Ask Our Doctors Day!

Vaginal Fitness
One in three women will experience a pelvic floor disorder, where the pelvic organs drop, particularly after childbirth. This condition can be very embarrassing for women because they may leak urine when they cough or sneeze — even during sex! Not to worry, says Dr. Lisa. To strengthen the vaginal area, women can do Kegel exercises, which consist of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. The OB/GYN shows off weights that add resistance during vaginal exercises. 

Botox Breast Lift?
Plagued by sagging breasts? Some doctors say you don’t need augmentation surgery — just get a Botox shot! Dr. Ordon says these injections are great for wrinkles, but don’t actually perk up drooping breasts. Botox can be used to lift the pectoralis major muscle, located beneath the breast tissue. This may allow a woman to stand up straighter, which gives the appearance of firmer breasts. However, the procedure is not approved by the FDA and Dr. Ordon cautions against putting Botox into the chest cavity.

It's Ask Our Doctors Day!

From birth control to breast implants, no medical topic is off limits.

The first question comes from Rocco DiSpirito, celebrity chef and contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Rocco calls in to say that his dancing shoes are giving him the blues, and wants to know if Epsom salt baths help with muscle soreness. Dr. Stork says Rocco needs to relax and let his muscles heal. He also suggests a short- term solution: take a high dosage of ibuprofen every eight hours, several times a day. Rocco’s dancing partner, Karina Smirnoff, surprises him by calling in to wish him well.  The Doctor’s order: Take a day off!

Then, many viewers were touched by the story of
Lai, the 15-year-old Vietnamese girl who had a nearly 13-pound tumor removed from her face.

One viewer wrote: “The doctors performed a miracle. I feel so blessed after watching the show. I complain about needing liposuction. No more complaints here. I got chills just watching.”

To help kids like Lai, 
click here.

Dr. Ordon receives a plea from 21-year-old Anonda, who is embarrassed about her breast size. Anonda, currently an A-cup, says she doesn’t even remove her shirt or bra when she’s intimate, and is desperate for help. The Doctors surprised the young woman by flying her to Los Angeles for a real-time consultation with Dr. Ordon. The cosmetic surgeon demonstrates the Axis 3 Portrait 3-D imaging machine, which shows Anonda how she would look with a B, C and D cup. This state-of-the-art technology helps her decide on a C-cup enlargement. Then, Dr. Ordon surprises Anonda and offers to perform the surgery at no cost!

Dr. Lisa receives video queries from a group of college friends from North Carolina. One young woman wants to know why her roommates suddenly started menstruating at the same time. Dr. Lisa says that when women get together, pheromones are released, which makes menstrual cycles recalibrate. The OB/GYN says this is a completely natural process, although it can be annoying because it throws off women’s monthly cycles.

Another roommate asks if sponge birth control is making a comeback. Dr. Lisa says this form of contraception is off the market, because it has a high failure rate. She says the IUD is a better form of birth control. Another roommate wonders if a Brazilian wax is safer than laser hair removal. Dr. Lisa says it’s important to groom the vaginal area, because it can prevent bacterial infections. She prefers waxing and demonstrates a wax hair removal on Dr. Sears’ arm. 

Seven-year-old Shay has a video submission for Dr. Sears. She wants to know the difference between the cold and the flu. The pediatrician says both ailments have about the same symptoms — running nose, coughing up mucous, fever — but the flu is usually much worse and affects the entire body. He recommends a lot of rest and fluids for a cold, whereas anti-viral medications should be taken within the first 48 hours for the flu. 
Nicole struggles with asthma, and now her daughter is suffering from the same condition. She is curious about holistic treatment, so The Doctors send her to the Galos Salt Caves in Chicago, Illinois, where it’s believed to cure everything from acne to asthma. After her trip, Nicole joins The Doctors in studio to report her progress.  She says the trip was therapeutic, and noticed that she has since decreased the usage of her inhaler. She says her daughter’s asthma symptoms improved as well. Dr. Sciabbarrasi, an integrative medicine specialist, says that studies show that cave treatments are beneficial. Dr. Travis says he has a problem recommending salt caves because there is no proof that they actually work. 

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