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Miracle Love Spray
Got an amor allergy? A love potion nasal spray could be coming to a pharmacy near you!

"There’s a specific part of the brain that is involved with emotions — love, hate, anger,” says Dr. Ordon. "They’re close to identifying that area and finding a medication that may actually stimulate that spot.”

Dr. Lisa argues that you can’t get a prescription for passion. “Love is more than that. It’s a chemical reaction between two people,” she says. “It really depends on interaction with the other person. I don’t think it’s just what’s going on with you.”

Dr. Travis says that some women use Oxytocin, an amino acid peptide, as a nasal spray before having sex, and it reportedly increases the chance of orgasm.

Dr. Ordon says if he were to patent his own love potion, it would be called Bring it On. Dr. Lisa says an anti-love potion appeals to her. “For that unrequited love, you can be able to fall out of love with the person you were in love with. I’d call mine ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’” she says.

Sexual Sparks

New research suggests that true love can last a lifetime, but only 10 percent of couples still maintain the initial love spark 20 years after marriage. Dr. Travis breaks it down: “When you look at people’s brains, 20 years into their marriage, they have the same level of activity in the reward center of their brain that they had on day one.”

Dr. Ordon has been married almost 25 years, and he shares his love secrets. “A big key is being able to go back to that place when it was the new love. Obviously, things change over time, but just being able to put your mind in that place, it works,” he says.

High Heels and Your Sex Life
Can stilettos help keep it hot in the bedroom? An Italian study suggests that high heels can improve sex life by toning a woman’s abdomen and pelvic floor muscles, and by increasing her confidence. “I think a lot of women feel a lot sexier in certain heels, because they know men like the way their legs look in heels. It’s a confidence booster,” says Dr. Lisa. “If you have confidence, you feel sexy. That’s very attractive to men.”

Dr. Ordon says any impact high heels may have in the bedroom is psychological. “[Women] feel sexier; they strut their stuff. The claim that it’s doing something internally, I don’t buy it,” he says.

“It could hurt your sex life,” Dr. Jim adds. “If you’re wearing them all the time, you have back pain, it puts you in a bad mood.”

Dr. Travis turns to Jennifer in the audience, who sports a pair of stilettos. “I definitely feel, overall, more confident and sexier in high heels,” she says. She gets out of her seat and struts her stuff for The Doctors.

Hot Men, Ugly Sons?

The offspring of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may have hit the genetic lottery, but what about the rest of us? A new study says that good-looking parents are more likely to have beautiful daughters, but not attractive sons.

Dr. Ordon wonders what the male love child of Dr. Travis and Madonna would look like. A graphic appears with a morphed photo of their offspring, an elfin-looking creature with arched eyebrows. “I will love my son, regardless,” Travis says with a laugh.

“Genetically, typically, girls look like their fathers, and boys look like their mothers, because of how the genes get passed on,” Dr. Lisa explains. “It’s not always, but typically, that’s what happens.”

Cow Urine Soda

Move over, cola! There’s a new soft drink developed in India that is made primarily from cow urine. “Cows are revered in Hindu culture, so they said, ‘Why not come up with a drink that celebrates the cow?'" Dr. Jim says. He holds up a glass of brownish liquid, takes a sip and then gags.

"They’re saying maybe cow urine could cure cancer, that if you made this soft drink theoretically taste good, this could be beneficial," Dr. Travis says.

Dr. Lisa explains that Premarin, a form of estrogen, is made from pregnant mare’s urine.

Dr. Jim reveals that he was actually sipping apple juice, and he downs the rest of his drink. Dr. Ordon says that human urine is generally sterile, it contains urea, which is purported to have medicinal properties.

Top Five Dirtiest Jobs in America
Have you ever thought that your workplace was the grimiest? The following are the top five dirtiest jobs:

1. Teachers
2. Accountants
3. Banker
4. Radio DJ
5. Doctors/Nurse

A television producer has the sixth dirtiest job in America, and that’s bacteria-wise, not ethically. The moral of the story: Keep your workplace clean, and always wash your hands.

Sexual Headaches?

Nancy, who is on the phone from Big Fork, Montana, has a question for Dr. Lisa: When she orgasms, she gets excruciating headaches, or coital cephalgia.

“In general, right before you have an orgasm, there is all this vaso-congestion that goes on in your body before the peak. Basically, that’s the dilation of the blood vessels in the vagina, around the clitoris, around the nipples, in the breast — even the sexual flesh in the face,” Dr. Lisa explains. “This can also happen in the brain. What can happen is the blood vessels that supply the scalp and the brain can get dilated and fill up with blood, and then there are nerve cells around there that release a chemical that can cause pain. This is why this happens right around orgasm.”

She advises Nancy to take Tylenol beforehand, or to decrease strenuous activity before getting in the mood. Nancy should also check with a medical doctor to rule out tumors or aneurysms.

Beauty Salon Strokes?

