115-Pound Child with Possible Genetic Disorder Can't Stop Eating

Playing Meet a 4-Year-Old Who Is 115-Pounds

The Doctors meet mom Trinity and her son Peter, who she believes suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that can present in a variety of ways including a feeling of chronic hunger. Peter, who is 4 years old, weighs 115 pounds.

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Trinity says people assume her son's weight is her and her husband's fault and some have even suggested that she should be charged with attempted murder or child abuse due to her son's size. She says his weight gain began when he was 18 months old, and Trinity tells The Doctors she has been told by physicians that her son does not have Prader-Willi syndrome. She and her husband are desperately seeking answers to her son's medical issues and she has come to The Doctors hoping to solve this medical mystery.

"Peter is a very sweet boy. I just want him to be happy and healthy," the mom tells us, explaining that Peter is also non-verbal, has daily meltdowns and his need to eat has caused him to eat non-edible items like paper, cardboard, and foam.

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To help Trinity and her family get answers and a diagnosis, we welcome geneticist Dr. Jessica Duis who is working with the family's doctors to properly diagnosis Peter. Dr. Duis believes that Peter has the classic signs of Prader-Willi syndrome and says further genetic testing will help diagnosis him. She also explains that a special diet, high in protein and low in fat, could help Peter with his need to constantly consume. She is happy to share with Trinity that she will work to come up with a plan to help treat and care for Peter.

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Also, The Doctors surprise Trinity and Peter with $1,000 in art supplies from Faber-Castell, $1,000 gift card for toys Melissa and Doug, new beds from Mattress Firm, $1,000 gift card to Sprouts Farmers Market, and $20,000 TruScult Flex to cover future medical expenses.

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