Mind-Blowing Sex

The Doctors tackle the biggest complaints women have about their bodies. If you hate the way you look in the mirror, you don’t want to miss this show! Ninety percent of women have cellulite. Whether you call it “Jell-O” or “cottage cheese,” the fairer sex goes to great lengths to get rid of those fatty deposits under the skin.

To demonstrate “fat gone wild,” Dr. Ordon displays a container with perfectly aligned ping pong balls that show how normal fat cells look. Then he uses a metallic separator to show how hormones or a poor diet can cause connective tissue to create a dimpled surface on the skin. But there is hope for the millions of women who suffer from cellulite!

See Ya Later, Cellulite!

The cosmetic surgeon shows off a high-tech treatment for cottage cheese thighs: The Accent Machine. This radio frequency device generates heat to melt fat, stimulate circulation and reduce forces pulling on fat cells. Dr. Ordon uses the Accent body machine on 20-year-old Cierra’s cellulite.

He shows a before picture of the young woman’s legs, which are dimpled in the thigh and buttock area. Then Cierra hops up on the exam table for her treatment. After the procedure, Cierra shows off her near flawless lower body.

The Accent Machine costs $2,500 per visit, so if you can't afford this price tag, Dr. Ordon lists two affordable products you can try at home: the Verseo Rollercell Massage System and Skineez, which both cost less than $70.

Orgasm in a Tube?

The Doctors pull back the covers and reveal ways you can have better sex. Does the secret to a better orgasm come in a tube? This package instructs women put the gel on their clitoris, which reportedly increases sexual enhancement. Dr. Lisa argues that pre-packaged orgasms don’t always work because women are complex beings. Dr. Jim says some gels are testosterone-based, something that can increase blood flow to the clitoris. Marie and Kelly tried the gel. Kelly thought it was “amazing!” and says it worked wonders for her sex life. Marie, on the other hand, said the gel was distracting for her.

The Orgasm Walk

A new study shows that women who have orgasms walk with more energy than women who don’t. Dr. Ordon calls the research bunk, but Dr. Stork says that if a woman feels good about her body, then she is more likely to strut her stuff. The OB/GYN says that great sex is important to a woman’s confidence, and she encourages women to talk about enjoying their experiences.

Billion Dollar Diet Industry

The diet industry rakes in more than 35 billion dollars a year and Dr. Travis thinks that many of them are bogus. The Doctors agree that there is no quick fix for battling the bulge. Dr. Jim shares his personal story of losing 50 pounds on a low-carb diet.

Three friends who are yo-yo dieters ask the physicians which weight loss plan can help shed pounds the fastest. Jaydee, who weighs 163 pounds, decides to do The Cleanse diet. Renee, 161 pounds, chooses the lifestyle plan, and Alisha, 257, goes with the low-carb diet. After a week, the ladies join Dr. Stork onstage for their weigh-in.

Jaydee lost four pounds, Alisha is down seven pounds and Renee lost six pounds.  Dr. Travis says that a low-carb diet is a good way to kick-start one’s weight loss, but in the long run, it can’t take the place of healthy, balanced meals and exercise. Calorieking.com will give the women a free year’s subscription. Dr. Travis also gives his tips for healthy dieting.

The G-Shot

This controversial new procedure injects collagen near the G-spot, an area located along the front wall of the vagina. When this area is aroused, it can enhance sexual gratification. Evita and her friend Bia wanted to spice up their sex lives, so The Doctors sent them to Dr. David Matlock, creator of the G-shot.

After visiting Dr. Matlock's office, Evita reports that the G-shot has made a big difference in her sex life. Bia raves about mind-blowing sex. Dr. Matlock tells The Doctors that he’s had great success with his procedure, but says it’s not for sexually dysfunctional women. The shot costs $1,850 for a single shot and $2,500 for a double shot.

Jeremy and Marcie have a great marriage except for one little problem: they say sex is more of a chore than a pleasure. Marcie complains that they are only intimate once every two weeks, and Jeremy wants his wife to enjoy sex more.

Dr. Lisa and Dr. Travis come to the rescue. As Marcie holds her arms out onstage, Dr. Stork asks Jeremy to point out his wife’s erogenous zones -- other than the obvious ones! Then using an animation, Dr. Stork notes several other areas on a woman’s body that, when stimulated, can enhance intercourse, such as the clavicles, ears and armpits. Dr. Lisa uses a vaginal prop to point out the internal and external female anatomy and to help Jeremy better understand his wife’s body.


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OAD 12/22/08