Extreme Beauty


The Doctors examine the extreme measures some women go to for beauty.


What Do Your Hands Say About You?

Dr. Ordon is in the hot seat when he’s asked to guess the age of three women just by looking at their hands. Using moisture level, skin texture (smooth vs. crepey), and vein and tendon prominence as gauges, Dr. Ordon takes a stab at it. His results were sketchy at best, but the women thanked him for underestimating their ages!


To ensure your hands are mistaken for those of someone 10 years younger, the avuncular plastic surgeon recommends moisturizers, a lifestyle that includes exercise and healthy diet, and sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!


On Your Tippy Toes

Ladies, if you love your stiletto heels, you’re not alone! Seventy-five percent of women report a love affair with high heels, but foot fashion comes with a hefty price tag: blisters, bunions, back aches - just to name a few. 


Margarita, 29, had her toes sawed down so that she can wear her favorite sky-high heels. The Doctors cameras were inside the operating room to capture the controversial new surgery. Aesthetic foot surgeon Dr. Ali Sadrieh performed Margarita’s operation and explains that he shortened and straightened her toes. “I’m so happy!” she exclaims. “I finally have cute toes!”


Acupuncture Face Lift

Most people try their best to keep away from needles of any kind. So why are some women purposely getting poked in the face with lots of them? The acupuncture facelift claims to take years off a woman’s appearance and save her from going under the knife. Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Michael Yang, performs the procedure onstage on 30-something Juliana.


He begins by inserting 20 needles in Juliana’s face, which are placed in specific areas to instigate systemic effects. Then, electrical stimulators (e-stims) are wired to each needle, which emit milliamps, or small jolts of electricity, to increase muscle tone.


Dr. Yang explains to Dr. Ordon that the acupuncture face lift is non-invasive and perfect for small and medium-sized wrinkles. He shows before-and-after photos of patients who have undergone 10 sessions over the course of 10 weeks and the plastic surgeon is impressed!   


Dr. Yang’s Benefits of Facial Acupuncture:

• Increases blood circulation

Increases collagen deposition, or synthesis

Increases ATP, which is the fuel for all cellular activity, which, in turn, stimulates new skin cell growth

Increases skin tone


Note: doctors must step cautiously as they navigate the facial plane. There are more than 57 muscles as well as sensitive nerves in the face, and one slip of a needle or scalpel can cause permanent damage. 


Diaper Rash

Diane from Flagstaff, Arizona, e-mails Dr. Jim for help. Her six-month-old son has a terrible diaper rash that almost looks like a burn. She adds that her son’s bowel movements smell strongly of ammonia. The pediatrician explains that when urine mixes with fecal matter, one of the by-products is that ammonia smell. He suggests that Diane follow these steps:


1. Change his diaper frequently. “Don’t let him sit in a poopy diaper for more than a few minutes. That alone will really irritate the skin.”

2. Let the baby’s bottom air out as much as possible. The longer he can go without a diaper, the better.  

3. Use an antibiotic diaper cream to prevent infection.

4. Immerse the infant in a soothing oatmeal bath at least once a day, which will help regenerate the skin.

5. One percent hydrocortisone cream mixed with regular diaper cream will help reduce inflammation.


The pediatrician stresses that if the diaper rash worsens, Diane should take her son to the doctor. 



Are Enemas Safe for Childbirth?

Going into labor?

Bags packed? Check.

Panicked husband at the wheel? Check.

Enema packed? Not so fast!


Nancy from Miami, Florida, e-mails that she’s 34-weeks pregnant and preparing for labor. However, she’s afraid of having a bowel movement during her delivery and wonders if she should have an enema to prevent her from an embarrassing accident.


Dr. Lisa says that hospitals have found that enemas can cause problems, so they no longer give them to women in labor. She notes, “If you poop during delivery, then we know that you’re pushing correctly.” Dr. Lisa reassures Nancy that it’s perfectly normal to have a bowel movement during labor and says there are a lot of other fluids that are going to come out anyway -- amniotic fluid, blood, gas, urine – it’s all perfectly natural and part of the game. “It’s not a delicate thing, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Just give it all you’ve got!” the OB/GYN enthuses. 


Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo, but have grown to regret the permanent body art, a new laser treatment promises to erase all traces of it.


Twenty-two-year-old Josh realized he made a mistake with one of his tattoos. “I thought the symbol meant “bold,” but instead it means “rotten!” he exclaims.


Dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby uses a laser called the RevLite Q-Switched Nd Yag by Hoyer ConBio to whisk away Josh’s mistake. The laser works by systematically defragmenting the ink over a series of treatments and allowing the body absorb it on its own.


No Bones About It

Quick: Where is the smallest bone in your body? If you guessed your ear, you’re right! 


Shedding Skin

A snake isn’t the only creature that sheds its skin. Did you know that the human body sheds over nine pounds of skin cells a year? That’s more than 40,000 skin cells a minute!

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OAD 11/20/08