Lauren, from The Woodlands, Texas, writes:

Dear Doctors:

I recently heard about a woman who suffered a stroke while getting her hair washed in a shampoo bowl. I am a hair stylist, and I would like to know if this is possible. What are the signs to look for if someone is having a stroke?

“It’s so exceedingly rare,” Dr. Travis says, and he doesn’t want to discourage women from maintaining their hair appointments. When a stroke occurs, an area of blood supply to your brain gets blocked, you don’t receive adequate oxygen to that part of your brain and the brain tissue dies. Dr. Travis demonstrates on Dr. Jim how a trip to the salon could cause stroke-like symptoms: If you’re lying at a shampoo bowl with your head back, you could hyperextend the arteries in your neck, they could become kinked and cause a dissection, which mimics a stroke.

Warning Signs of a Stroke

Sudden loss of speech
Sudden inability to walk
Sudden paralysis on one side

If you or a loved one experience the above symptoms, call 911.

Double Lip Dilemma
Patti, from Goshen, Kentucky, calls in and directs her question to Dr. Ordon: “I have a double top lip that began when I started puberty, and I had two surgeries at age 15 to correct it. Now that I’ve gotten older, it’s come back, and it’s worse than before. Should I have it removed again, or would you recommend a different procedure?”

Dr. Ordon says he’s seen cases of double lips, and the condition is pretty rare. He shows off a plastic model featuring excess lip tissue, which is easier to correct. The plastic surgeon says that in Patti’s case, it appears that the upper lip has split into two pieces. He says that when she initially had surgery, it was probably under corrected, and as she grew older, the condition returned. He says she will probably need to have two incisions in a vest-over-pants procedure to tuck the lips together.

Dr. Ordon advises her to visit a plastic surgeon with expertise in cleft lips.

Jaundiced Newborn?

Grace, from Savannah, Georgia, writes:

Dear Doctors:

I recently gave birth to my first child. I was able to bring her home the next day. She’s only 3 days old, and yesterday, I noticed that her skin is slightly yellow. Is this normal, or should I worry?

Dr. Jim says, “Babies, when they’re newborns, usually do turn a little bit yellow. We call that jaundice. It’s because they’re born with a little more blood than they need, so the blood cells start to break down, releasing a pigment called bilirubin, turning the baby a little bit yellow.”

The pediatrician says that if your child has an unusual yellow pigment, call your doctor. If the baby is a little yellow in the face or the eyes, it should be no cause for concern. Just make sure the infant receives a little sunlight, or you can use a home phototherapy kit, such as BiliBee LED Phototherapy System by Medicalselect. This device can be placed inside the baby's clothes to make sure the bilirubin level comes down.

“It’s so good to be able to have the home care, because it’s so important for Mom and baby to bond, and not have to come back to the hospital, because that’s really traumatic for mothers,” Dr. Lisa says.

Strawberry Birthmark?
Janelle, who sits in the audience, has a question for Dr. Jim. She recently gave birth to a little girl, Victoria, who developed a red mark on her forehead. The new mom was told that it was a “stork bite,” but she wonders if the discoloration is cause for concern.

Dr. Jim, who examined the tot, says, “Victoria’s forehead is what’s called a strawberry hemangioma” -- an overgrowth of blood vessels. “The way I can tell is because it’s raised up. I can feel it.”

“It has continued to get larger,” Janelle says.

Dr. Jim delivers some good and bad news to the new mom. “The bad news is, it’s going to keep growing for a little while, for about the first year of life. It’s going to keep growing and growing,” he says. “For the good news, at about her first birthday or so, you’re going to probably start seeing the center of it starting to turn white. That means it’s in volution phase; it’s probably going to go away. It’s going to shrink, and shrink and shrink over the next few years after that.”

Victoria asks if there are creams that can shrink the hemangioma or speed up the recovery process. “You can do steroid injections,” Dr. Ordon says.

Dr. Jim recommends that the mom get in touch with a pediatric dermatologist or plastic surgeon who can monitor the growth.

Surprising Cure for Vaginal Odor

Ladies: If you’re feeling not-so-fresh, there are natural remedies in your fridge to combat vaginal odor.

Dr. Lisa, who wrote an article about this common concern, weighs in. “The idea is based on the idea that certain foods, like garlic and asparagus, can make your urine and your whole body smell differently,” she says. “The flip side of that is if you eat things that are very nicely pungent, like pineapple, will it do the opposite? A lot of women have said yes, it will actually make that area fruity fresh.”

Bon appetite!

What You Need to Know

If workplace or family stressors have got you uptight, address those issues before it’s too late. The following tips from Eucerin can help you stay calm:

The best thing to do is to remove yourself from the situation. Take a walk.
Exercise, in itself, is a great stress reliever. Not only does it help you blow off steam, it also releases happy endorphins.
Another quick fix is to do a few breathing exercises, to get more oxygen in your body, and relieve the physical tension.
• Look at the situation differently and put it in another perspective.

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