Outrageous Health Fads

Fanny Facial
The latest in acne treatments targets your rosy cheeks -- no, not the ones on your face, the other ones! Estheticians Victoria and Dana from Verabella Spa in Beverly Hills, California perform their signature Fanny Facial on Chu.

Victoria explains the steps required to beautify the booty:

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1. Cleanse the skin
2. Exfoliate with lactic acid peel, which rejuvenates the skin and evens out tone
3. Exfoliate with ultrasonic technology, which reduces the appearance of cellulite
4. Apply clarifying mask, which disinfects and tones the skin

The result, Victoria says with a smile, “A tighter, toner, clearer tushy!"

Organic Sex Products

The trend to go green and organic is gaining traction on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Organic products like personal lubricants, oils and condoms are finding their way into the bedroom, giving new meaning to good, clean fun!

The ingredients of these products are:
• 99 percent vegan
• 95 percent organic
• Cruelty-free
• Bio-degradable

Horseback Riding

The Doctors saddle up four model horse exercisers made by UGallup. Dr. Travis remarks that the machines, designed to simulate horseback riding, provide a core-stabilizing workout.

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone (HGH) is purported to build muscle and slow the aging process. Men have been using the substance to bulk up muscle mass and women have been using it as a weapon in the war against age. Naturally produced in the body, HGH is essential for proper growth and development. Synthetic versions of the hormone can be injected, ingested or sprayed on or into the body, and everyone from soccer moms to athletes have been clamoring for it.

Doctors prescribe HGH to children and adults with growth deficiencies or kidney failure, but some doctors claim it has deleterious effects and can even cause cancer. Is it a wonder drug, or a prescription for disaster?

Dr. Ordon explains that HGH is a powerful hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the brain and impacts the entire body. If you’re taking synthetic HGH, “you’re shutting down your own production of HGH,” Dr. Ordon explains. “We don’t know the ramifications of that.”

A concerned Dr. Travis adds, “Do we really know, 20 years from now, if you’re taking HGH, what it could be doing to you?”

The plastic surgeon suggests that if you want to bulk up or look younger, “you can buy what they call the pre-cursors, the amino acids that help you form your own natural HGH.”

Potential side effects of synthetic HGH:

• Arthritis
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Headaches
• Diabetes
• Abnormal growth of bones and organs

• Cancer

Concierge Medicine

Have you ever wished you had your own personal doctor at your beck and call? Now you can. Concierge doctors are gaining popularity, but can the average person afford them? President of Elite Personal Physician Services, Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce, explains that her clients have 24/ 7 direct access to her.

“Whether you get the $100,000 package or the $10,000 package, you will get the same medical care,” Dr. BryantBruce assures. “We have a Hippocratic oath that tells us that is what we are supposed to do.”

Afro-Brazilian Dance

Check out The Doctors trying out the latest Afro-Brazilian dance moves! WATCH...

Afro-Brazilian Dance

Dancer extraordinaire MaDonna Grimes shows The Doctors the latest Afro-Brazilian dance moves, while Carlinhos Pandeiro pounds the beat on the conga drums. The Doctors swing their arms and shake their tail-feathers as the audience claps in unison.

“This class is popular because we have live drummers. I mean, you just feel that tribal, African feel within the class,” MaDonna says enthusiastically. 

Vitamin Shots
The fastest way to get healthy may be to belly up to the bar and do some shots … of vitamins! Health junkies are whipping up tantalizing concoctions to boost their metabolism and well-being.

Gene Arnold, owner of the Vitamin Barn in Malibu, California caters to the rich and famous as well as surfers, kids, families and tourists. Gene drops by the set with a few of his specialty shots for The Doctors. Learn how to blend your own daily dose!

Virtual Dolphin Therapy

La Quinta Healing Arts in La Quinta, California has transformed a room to an underwater sanctuary. Soothing sounds and imagery create a relaxing atmosphere, as a patient lies on his or her back on a water mattress while a video of playful dolphins projects on the ceiling.

The proprietor of the spa says that “by lying there with the dolphins, it takes you to a great meditative space, but it also does it while making you smile.”

Each 45-minute session costs $29.

UV Disinfectant Scanner

An $80 gadget that looks like a cell phone uses ultra-violet light to disinfect. The Doctors test it out and report that when the gadget is waved over a surface, it does kill some germs and bacteria, but not all.



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OAD 2/16/09