and they have to heal and repair.”

Get Rid of the Baby Weight!

Jennifer, 28, had a baby a year and a half ago, and is still trying to shed the weight she gained during her pregnancy. “I still have about 25 pounds [to go] to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight,” she says.

“The best thing is to not put on the baby weight in the first place,” Dr. Lisa advises. All women gain weight during pregnancy, but being mindful of a healthy amount will make losing post-baby weight much easier.

Jillian adds that to lose weight, Jennifer still needs to watch what she eats, do cardio, and train her entire body. “But if you want to be pregnancy-specific, you want to be rehabilitating your abs. Pilates is a great way to rehabilitate your core,” the trainer says.




The trainer shows Jennifer two different Pilates exercises on the mat, hundreds and scissor kicks, and stresses that a strong core is essential to pre and post-pregnancy.

Brush-a Brush-a Brush-a!

Do you want to know a secret to weight loss? Not only is oral health connected to overall health, but it helps to fend off food cravings. Switching from a manual to an electric toothbrush can remove as much as twice the amount of plaque from your pearly whites. Jillian’s toothbrush of choice is Oral B Vitality, which provides toothbrushes to the entire in-studio audience.








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