Extreme Health Trends: Too Shocking?

Heart Attack Grill
You’ve heard greasy and fat-laden foods described as a heart attack on a plate, but one restaurant takes the description a step further. The Hear
t Attack Grill's entire menu to bad-for-you, artery-clogging entrees, and they’re not afraid to brag about it.

Their motto is: “Taste worth dying for,” and a sign on the door of the Tempe, Arizona diner warns,“Caution: this establishment is bad for your health!”

Waitresses are dressed as scantily-clad nurses, customers are called patients, and the proprietor is dressed as a doctor, though he happily admits, “The American Medical Association doesn’t recognize me.”

A standard burger at the grill averages 8,000 calories! The Doctors sample some of their infamous recipes and reach for the defibrillator.

“Your major arteries will actually constrict a little bit after you eat a fatty meal, and that can lead to, or trigger a heart attack,” Dr. Jim notes.
“If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables after a fatty meal, you will have less constriction.” 

Bollywood Dance Craze

The movie Slumdog Millionaire swept the Oscars, and now the Bollywood dance craze is sweeping the nation.

Achinta McDaniel and her Bollywood Dancers perform an energetic routine and then teach The Doctors some new moves.

Naked Sushi

Women dressed in nothing but their birthday suits, covered with strategically-placed sushi rolls, present a tantalizing meal.
See more!

Kiss Me!
A new device called the Kiss Me Bad Breath Detector tells you in an instant whether your breath is kissably fresh, or if you need to pop a mint STAT! Just blow on the little device and a sensor flashes either red or green.


Move over aspirin: the latest anti-inflammatory treatment the medical community is buzzing about is … a bee sting! Most people jump at the sound of buzzing bees, but practitioners of this therapy swear the insect’s sting works wonders.

Chris Kleronomos specializes in bee sting therapy, or apitherapy, and says that bee venom is an excellent remedy for conditions like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

Dr. Travis agrees to be stung by a bee, but do you dare?


Go Girl

The Go Girl is a female urination device that let’s you go anywhere.
“It’s for the girl on the go, so women can urinate standing up,” Dr. Lisa explains. “If you’re traveling, or camping and you have to go outside, then it [urine] dribbles down your leg if you’re trying to squat, so this is really helpful.”


Ladies: do you need another incentive to get to the gym? How about the promise of a coregasm, a workout-induced orgasm?

As women strengthen their core, pelvic floor and inner-thigh
muscles, they build tension, which helps their orgasm.

“The friction, the tension that builds up to orgasm; a lot of women experience orgasm when they exercise,” Dr. Lisa remarks.

See what exercises can lead to a coregasm. MORE...

Retro Cell Phones

Long before the days of wireless, cordless, WiFi, cell phones and pagers, telecommunications consisted of rotary dial wheels, busy tones, spiral phone cords and *gasp* no mobile phones whatsoever.

For those who yearn for the retro telephone, a company called Yubz figured out a way to merge memory lane with the information superhighway. They re-created the iconic handset, enabled it to plug into modern mobile devices, and claim that using the handset reduces phone radiation by 96 percent.

Walking Wings
If you have a toddler who’s learning to walk, one little contraption could change your entire experience. No more bending over, trying to hold your little one’s hands upright!

This clever cloth halter contraption straps on like a harness, with reins attached to each side so that a parent can hold onto their child as he or she practices walking.

Watch as toddler Hayden takes tentative steps
with Dr. Jim.

Essential Elements

‘Activate’ water boasts a helping of vitamins in every bottle. Just twist the top and voila! You can stay hydrated and get your daily dose of essential vitamins.




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OAD 3/16/09