How to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

Quick Questions
One woman asks, “Do diet pills really work?”

"It’s more than diet pills. It’s about what you eat. It’s about exercising. So if you talk with your doctor about diet pills, it can help get you jump-started on a weight-loss plan,” Dr. Travis says.

"Will I gain weight if I eat late at night?” another woman wonders.

"It’s not when you’re eating, it’s what you’re eating,” the E.R. doctor says. “But if you have a lot of trouble with reflux, eating before bed is not a good idea. So I say at least a couple hours before bed.”

A blonde woman has a question for Dr. Jim. “When my child gets sick, what color snot would possibly suggest infection?” she asks.

"Hey, that’s a great question. Both yellow or green [mucous] is typical of infections, but even just the clear, runny mucous at the beginning of a cold, that’s probably most contagious kind of mucous,” the pediatrician answers. 

A man asks, “At what age should my kids start walking?”

"Kids can start walking at a variety of ages, usually around 12 months or so,” Dr. Jim responds. “If they haven’t started walking by 15 months, your doctor should check them out.”

Look and Feel 10 Years Younger!
Who wouldn’t love to reverse the clock and drop a decade from their age? The Doctors reveal nutrition and exercise tips that can make you look younger — inside and out!

Better Sex in a Glass?
Everyone wants to look and feel their best in the heat of passion. Could the key to better performance be found in your cocktail? A recent Australian study reports that stiff drinks may mean better sex.

"Alcohol actually improved, rather than damaged, the sexual function in men,” Dr. Travis says.

Dr. Jim jokingly places a pair of "beer goggles” on his head. The term is used to mean the more alcohol a person consumes, the less discerning he or she becomes when judging a person’s attractiveness.

"The beer goggles may be sort of like in vino veritas. Maybe you see the real inside person instead of the outside person,” Dr. Lisa chimes in.

"I’m sure when a guy’s drinking, and he’s beer-goggling, he’s not looking at a woman thinking, ‘Oh, she has a heart of gold,’” Dr. Travis quips.

"This is a surprising study, because most of the time, we think of erectile dysfunction with too much alcohol,” Dr. Lisa says, and Dr. Ordon concurs.

"Interestingly, the worst sexual function was in ex-alcoholics, so we’re not talking about alcoholism here. We’re talking about, ‘Hey, you have a glass of wine, maybe two as a male, it can improve your performance,” Dr. Travis says.

Broccoli Helps Smokers' Lungs
A recent study has shown that people who smoke but add a lot of broccoli to their diet may decrease their chances of lung cancer.

"This does not mean it’s a cure,” Dr. Lisa warns, “because you’ve got to quit smoking.”

"Kale, cabbage, collard greens — they’re all so good for you,” Dr. Jim says.

Dr. Travis places a potpourri of cruciferous veggies on the table, among them cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce and red kale.

"Fruits and vegetables like this can turn off those genes so the cancer doesn’t happen. There are over 500 genes that can be turned on and off by a good diet,” Dr. Jim says.

The physicians all agree that quitting smoking is best, and it can take years off your age!

Trip Down Memory Lane
The Doctors reveal how they’ve aged in the past 10 years.

"You have not aged,” Dr. Travis says, looking at a side-by-side image of Dr. Lisa. “The TV camera does not lie. You have absolutely perfect skin.”

"I have Alan, the wonderful makeup person, to thank for all of this look on TV,” Dr. Lisa says. She gestures to her photo. “I was still pretty heavy after having my son. I was still losing weight.”

 Next is Dr. Travis’ medical school graduation picture.

"I’ve aged 10 years, just like everybody else,” the E.R. physician says.

"It’s totally a different look,” Dr. Ordon says. “You had the goatee going.”

The Doctors show an age-progression of Dr. Ordon, which is heavily wrinkled. “I am living proof that plastic surgery works,” the cosmetic surgeon says with a laugh.

Fifty and Un-Fabulous?
Lynette says that ever since she hit the big 5-0, people ask if she’s tired. “Physically, I feel healthy, I feel strong, but people ask me, ‘Gosh, you look really tired. Haven’t you slept?’ she says. She says she has sun-damaged skin and puffiness under her eyes. “My neck makes me look older than I am. I stay away from clothing that’s going to draw attention to my neck. I hate to have my picture taken, because I’m very self-conscious. I’m very happy with my life and who I am. I want to look my age and not older."

