12 Best Masks for Double Masking

woman in grocery store

With new COVID variants popping up in the United States, it's likely time to step up your mask game. Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci shares that double masking makes "common sense" and is likely more effective. The CDC, however has not recommended double masking at this point, but they do recommend people to choose masks that fit well with "2 or more layers of washable, breathable fabric." 

Fans of double masking recommend wearing a surgical mask underneath a cloth mask, or to double up on your cloth masks. The Doctors recommend considering double masking if you have to head to a grocery store, post office, doctors office, pharmacy or any place you need to spend a significant time indoors.  

Here are a selection of surgical and cloth masks to wear if you're planning to double up. 


Wisconsin Medical Masks


Wisconsin Medical Supply Surgical Masks 50 pack for $28


Face Masks


PM Performotor Surgical Masks 50 pack for $16 




Athleta Women's Activate Face Mask 2 pack for $20


Gap Masks


Gap Face Masks 3 Pack on sale for $5 


Skims Face Mask


SKIMS Face Mask 1 for $8 or 5 for $32 




Tarte Face Masks 6 pack for $19


Target masks


Target Face Masks 3 pack for $14


Pform face masks


Pform Reusable Mask with Filters 1 mask with 3 filters for $15 


iMPOWER Face Mask


iMPOWER by Prabal Gurung Face Mask 1 mask for $15 


Basic Equipement face masks


Basic Equipment 3-ply Disposable Masks 25 pack for $8


Kids face masks


Klean N' Safe Kids Face Masks 5 pack for $20




McSimon Kids Disposable Face Masks 50 pack for $15


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