Joan Rivers Visits the Doctors

Men Are Stupid… And They Like Big Boobs

She’s had more plastic surgery than most and isn’t bashful talking about it. Emmy-winning comedienne Joan Rivers joins The Doctors as a special co-host. “I never thought we’d have someone on the show who likes plastic surgery more than [Dr. Ordon],” Dr. Travis says.


Joan tells The Doctors about her book, Men Are Stupid … And They Like Big Boobs, which teaches readers about all different types of plastic surgeries and what to expect in a “non-frightening way,” she says.


“I read it cover to cover, and I have to give you a high-five,” Dr. Ordon says to Joan. “It’s great for the consumer, but there’s a lot of good medical stuff in here. You really did do your homework.”


Joan’s homework consisted of speaking to 20 doctors about the medical side of plastic surgery. She also used her own experience 14 procedures in all, including Botox and collagen injections, a nose thinning, two facelifts and more to help give people firsthand information from a plastic surgery veteran.


“You just want to look in the mirror and feel, ‘I look as good as I can look,’” Joan says. “And if it makes you happy, then do it!”


Joan began having plastic surgery done because she wanted to look good while she was breaking into comedy, which was considered a man’s profession at the time. “I was one of the first comediennes who wanted to look good, because usually the pretty girls were singers and the ugly girls were the comics,” she says. “So I wanted to look pretty and be funny, so I thought I’d better fix myself up fast.”


While she has had many procedures and admits she will continue to have more done, Joan does say that some people go too far with plastic surgery, primarily because they have it done for the wrong reasons, such as doing it for someone else instead of yourself. “Also, you should do age-appropriate [procedures]. You don’t want to see a woman with duck lips who is 80 years old!” she says.



Cleavage Rejuvenation

Even though she has had many procedures in her life, Joan hasn’t had every procedure. Dr. Ordon tells Joan how he can remove wrinkles in the chest area with cleavage rejuvenation, which is done by injecting non-allergenic filler directly into the cleavage.


Dr. Ordon performs a cleavage rejuvenation procedure on Andrea, 48, who wants the unsightly wrinkles removed from her chest. With Joan holding Andrea’s hand throughout the procedure, Dr. Ordon explains that the injections will last up to six months. Joan notices the filler beginning to work immediately. She asks Andrea if she is single or married, to which Andrea says she is single. “Not for long!” Joan says.


“I’m telling you, it’s amazing,” she continues, before turning to the audience. “That’s just it: work on yourself. Never mind resurfacing your couch. The couch stays home; the breasts go out. Put your money where it counts!”



Joan’s Regret

While she advocates plastic surgery, Joan does wish she could take back at least one procedure she has undergone. “I had liposuction with a doctor that I didn’t check out, when liposuction was starting,” she says. “It didn’t turn out well, and it was my own stupid fault. I will regret that until the day I will die.”



How Young is Too Young?

Amy in Dayton, Ohio explains in a video that her 12-year-old son, Hunter, is self-conscious about his big ears that stick out. Hunter has been asking to have plastic surgery done on them, but Amy is worried that he is too young.


“With ears like that, people can call them the Dumbo ears, and it can be so cruel because kids tease each other, especially for this,” Dr. Jim says. “Your child is definitely old enough to get this procedure. By the time a child is 8, their ear is mostly formed, and you can actually do this procedure down to age 5.”


Dr. Ordon explains that an autoplasty would be an appropriate procedure for Hunter because it would pin his ears back without leaving a visible scar. “We consider this reconstructive surgery and not cosmetic surgery,” Dr. Ordon says. “Really, it’s a congenital problem. That’s not normal, to have ears that stick out too much.”



Getting Her Sexy Back

The Doctors team up with nationally syndicated radio DJ Kidd Kraddick to give one deserving woman Gettin’ Sexy Back: The Ultimate Makeover. 


Sommer was nominated by her friend, Randy, who felt Sommer deserved the makeover. “Randy was the one who really was able to put my struggles into words,” Sommer says through tears, “in a way that I don’t think I can.”


After she had gastric bypass surgery five years ago, Sommer lost 150 pounds. The weight loss left her with excess skin, which has become burdensome. “The doctors did tell me I was going to have excess skin when I had the surgery, and I thought, oh, who’s going to care about a little extra skin? It’s not going to be a big deal,” Sommer says. “But if you see me naked, my boobs sag down and hang. My skin hangs off. I’ve actually caught my skin in my zipper, and it was just a split second. I ripped it real quick, and it was so fast, but it scared me to death.


“It’s not even that there won’t be somebody who will love me with the skin,” she continues, “but that I’m never going to give him a chance, and I think that’s why it hurts so much. This skin issue stops me from completing this life that I’ve built.”


Sommer was chosen to have the makeover from among thousands of nominations because her story touched the people who work on the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning radio show. “For me personally, there’s something I’ve always been jealous of as a man, and it’s that bond among women,” Kidd Kraddick says to Sommer. “When Randy wrote that letter talking about how you do such good things for people, and it’s time for something to happen good for you, I could just tell how much she loves you in that letter. That’s what struck me.”


Dr. Ordon explains what he will do for Sommer in the Ultimate Makeover. Sommer will get a tummy tuck, a breast lift with implants and have liposuction. “She did her end of it, she lost 150 pounds. But now she’s trapped in this body that she’s unhappy with,” Dr. Ordon says. “So what we’re basically going to do is undo all of that loose skin that’s sitting there as a result of her massive weight loss.”


“This is so exciting! I’m so excited!” Sommer exclaims after Dr. Ordon shows her what he will do. “And a little nervous. But very excited!”


Sommer’s brand new body will be revealed on a future episode of The Doctors.


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OAD 1/23/09