Dr. Ordon explains what happens to facial skin as we age. “We stop producing collagen and elastin. Those fibers that help give us the elasticity and spring to our skin start going away. We actually start losing collagen fibers, elastin is no longer lined up. With the effect of gravity, you’re going to start seeing these changes in the mid face, the jowls and in the neck. You combine that with sun damage and losing volume in the face,” he says. “All of those things contribute to aging.”

Dr. Ordon gives Lynette the facelift she always wanted, and The Doctors cameras are there to capture every minute of the procedure. The cosmetic surgeon performs a vertical face-lift and removes excess skin on her eyelids.

Lynette also receives a makeover backstage from Charla Krupp, author of How Not to Look Old. Read an excerpt from the book.

"I have to say that the doctor did an amazing job on her. However, you don’t have to have a facelift in order to look 10 years younger,” Charla says. “There are really easy and simple ways, a lot of tips and tricks that you can do at home.”

Finally, it’s time for Lynette’s big reveal!

"I feel great,” she says, strutting onstage with lighter hair and a print dress.

"We did a total facial rejuvenation. We started with doing her upper and lower eyelids. We did a full face neck-lift to correct naso-labial lines or jowling, a full neck lift,” Dr. Ordon explains. “Afterward, as you saw in the video, I did a laser resurfacing to take care of all the fine lines, brown spots and red spots.”

"I think the beautiful thing about this is you look like you didn’t have anything done,” Dr. Lisa says.

"She looks so great,” Charla says from the audience. “Two more things everybody at home can do, what Lynette did – pink lipstick!” She also says women can feel good about themselves by showing off their legs.

Heart Healthy at 40
Michelle is turning 40, and she’s worried about her heart. She joins Dr. Travis onstage for an exam. “I have a family history of heart disease, and I’ve had high cholesterol for quite some time. I’m just really worried that something is wrong, and I just want to find out.”

Kelly, a technician, performs an arterio vision test that measures the thickness of Michelle’s carotid artery walls. “Atherosclerosis, which is the build up of plaque in these arteries, is the first sign of cardiovascular disease. It increases your risk for stroke and heart attack.”

Michelle’s measurement comes back with a reading of .687 millimeters. “You’re 39, right?” Dr. Travis asks. “That’s more of a true artery age of a 52 year old … That means you have about a 19 percent increased risk of cardiovascular death than another woman your age.”

"Wow. That’s amazing,” Michelle says.

Dr. Travis also sent Michelle’s blood off for a PLAC test, which measures an enzyme called lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2. “You came back at 316,” he says. “Anything over 235 puts you at risk.”

Despite the grim prognosis, Dr. Travis tells Michelle there is hope. “There are things you can do. Changing your diet, exercise, adding fish oils to your diet or fish oil supplements,” he says. “You can reverse cardiovascular damage. Most of it is due to lifestyle. Genetics is a big part too.”

Fitness after 40
Dr. Vonda Wright, author of Fitness after 40, teaches Michelle tricks to looking and feeling younger.

age of 40 is so important for women, because only 30 percent of how we age is genetic,” Dr. Wright explains. “Seventy percent are the choices we make. I ask my patients to make choices to exercise. I ask them to FACE their future.”

F – Flexibility. Stretch every day.
A- Aerobic. Do 30 minutes of brisk exercise every other day.
C – Carrying a load, or moving your body weight.
E – Equilibrium and balance.

“If we FACE our futures, there’s never an age when we can’t make amazing improvements in our bodies, and really change the way we age,” Dr. Wright says.

Read an excerpt
from Fitness After 40.

Take 10 Years off Your Reproductive Age
Allison is a 38 year old who realizes her biological clock is ticking away. She made a very tough decision to buy herself some time.

"I’m in my 30s, and I’m single. My personal goals have always been to accomplish my professional goals, and have a nice job and a comfortable lifestyle. I’ve dated. I’ve had several relationships, and they’ve been long-term,” she says. “Fifteen years have gone by, and I haven’t been married, didn’t have any children. I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh. Where did this time go?’ So I decided to freeze my eggs.”

