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Cancer of the Eye
Pigments in the whites of the eye are susceptible to cancer, just like skin. If caught early, eye cancer, or melanoma, can be removed to prevent further complications. If left ig
nored, it can spread to the liver and cause death. Incidentally, melanoma can develop in any part of the body that has pigmentation.

Eye Cancer Prevention
• Have yearly eye exams
• Be aware that eye cancer can be caused by sun exposure
• Wear quality sunglasses with UV protection
• Eat fresh, leafy, green vegetables to provide extra anti-oxidants

Optos Eye Machine
Ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil demonstrates the Optos Eye Machine on Meaghan. The device scans the retina of the eye and can help detect early signs of diabetes, hypertension, cancer and other diseases. Dr. Assil explains that the retina is the back of the eye, but it’s also a part of the brain. Dr. Assil demonstrates what unhealthy eye scans look like and reassures Meaghan that her scan is healthy.


StomaphyX Procedure

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Julie Ellner performs the StomaphyX procedure on Loretta. WATCH... 


Despite surgery, gastric bypass patients often retain overly stretched stomachs, the result of many years of overeating. The StompahyX is a technique that allows a physician to snake an instrument through a patient’s mouth and down the throat to the stomach, then loop the stomach and pull it tight like a drawstring pouch.

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Julie Ellner describes the procedure as “tightening the stomach like a corset.”

The procedure is minimally invasive and has few complications but requires general anesthesia. 

Is StomaphyX Right For You?
Dr. Ellner says that anyone who has gastric bypass surgery, but finds they are regaining weight due to a stretched stomach pouch, is a good candidate for the surgery.

“The StomaphyX device and the regular gastric bypass are just tools,” she explains. “The success of the patient really relies on the patient’s ability and motivation to stay with the program.”

Learn more about StomaphyX on Dr. Ordon's blog.

Dr. Ellner performed the procedure on Loretta several months ago, and Loretta steps onstage to reveal her weight loss results. “I’ve lost 35 pounds!” she exclaims.

Warning Signs of Asthma
Respiratory Rate

(breaths per minute)
• It is normal for adults to breathe 20 breaths per minute
• It is normal for children to breathe 30 breaths per minute
• If your child is taking 40 breaths per minute, something is wrong
• If your child is taking 60 breaths per minute, go to the emergency room

Auxiliary chest muscles contract rapidly in an asthma attack. Dr. Jim explains the contractions as, “if they look like they’ve run up a flight of stairs, but they haven’t.”

Pale or blue skin color
If your child’s skin is pale or blue, it means he or she isn’t getting enough oxygen.

Blood oxygen saturation
Blood delivers essential oxygen to the body, but children experiencing an asthma attack will have lower blood oxygen (saturation) levels. Dr. Jim demonstrates a finger pulse oximeter by Devon Medical that measures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood, which should be 90 percent or above.

Uterine Artery Embolization
Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths, or tumors, in the uterus. The fibroids are comprised of muscle cells and grow in and around the walls of the uterus. Though the cause of uterine fibroids is unknown, research has found that African-American women and overweight women are at greater risk to develop them.

Radiologists can perform a uterine artery embolization to cut the blood supply to uterine fibroids, which is a far less aggressive alternative to removing the uterus altogether.


Cankle Cure

Dr. Drew Ordon demonstrates cankle liposuction. WATCH... 

A so-called cankle is where the calf and ankle connect, and is characterized by a lack of definition or sculpted shape. The calf and ankle appear as one long continuation of the leg, which some find aesthetically unappealing. Dr. Ordon explains that fat around the ankle cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise, and he commonly treats the condition with liposuction. Read more about about cankle liposuction on Dr. Ordon's blog.

Caution: Swollen ankles can indicate kidney or heart problems, so make sure to see your doctor before you consult a plastic surgeon.

The Amazing Avocado!

• Rich in vitamin E
Rich in fatty acids that help reduce cholesterol
•  Makes you look younger
Suppresses your appetite
Improves your vision

“And,” Dr. Jim adds, “It makes a great baby food!”



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