Why You Need Sex!

Does an orgasm a day keep the doctor away? The answer just may be yes! The Doctors reveal the amazing benefits of safe and frequent sex.  

Problems Between the Sheets?

A recent study claims that men who experience sleep apnea, which is not breathing for a minute or longer during sleeping, also suffer from erectile dysfunction. One reason could be that men with sleep apnea don’t get enough REM sleep, which is needed to be well-rested. This leads to a loss of nighttime erections, which are necessary to exercise the penis.

“The more times during the night that you have an erection, that keeps that muscle working properly,” Dr. Travis says.

Obstructive sleep apnea, common in overweight people, can also affect blood flow to the penis, making it more difficult to get an erection. “You’re depriving your brain -- and many parts of your body -- of oxygen many times throughout the night and that’s not healthy at all,” Dr. Sears says, adding that sleep apnea can also cause heart failure and diabetes.

If your partner is suffering from severe snoring and erectile dysfunction, see the doctor, as there are multiple treatment options for both conditions.

101 Days of Sex

Annie and Doug decided to put their sex life to the test and engage in intercourse every day for 101 days straight. They say that during the experiment, they began to eat healthier, exercise more, sleep more soundly and experience less stress. 

“You’re glad you did it,” Dr. Travis says. 

“We don’t regret it,” Annie says to The Doctors.

“For women, sex really boosts their confidence and gives them a good self-image,” Dr. Lisa says.

Annie adds that the power of touch, physically being with somebody and touching them on a day-to-day basis, is so important. “You forget, when you get busy and you just go through life, and you just give your partner a peck at the end of the day, instead of really connecting,” she says.

The couple took a break after 101 days, but still experience the benefits. “After we finished the marathon,” Doug says, “our sex life -- the quality and quantity of it -- was boosted tremendously.”

Annie’s doctor, Dr. Lisa Davidson, joins the show via phone, tells The Doctors, “After doing some exams on her through the experiment, I actually told her she had the healthiest vagina in Denver!”

Dr. Lisa cautions that although sex is healthy, too much of it can cause an unbalance of bacteria in the vagina, which can lead to yeast infections or urinary tract infections. To help prevent these conditions, women should have the man wear a condom, urinate after sex and take a birth control pill, which will heighten a woman’s estrogen levels and help regulate the pH balance in her vagina.

However, one thing a woman should never do is douche. “The vagina has a healthy balance and cleans itself,” Dr. Lisa says. “When you push up water and other things in there, you’re just going to destroy that whole balance.”

Top Five Medical Reasons You Must Have Sex Tonight!

5. Sex Boosts Immunity

Having sex helps to fight off infections and could help you heal faster.

“There’s a study that proved people who have sex one to two times a week -- like Dr. Lisa said, in moderation -- actually have an increase in their immune function,” Dr. Travis says. Sex can increase the number of antibodies your body produces that fight off the germs that make you sick.

4. Sex Prevents Sleepless Nights

During sex, endorphins -- natural painkillers -- are released, and they can help a person relax and sleep better.

3. Sex Promotes Weight Loss

Moderate sex, such as 60 minutes over the course of a week, can add up to 100 calories burned.

2. Sex Strengthens Bones and Muscles

“Sex really helps to strengthen the vaginal muscles,” Dr. Lisa shares. The PC muscles stretch and contract during intercourse, which strengthens them. Stronger muscles provide increased sensation of orgasm. Another way to strengthen the PC muscles is through electrical stimulation and vaginal weights.

1. Sex Reduces Chronic Pain

Carlana broke her back and sustained a permanent spinal cord injury. She suffers with chronic pain and says that she’s tried every type of medication, but nothing helps ease the pain like sex.

Dr. Lisa explains, “The natural opiates in the brain, endorphins and even corticosteroids can all be released during sex to help relieve pain. So all the women at home: Headaches are never an excuse anymore!”

Sex therapist Dr. Ava Cadell adds, “Sex is the best prescription for good health.” She says that when suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, PMS and headaches, having sex can diminish the pain. “You have to have an orgasm, because it’s when you have that orgasm it releases the surge of five times more oxytocin and then that releases the morphine-like endorphins that null and void the nerve endings that are creating the pain,” she explains.

