Shocking New Drug Dangers

Inhaling Alcohol
The latest fad in drinking isn’t drinking; it’s inhaling. Put dry ice into a cup; pour alcohol on top of it, breath deeply through your nose and mouth, and the alcohol vapors enter your brain directly. This method of consumption includes inhaling carbon dioxide from the dry ice, and drinkers have no way of measuring how much alcohol they are consuming. The resulting buzz is a product of the alcohol and the poisonous carbon dioxide from the dry ice.

Drugs as Candy

The face of the enemy changes almost daily, as drug dealers find different and creative ways to disguise their wares and entice young children. Drugs masquerade as chocolate bars, gumballs, candies and soda, mimicking popular packaged brands: Keet Kats instead of Kit Kats, Pot Tarts instead of Pop Tarts, ButterCrunch instead of Butterfinger.

Hand Sanitizers

Having your mouth washed out with soap used to be an accepted form of punishment. However, with the high alcohol content of today’s hand soap sanitizers, children run the risk of accidental poisoning if they swallow soap. The alcohol content is upwards of 60 percent, which is 120 proof. By comparison, the alcohol content of a glass of beer is 4 percent, and a glass of wine is 12 percent. Young children often find the alluring fruity scents in hand soaps irresistible, so make sure to supervise your children closely when washing or sanitizing their hands.

Homemade Meth
Determined teens are learning how to make drugs at home. You’ll be stunned to see how easy it is. On an initial Web search, The Doctors found close to four million results on how to make methamphetamine, a highly-addictive stimulant that has a toxic effect on the central nervous system and vital organs. See how methamphetamine affects the brain.

Vaginal and Rectal Drug Use

Vaginal and rectal walls, or linings, are vascular (lined with blood vessels) and allow for an immediate uptake, or absorption, of narcotics. Consuming a drug like cocaine vaginally or rectally ensures that it will be released into the body instantly, but with serious repercussions. See what happens when cocaine is administered vaginally.

Vodka Bongs

Twenty-two-year-old Josh brags that he and his friends enjoy drinking vodka and other alcoholic beverages through a bong. Dr. Jim explains that a bong delivers ten times more alcohol than a person would normally drink in one serving, and the effects can be fatal. Combing spirits with high alcoholic content, or proof, with a bong delivery system accelerates the effects.

Excessive alcohol consumption, or binge drinking, causes the central nervous system to become so depressed, or impaired, that it will start to shut down. Victims will lose consciousness, slip into a coma and can even die. Dr. Jim cautions that women are at four times the risk of being raped when participating in binge drinking activities.

“It’s just Russian roulette,” Dr. Ordon says, shaking his head.

Is Your Teen Using Drugs?

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Heroin Addiction
By the time they finish high school, half of American adolescents have tried at least one illicit drug. If you think this can’t happen to your kid, think again.

Derek was the boy-next-door who experimented casually with drugs, then quickly slid down the slippery slope of addiction. The Doctors cameras follow Derek’s emotional and physical attempts to kick heroin at a rehabilitation facility.

How Heroin Works

Heroin is a synthetic opiate made from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seed pod of Asian poppy plants. It is crushed into a powder or sticky substance, which is then injected intravenously into a vein or muscle, snorted through the nasal cavity, or smoked. Heroin is an illegal and highly addictive drug, and many users are hooked from their first experience with it.

Once in the body, heroin binds to opioid receptor sites in the brain, which are responsible for the sensations of pain and pleasure, as well as automatic bodily functions like breathing and blood pressure. Chronic use of heroin causes physical dependence, and has deleterious effects on every organ in the body.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms:
High blood pressure
Muscle cramps
• Vomiting

Huffing Duster

The latest drug out of the gate is the compressed gas in dusters, or spray cans, used to clean computer boards. Easily accessible in office supply stores and supermarkets, this drug is enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity among teenagers. See what dusting looks like, courtesy of footage from A & E’s hit show Intervention.

Marijuana & Testicular cancer

Studies show that marijuana smokers are 70 percent more likely to develop a deadly form of testicular cancer. The risk is highest in men who began smoking before age 18 and smoked for at least 10 years.




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