The Male Clock

Male Biological Clock

Turns out women aren’t the only ones with ticking biological clocks. Recent studies show that the older a man gets, the higher the risk that his sperm will mutate, and men over 40 have a greater chance of producing children with bipolar disorder. The Doctors discuss the latest developments in male fertility and what’s in store for older fathers and “start-over dads.”


The Hot Seat

A study found that heated car seats can lower a man’s sperm count. Ideal sperm production occurs between 95 and 97 degrees, and heated car seats can raise the temperature of the groin area to more than 100 degrees. The Doctors agree that smoking, drinking and tight-fitting clothes are more of a threat to sperm count than heated car seats. 


Are vitamins dangerous?

There are conflicting reports regarding whether multivitamins are effective or even beneficial. Dr. Sears points out that a healthy diet provides more nutrients than a vitamin. Dr. Lisa notes that women who take prenatal vitamins when pregnant can reduce the chance of childhood cancers in their babies.


The Hands Say it All

It’s been said that a woman’s hands are a dead giveaway of her true age. Dr. Ordon performs a hand rejuvenation procedure live on 53-year-old Joanne. He explains that Radiesse, a calcium based filler, is injected between the tendons on top of the hand. The filler adds volume to the area and lasts up to two years. Joanne is thrilled with the results!    


Sexual Arousal Disorder

Imagine spending every waking hour being sexually aroused. For 35-year-old Heather, her persistent sexual arousal disorder has baffled her doctors and caused her years of shame and suffering. 


Dr. Barry Komisaruk is an orgasm disorder specialist and explains that doctors are unsure what causes the disorder, but some theories point to a neurochemical imbalance. Patients are often prescribed antidepressants, anti-seizure or pain medication. He shows a brain scan of someone with persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) that indicates a highly stimulated genital sensory area. Dr. Komisaruk then invites Heather to participate in his research.       


On the opposite end of the spectrum, research shows that 15 percent of women have never experienced an orgasm. Thirty-seven-year-old Rene says, “I definitely know I’m missing out,” and turns to The Doctors for help. Dr. Lisa gives her thorough check up and concludes that Rene is perfectly healthy. She suggests to Rene that birth control pills and a hot bath immediately before intercourse may help her to experience an orgasm.       

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