Dr. Lisa adds that even if a woman doesn’t have an orgasm, there are numerous other health benefits from having sex, and touching and hugging provide a lot of the same health benefits, as well.

Additional Benefits of Sex:

Increased Sense of Smell

“Having sex helps your sense of smell,” Dr. Ordon says. “Having sexual intercourse stimulates the pituitary gland which forms prolactin, which stimulates the part of your brain involved with smell.”

Helps to Prevent Prostate Cancer
The prostate is a gland located between the bladder and the penis. It needs to be stimulated periodically to avoid becoming enlarged, because an oversized prostate can become cancerous.

Aphrodisiacs: Scientific Fact or Science Fiction?
The Hagfish, a snakelike fish popular in Eastern countries, is claimed to be an aphrodisiac when eaten. Oysters and shrimp -- both high in zinc -- are also popular sex-drive boosters.

Looking to Spice Up Your Sex Life?
Carol and John have been married for over 20 years and wanted a little boost in the bedroom. They receive a visit from professional chefs Renee and Jim, who inform the couple that basil, hot pepper, pumpkin, chocolate and oysters are the five top aphrodisiacs. Carol and Jim create a meal using all the ingredients and feed it to each other.

“It worked,” John says. “We had a lot of fun.”

Dr. Travis asks Renee, “Is this more of the setting that we talked about? It looked romantic. There are candles, champagne, or do aphrodisiacs really work?”

  “They really do,” she says. "The zinc in oysters, shrimp, chocolate -- they’re all amazing aphrodisiacs.”   Jim adds that the atmosphere contributes as well. “We restricted all utensils. They had to feed each other for each course,” he says.   “Maybe it’s not so much ambience, but maybe all the senses,” Dr. Lisa says.   “The aphrodisiac is between the ears,” Dr. Ordon says, pointing to his head.

Ask Our Doctors

Karina from Texas says that she’s been working out and has lost 30 pounds but hasn’t been able to get rid of her double chin and says, “I feel like a bullfrog when I smile.” She tells Dr. Ordon that she’s thinking of having liposuction on her chin but doesn’t know what to expect. Is it the right procedure for her?

“Karina is the perfect candidate for liposuction of the neck,” Dr. Ordon says. He points out that she is young and has good skin tone, adding that the neck is one of the best places to perform liposuction. 

Tracie from Wyoming asks Dr. Lisa, “I heard that you are not supposed to wear high heels while pregnant, because it will damage your uterus. I love my stilettos and was wondering if wearing heels will hurt my baby?”

“It is not good to wear them during pregnancy,” Dr. Lisa says, explaining that it won’t damage the uterus, but a woman’s center of gravity is off when she’s pregnant, so there is a higher risk of tripping and falling.

On home video, Caitlin asks, “My daughter is a very picky eater and doesn’t eat very much, so I worry that her nutritional needs aren’t getting met. How do I know if she’s getting enough, and how can I get her to eat more?”

Dr. Jim encourages Caitlin to relax. “When she’s sitting at mealtime, just give her a few bites at a time, that way, instead of playing with the rest of it, she’ll ask for more,” he says. “Don’t push it too hard, and almost forget like you made her anything. She’ll start asking for stuff off your plate, it works almost every time.”

Mark from Washington asks Dr. Lisa, “My wife is always getting yeast infections, and she says we can’t have sex. Why does she get them and are they contagious?”

“The vagina, even though it’s self-cleaning, if it gets overheated or if it gets too moist -- anything that changes that environment can really predispose it,” Dr. Lisa says. She suggests women wear cotton underwear and let the vagina breathe. A yeast infection isn’t often transferred, but that is more likely to happen if a male is uncircumcised.  

Med Smarts

What common household product can diminish age spots? Vinegar! An acetic acid, vinegar is a naturally-occurring, weak acid. “If you put vinegar in small amounts, regularly, on sun spots, you will actually get them to fade,” Dr. Ordon explains.

Do you want to achieve glowing skin? You might want to try inversion therapy -- hanging upside down in a special contraption. As Dr. Sears demonstrates onstage, it improves blood flow to the head, takes pressure off the spine, and stretches the spine and rib cage and has a very relaxing effect!