Alternative Birthing Debate

Shed The Post-Birth Pounds

Are you a mom struggling to lose weight after having a baby? The doctors discuss celebrity moms who seem to lose their baby weight extremely fast. They suggest steps you can take to help shed those pounds, if you don’t have access to a trainer and chef, like the celebs.


Alternative Birthing

Jenny and Billy are expecting a child and are considering many options when it comes to delivery, including a water-birth at home and a hypnotism birth. To help them make their decision, two moms who gave birth outside of a hospital setting share their very different experiences. Stephanie and her husband, Marcel, said they had a wonderful experience delivering their baby in a birthing pool at home. Jana is a mother who says she regrets choosing an alternative birth for her son, because it almost cost him his life. Her son was born with a rare kidney disease that led to the rupturing of his lungs during birth, and he was oxygen-deprived for 45-minutes before being rushed to the hospital. He is now 14, and his life has been plagued with health problems. Gia and her husband, Scott, say they created a spa-like atmosphere in their hospital delivery room and had an amazing experience. They used a method called HypnoBabies, where the mother says scripts to focus her mind away from pain. Dr. Masterson stresses that OB/GYNs want the birthing process to be as beautiful as possible, and she suggests her patients make their hospital rooms comfortable. She warns that emergencies can arise quickly during labor and delivery -- for both the baby and mother -- sometimes requiring immediate surgery; that’s why being in a hospital setting is optimal.



Sexy Makeover

Gaye, 48, is a mother of two who found herself single after 20 years of marriage, and noticed she was wearing the pain and stress of her divorce on her face. She visits Dr. Ordon who puts a new, cutting-edge laser treatment -- that erases wrinkles without weeks of recovery -- to the test. Gaye also gets a sexy makeover from Entertainment Tonight and The Insider fashion guru Cojo, and makes a grand entrance onstage.



Healthy Mothers

Dr. Masterson reveals a passion of hers: insuring that mothers across the world deliver healthy babies -- and stay healthy themselves. She founded Maternal Fetal Care International and often visits India, Africa and Asia, helping to deliver babies.

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