For 11 days, Allison injected herself with fertility drugs to stimulate the growth of eggs. She visits the office of Dr. John Jain, a reproductive endocrinologist. “Your ovaries responded really well. On each side, there are at least five egg follicles that are mature, probably more. I anticipate getting 10, maybe more.”

Dr. Jain joins Dr. Travis and Dr. Lisa onstage. Dr. Lisa turns to Allison in the audience. “You are so typical of the patients in my office, because women are putting off having babies to pursue their dreams and have their careers. It’s really great that we have artificial reproductive techniques that women can get a little bit of that stress and anxiety [off] while they’re pursuing their careers.”

"It’s a viable procedure, in that it preserves the eggs for many years to come, indefinitely. The success rate from frozen eggs has also risen recently,” Dr. Jain says. “It’s about 40 to 50 percent pregnancy rates.” He admits that this is an experimental process, with about 1,000 live births to date.

He shows off a container of liquid nitrogen, which is used to freeze eggs at -196 degrees Celsius. “These eggs will never age,” he says.

"There is a brand-new innovative, over-the-counter test — it looks just like a pregnancy test — that you can use. You just pee on it, and you can get your FSH level,” Dr. Lisa says. “This can check for egg quality and quantity. Basically, it helps a woman establish her pregnancy potential. An FSH stands for follicle stimulating hormone. It’s produced by the pituitary, and it stimulates a follicle to mature.”

Dr. Jain recommends that a woman should consider freezing her eggs when she is under 40 for the best results.


More From The Doctors

Dr. Ordon shares his thoughts on water-assisted liposuction. Read his blog.

Metabolism Trouble in the 20s?
Jennifer is 25 and wants to stop her weight gain in its tracks. “It’s seems that no matter how much working out or dieting I do, my thunder thighs and apple bottom are my problem areas. As soon as I hit 20 is when my body changed. It’s definitely harder to lose the weight and keep it off,” she says. “The thought of traditional lipo scares me. I would just love a way to slim down my thighs without having to go [under the knife].”

With the use of an animated graphic, Dr. Jim explains why our metabolism slows as we age. “Inside each cell, there is something called mitochondria. It’s like a little factory that takes nutrients and turns it into energy. There are a lot of them in muscle tissue,” he says. “As you get older, you lose muscle mass. You have less mitochondria doing their job, and your metabolism essentially slows down.”

"For certain people, it’s just a genetics thing,” Dr. Ordon says. “In Jennifer’s case, she has dieted, she did exercise, and she still was unhappy with certain parts of her body.”

The cosmetic surgeon says there is a new product to help with this, water-assisted liposuction, or the Body-Jet. “The instrument actually has water that’s being pushed out as you do this, which separates the fat from the surrounding tissues. [It] gives you a huge advantage in doing the procedure and the kind of results you get.”

Dr. Jeffry Schaefer, facial, plastic and cosmetic surgeon, performed Jennifer's surgery. He's one of the first physicians to perform the Body-Jet procedure in the United States.
“It’s something I’ve been watching for four years, and it finally got the FDA approval. It actually washes the fat away. It’s a gentle way of liposuction,” Dr. Schaefer explains.

Jennifer walks out onstage. “So you’re wearing exactly what you were never comfortable wearing before, correct?” Dr. Ordon asks.

"Never would I have worn Spandex, anything tight, form-fitting. But definitely after the surgery, you can see the difference,” she replies.

Four Must-Have Health Tips
Dr. Vonda Wright shares four things you must add to your diet to keep you feeling young.

This ingredient is found in the grape skins of red wine. Dr. Wright says you can get the bottled form of resveratrol from the supplement company Jarrow’s. “Two pills a day is all you need,” she says.

Green tea.
This tea is not just as an accompaniment for Chinese food. Green tea is an antioxidant that is great for blood vessels.

Omega fish oils.
“I love it for joint health, for my patients with arthritis,” Dr. Wright says.

Dark chocolate.
“You need dark chocolate, 70 percent cocoa, and you need seven grams a day,” she says. “One bar a week.”

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