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Unsightly Stretch Marks

Twenty-one-year-old Caroline is a mother of two. Her pregnancies have left her with unsightly stretch marks on her abdomen and sides, and she wants to get back her pre-pregnancy smooth skin. 


Stretch marks, or striea, are linear dermal tears or scars that occur when the skin is subjected to progressive stretching. “It’s a true injury, it’s a true scar,” dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer says.


Treatments are determined by the color and intensity of the scarring. Ethnicity and skin type also plays a part in how the marks are treated, and laser treatments may not be the best option for everyone. “Stretch marks may not be a life-threatening event, but you have to be careful in the approach,” Dr. Lancer says. “If the approach isn’t right, the scars from treatment are worse than the stretch marks.”


While olive oil and cocoa butter are popular home remedies for stretch marks, Dr. Lancer does not believe they are very effective treatments. He advises using creams with retinoic acid, which will invigorate and bring the skin back to life. Lasers can work in extreme cases.

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Thwart Thumb Sucking

Jamie’s 3-year-old son constantly sucks his thumb, and she wants to know the best way to get him to stop. Many parents will try putting vinegar or hot sauce on the child’s thumbs, but Dr. Jim says the danger in that is it can get into the kid’s eyes. A sour nail polish is useful because the child will not like the taste of it and be inclined to stop sucking.  Coloring books are great tools, as well, because “if you distract them with something that requires both hands, he obviously can’t suck his thumb.


“I want you to relax about this, because most kids will stop sucking their thumb between the ages of 3 and 6,” Dr. Jim says. “If you relax about it, make it not a big deal, chances are he’s going to want to do it less.”



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How to Store Contacts

Storing contact lenses overnight can turn into a major issue for many contact wearers. When used properly, contact lenses are very safe, but if they are used and stored improperly, you could suffer major eye problems.


If you find yourself without your solution or contact case overnight, do not store the lenses in water, saline, in your mouth or in another person’s solution or case. “These are all situations that have presented themselves in the case of clinical care, and you’re certainly never advised to do those,” says optometrist Dr. Andrew Pilon of the Sierra Eye and Laser Institute. “There’s no science which really has ever investigated whether or not it is better to remove the contact lens and leave it on the countertop versus sleep in it.


“It really depends on what variety of contact lenses the patient is wearing,” he continues. “If they are wearing a soft contact lens that they are able to dispose of very easily, by all means go ahead and dispose of that contact lens. Unfortunately there are some varieties of contact lenses that need to be worn for prescription reasons or for therapeutic reasons, and may need to be worn for a longer period of time, and that way they are more expensive and not really replaced as frequently. So in those situations, barring any incidence of infection in the past as reasons not to wear it, I would probably advocate the patient at least wearing it for that period of time, for that evening. But as soon as you get home, remove the contact lens and clean it appropriately.”


Dos and Don’ts for Pregnancy Diet

When you are eating for two, you want to make sure you are doing the right thing at each meal. Dr. Lisa explains which foods you should feel free to eat, and which you should leave off your plate when pregnant.


Eat Away

Baby CPR

Knowing CPR can help you save your infant’s life. Watch Dr. Jim demonstrate the correct way to perform this lifesaving technique!

California rolls, as long as the fish is cooked.

One serving weekly of cooked fish that has little amounts of mercury, such as salmon.

Well-cooked bacon and sausage.

Soft cheeses made with pasteurized milk.


Bell peppers.





Leave Off the Plate

Dressings made with raw eggs, like Caesar.

Sunny-side up eggs.

Raw cookie dough.

Raw milk.

Deli meat, unless it is heated until it steams.

Herbal tea, which can cause possible early contractions.

Unwashed vegetables.




Smoked seafood.


Hot Dogs.


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