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Is There a Link Between Mouthwash and Oral Cancer?
Cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman says that some mouthwashes contain up to 26 percent alcohol and explains that alcohol will make the lining of your mouth more permeable to carcinogens.

Though studies on the link between mouthwash and oral cancer are inconclusive, Dr. Bill suggests, “If there’s a risk, why not just eliminate the risk and use something without the alcohol?”

An easy solution is to switch to a mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol, such as Dr. Bill’s own product, BreathRx.

Can Chewing Ice Damage Your Teeth?
Yes! Dr. Bill explains what chewing ice can do to your teeth.

Nasal Allergies

Do you suffer from nasal allergies? Dr. Craig Schwimmer, Medical Director of the Snoring Center, in Dallas, Texas and head and neck surgeon Dr. Benzion Goldwyn perform a turbinate coblation procedure on Jillian that promises to eliminate her sinus symptoms for good.

Flat Chin Cure

Do you wish you had a stronger, more prominent chin, but are afraid to go under the knife? The Men in Black, also known as Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra dressed in snazzy black scrubs, strategically inject Kelly’s chin with Radiesse, a natural filler. The treatment changes her profile within minutes, and will last for approximately a year.

Read what Dr. Ordon has to say about chin augmentation

Canker Sores
Ouch! Tiny canker sores can be a big pain. A canker sore isn’t a cold sore, but people often confuse the two.

Cold sore:

• Contagious
• Located on the outer portion of the mouth
• Part of the herpes simplex virus family
• Usually lasts seven to 10 days
• Can be treated with anti-viral medication

Canker sore:
• An ulceration or lesion in the soft tissues inside your mouth
• Not contagious
• Will go away on its own within one to two weeks

Canker Sore Remedies:

• Anti-microbial mouthwashes
• Over-the-counter topical gels
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Milk of magnesia

Dr. Bill performs a Canker Cure procedure with a Styla Microlaser by Zap Lasers that stops the sting of a canker sore in less than a minute!


Sidelined by headaches? Acupressure maps on the bottom of your feet can help. Pressing on certain trigger points is said to alleviate pains and pressures throughout the body. Reflexology socks delineate where each pressure point is located with an easy-to–use map.

Back Pain

Does back pain bring you to your knees? While there’s no quick fix for back pain, Dr. Travis says that prevention is the best treatment. Make sure to stretch and strengthen your back and core muscles, and sit up straight! Good posture will keep your spine in line and minimize back strain.

Dr. Jim reclines on the BackWave Traction Bench while the other doctors demonstrate three different lumbar supports.

For more information on the back products in this show, click here.


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