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The Doctors enter the no-shame zone to answer your most embarrassing questions.

Outie with the Old, Innie with the New

Angela, a mother of three, has always disliked her belly button. “With each pregnancy, my outie became even more of an outie,” she says. “My kids think it’s really funny. They like to play with it and say it looks like a pig’s face, sometimes just a pig’s nose.”

While performing a belly button make-over on Angela, Dr. Ordon found a hernia, which he fixed before giving Angela her desired innie. “This umbilical hernia, at some point, could have gotten worse for her,” Dr. Ordon says. “There was a surgical reason why she had this outie. She had contents of her abdominal cavity poking through, causing this to stick out.”

Immediately after surgery, Angela looks at her new belly button and is excited with the results. “It doesn’t look like my belly button, which is good,” she says. “I have an innie now! Yay!”

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Ashamed to Smile

Forty-five-year-old Deb is embarrassed by her teeth and tries to hide them at all times. She is missing a number of teeth, and many that she does have are crooked. “My teeth are just awful,” she says. “I feel that they make me look a lot older than I really am. When I laugh, I cover my mouth. I haven’t taken a picture with my children in 10 years!”


Cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman says he can help! “The mouth, the teeth, it shows your character, it shows everything about you,” he says. “If you can’t smile, people think there’s something wrong with you. They don’t realize that you may be embarrassed. They just think you’re conceited or stuck up. [A good smile] kind of liberates you. There’s so much hope.”

Dr. Bill says he will do an instant smile makeover. He takes an impression of her teeth and has a lab fill in the gaps and make a full set of acrylic-based molded teeth that will fit over her existing teeth. Deb will be able to eat with the mold, and it is affordable. “It’s not a million-dollar smile; it’s a billion-dollar smile!” Dr. Bill says.

After seeing her new smile for the first time, Deb fights back tears and says, “It’s very pretty, very nice. Thank you doctors! I feel wonderful.”

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OAD 3/10/09