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Sunscreen Sensitivity
Many people are allergic to PABA, or para-aminobenzoic acid, a compound often used in sunscreen. If you are, look for a sunscreen labeled PABA-free, but make sure it still contains titanium or zinc to protect you from the sun’s harmful radiation. Hear Dr. Ordon’s advice about sunscreen alternatives.

Baby Bottles

Milk or formula in a baby bottle should be served at room or body temperature, Dr. Jim advises. “Never use the microwave!” the pediatrician cautions. “It can create super-hot spots within the milk or formula, basically frying the milk, and it can actually burn the baby’s mouth.” Try using a thermometer that sticks to the side of the bottle and indicates whether the liquid is too hot, too cold, or just right.

How to Prevent Cysts

Adjust hormone levels
Cysts are hormonally-based, so going on birth control pills can help minimize the formation of them. Stopping hormone supplements if you're 60 years of age or older can help minimize cysts.

Eliminate caffeine
Caffeine can stimulate cyst growth, so watch your coffee, soft drink and chocolate intake carefully.

Reduce salt intake
Excess sodium will cause your body to retain water, so if you already have cysts and consume a lot of sodium, they will most likely get bigger.

• Perform regular breast self-examination
As always, know your body! You are your own best defense against potential ailments.

Breast Cysts
A cyst is a dilated sac of fluid that develops in the breast tissue. Many women have cysts in their breasts, but most women don’t know that there are different kinds of cysts.

Guest breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funkexplains the difference between benign and malignant cysts and how you can tell the difference.

So you have a cyst. Now what?

Rebecca, 38, from Los Angeles, California found a cyst in her breast. Dr. Funk performs an ultrasound and determines whether Rebecca’s cyst is benign or cancerous, then drains the fluid out of it.

See the ultrasound procedure here

Dark Under-Eye Circles
Do you feel like you’re lugging a pair of suitcases under your eyes? After a full night’s sleep, do you still look like you pulled an all-nighter? The dark circles can be caused by excess pigment in the skin, so they are often treated with a skin-lightening cream called hydroquinone. Plastic surgeon Dr. Ordon lists other surefire methods to get rid of those dark circles for good!

Man’s Man Skin Peel
For years, men have had to grin and bear the bumps and abrasions they get from shaving. It’s all just part of being a man, right? Not anymore! Guest dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu performs a Man’s Man Skin Peel on 40-year-old Bryan, who suffers from extreme razor burn and ingrown hairs on his face.

Catching Coughs

Actress Angie Harmon of Law and Order fame asks Dr. Jim how to determine whether her newborn’s cough is normal or a sign of something worse. Since this is something many new parents fret over, the pediatrician gives detailed tips to help Angie decipher the clues of her baby’s cough as well as treat the symptoms.

Smoking and Breastfeeding
A mother who smokes can cause serious harm to her unborn fetus, but what about a mother who smokes while breastfeeding? “Moms have to be very careful about what they put in their bodies when breastfeeding,” Dr. Lisa cautions. “The nicotine from cigarettes we know is absolutely bad for you, it’s bad for baby, it can cause respiratory problems, and it has been linked with sudden infant death syndrome.” See what happens when you smoke while breastfeeding.

Pediatric Eczema

Parents: does your little one have eczema? You’re not alone. Twenty percent of children have this vexatious skin condition. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shares tips to soothe 2-year-old Nyaire’s skin.

Find out more about eczema.

Web Exclusive
We received so many questions from our loyal Web site community that we went into The Doctors dressing room before the show to get them answered. Keep sending us your questions, and we’ll keep answering them!

Traveling with a Tot?

Kristina from Michigan wrote in to ask Dr. Jim’s advice on traveling with her 9-month-old son. Hear the pediatrician’s advice.

Teens and Birth Control Pills

Connie from Wyoming says her 16-year-old daughter has been taking birth control pills for over two years. She is worried that being young and taking the pill may affect her daughter’s chances of becoming pregnant when she’s ready. Connie asks, “Do I have any reason to be concerned?” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa weighs in.

Mommy Makeover
Shannon from Washington asks, “Is it safe to have a tummy tuck and breast augmentation at the same time? If so, how long is the recovery time? Plastic surgeon Dr. Ordon explains the Mommy Makeover and what Shannon can expect.


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