Shocking Measures for Beauty

How far are you willing to go for beauty? The Doctors reveal some of the most shocking measures people take just to look good. 

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To read what Dr. Ordon thinks about the Volumalift facelift, and to see Sue's transformation, click here!


No-Surgery Facelift


Do you hate the lines and wrinkles that come with getting older, but you feel you aren’t ready to go under the knife to fix them? A new, no-knife procedure may be the answer.


The Volumalift facial, developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Mulholland, is a minimally invasive face rejuvenation procedure that uses a combination of medical fillers and takes just 30 minutes. “We use soft-tissue fillers to recreate the buttresses of youth,” Dr. Mulholland says. “If you look at the average face that’s aged, there’s some loss of volume and support under they eye, across the cheekbone, around the mouth, in the back of the jaw and the brow. And by replicating those buttresses of support, we can really create a youthful fullness.”


Sue, 54, feels that her face looks old and deflated and wants to look and feel refreshed. Dr. Mulholland performs a Volumalift facial on Sue in just half an hour, transforming Sue’s face from droopy to smooth. The Volumalift will last about one year on Sue, and Dr. Mulholland says there are options for longer results. “The bottom line is there’s something for everybody,” Dr. Ordon says. “In these tough times, some people aren’t ready for surgery. There are options with filling and other non-invasive procedures.”

Cinderella Surgery

Melissa undergoes foot-shaving surgery so she can painlessly fit into her shoes. Watch it here.



The Cinderella Procedure
Bunions on the sides of 35-year-old Melissa’s foot keep her from wearing her designer high-heels, and cause her extreme pain. To
ease the pain and fit into her shoes, Melissa undergoes a foot-shaving surgery, also known as the Cinderella procedure.

Podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh, who performs Melissa’s procedure, explains that he will narrow Melissa’s foot by removing the bunions and bringing the bone on the side of her big toe inwards, resulting in Melissa losing nearly two shoe sizes! Using a headless screw instead of a K-wire dramatically reduces recovery time from six weeks to two. “This is something that can cause problems in the future,” Dr. Sadrieh says. “So the benefit of this surgery is that this patient can get the procedure done early, before the joint wears out. It really reduces the risk,
postoperatively, for the patient.”

After the surgery, Melissa says she felt a little sore, but is extremely pleased with the results and the overall lack of pain. “I was totally fine,” she says. “I wa
s able to walk out of the office right away. I didn’t even have to use crutches. I didn’t even have to use the pain killers that he gave me!”

Dr. Sadrieh explains that while bunions are genetic, they are also preventable. “You inherit this problem,” he says. “The shoes create the genetic
predisposition to show itself, so you want to wear good shoes, supportive shoes with an arch support, but you also don’t want to wait too long. A preventative measure is seeing a doctor before it becomes bad. And don’t live in high heels.”

Change your Eye Color Forever?


Mark, 32, always hated his brown eyes and wished they were blue. For years, he wore blue-colored contact lenses, even when just going outside to pick up his mail. After having Lasik eye surgery, however, he no longer needed contacts and wanted to find a way to permanently make his eyes blue.


He learned about the NewColorIris procedure, an intraocular implant offered only in Panama, which can permanently change the color of his eyes. The implant is a diaphragm that covers or dresses the natural iris and is inserted under topical anesthesia. Despite being warned of possible risks, he flew to Panama, had the procedure and is thrilled with the results. “There are risks with all surgeries, of course, but my best friend, she did the surgery and she had no problems. When I saw her eyes, I was like, 'I need to get that done,'” he says. “Nothing was going to get in my way. I didn’t care about anything else; I just had to have it.”


Ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil is opposed to the NewColorIris procedure, and feels the risks far outweigh the rewards. “The risk for this particular procedure is entirely unacceptable,” he says. “[Risks include] blindness, for starters. The shape of this product, the size of this product, the location that it’s placed in will eventually lead to cataracts, loss of the cornea, inflammation inside the eye and a severe form of glaucoma that will result in irreversible blindness.


“I don’t blame you at all for wishing to have different colored eyes,” Dr. Assil says to Mark. “I think there are lots of people who have that hope and ambition. I’m not at all happy with any physician on the planet who would forget that their first responsibility is to not do harm to their patients. This is a procedure that will never be approved by the [United States Food and Drug Administration] in its current form."

Lift your Hand

Marsha, from Stillwater, Oklahoma, says that she is troubled by the wrinkles on her hands and asks Dr. Ordon how she can give her hands a lift.


“We’ve talked about faces, we’ve talked about eyes, we’ve talked about feet. Now we’re going to talk about hands,” Dr. Ordon says. “And the hands do give it away. The hands are an exposed part of the body, and if you get a lot of sun, as you age, typically they will show crinkling, they can show veins, they can show tendons. So I have a number of things that I can do for fresh hands.”


In addition to using fillers and lasers, Dr. Ordon also does a hand lift. He makes an incision along the pinkie side of the hand, loosens the skin with a scissor and then tightens the skin, which smoothes out the top surface of the hand. Recovery takes about a week.



Lose Weight with Air Therapy

Kim, 45, wants to loose a few inches before her 10-year anniversary, but is having trouble shedding the weight. “I’m just not happy with the back of my arms and the bra-strap area, and I’m not happy about my midsection,” Kim says. “I feel like I’ve really lost my waistline and I’ve gotten sort of saggy and just out of tone. No matter what I do to workout, this area just does not seem to respond to all of my sweat!”


She tries the lymphatic air therapy machine, developed by the Firm Body Evolution Spa, and is thrilled with the results. “It’s amazing!” Kim says. “You could literally fall asleep in that. It is so relaxing. It’s like having a team of masseuses on you at all times.”


The air therapy machine works as a high-tech body glove, using air pressure to massage the body and accelerate the drainage of toxins from the lymphatic tissue. Chiropractor Dr. Kenneth Best explains that the machine is designed to improve circulation and help accelerate weight loss by reducing the toxic load of the body. “When somebody is losing weight, they are burning fat,” he says. “Toxins are stored in fat, and if your body is already too toxic, you don’t release the fats. So this accelerates the fat loss.”


With a combination of the air therapy machine and a sensible eating plan, Kim lost an inch from her waist and 2.1 pounds of body fat. “It helped me realize there are things I can do to genuinely affect change in my body,” she says. “I have better clarity of mind right now.”


Dr. Best explains that while the suit helps stimulate the weight loss, it should be used in connection with a good diet and exercise.




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