Just Eat It

How safe is medical tourism?

Traveling abroad to places like Mexico, India, Thailand and South America to have surgical procedures performed is becoming more and more common, but The Doctors caution against this booming trend. “If you have a problem there, you’re going to end up spending more money. You don’t know the conditions of the hospitals, you don’t know the quality of the anesthesia, how sterile they are – those are big points.” Dr. Ordon warns.

Use it or lose it!

The simple truth of erectile dysfunction is that men need to use their erections or risk losing them. Dr. Lisa comments that the same “use it or lose it” adage holds true for the ladies as well. “The vagina is a muscle,” she explains, “and if you don’t use it, it will shrink and I’m sorry to say – shrivel up if you don’t use it.”

Get Them to Eat

Next, is mealtime stressful in your household? Amber and Jason are worried sick about their 20-month-old son, Josh, who refuses to eat. Dr. Sears suggests making mealtime a relaxed time, and he makes a house call to have dinner and lend a hand. He tells the parents not to make a fuss over Josh. “It’s the oldest trick in the book,” Dr. Sears explains, “Ignore him while you enjoy your meal.” Dr. Sears encourages Amber and Jason to let Josh pick foods that look appealing to him. Dr. Sears shares his secrets for getting even the pickiest of eaters to try something new:



  • Beg
  • Bribe
  • Fill up on fluids



  • Dip it! Peanut butter, hummus, guacamole and yogurt are great dips.
  • Make it fun! Cut food into fun shapes and be creative in presentation.
  • Relax


Then, it’s Dr. Sears -- exposed!  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the amazing Pill Cam technology is speaking volumes. Dr. Sears swallows a miniature camera that snaps two pictures every second as it travels the entire length of his intestines. The images of his inner workings are projected in real time onto the big screen. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!  


Dr. Travis and Dr. Sears lift up a long, ominous piece of piping – also known as an endoscope. “This is what we used to use,” Dr. Travis says. The piping was snaked down a patient’s throat or inserted through the rectum to diagnose intestinal problems, which made for an uncomfortable procedure.


Noelle, 39, suffered from severe abdominal pain for seven long years until she found gastroenterologist Dr. Karyotakis. She was misdiagnosed with everything from lupis to anorexia until she was properly diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Thanks to the Pill Cam, Noelle was able to start treatment immediately. “My life is basically normal again,” she enthuses. 


Next, want to learn a shortcut for getting your pre-baby body back … in just two weeks? Dr. Ordon gives Casey, a busy mother of four, a head-to-toe Hollywood mommy makeover.  Stylists Kim Vo and Jenn Hoffman pooled their talents to update Casey’s hair and clothing and give her a foxy new look. Casey struts her stuff onstage and exclaims, “I love it!” Her husband and daughters grin proudly from ear to ear.



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OAD 10/20/08