Dangers of Overeating

Sex Addiction
Experts debate whether sex addiction is a true mental disorder or an excuse for an overactive libido run amuck.

Postpartum Depression Screenings
Researchers say that screening new moms for postpartum depression is as simple as asking three questions. Too often postpartum depression (PPD) goes untreated and some experts suggest that pediatricians perform screenings on mothers when they bring their newborns in for check-ups. Others argue that pediatricians aren’t trained to screen for postpartum depression. Dr. Lisa urges everyone in a new mother’s life to be on the lookout for signs of PPD in order to preserve both mom and child’s wellbeing.

Paying for Pounds 
In an effort to combat two of the state’s most pressing problems, obesity and healthcare, Alabama has proposed a controversial new health program for its 37,000 state workers. The program requires obese workers pay an extra $25.00 per month in health insurance premiums. Is this program an incentive? Or is it discriminatory?

Risks of Overeating During Pregnancy
For most women, one of the perks of pregnancy is the chance to indulge in their favorite foods. But overeating for two can have deadly results. Pregnant women who are or become overweight or obese during pregnancy risk preeclampsia, diabetes, hypertension, pre-term delivery, stroke, stillbirth and increased rate of c-section and difficulties in labor. Oftentimes problems that develop during pregnancy can last a lifetime, so it’s critical to be responsible with weight, diet and exercise.

Stephanie, 29, has been on a rollercoaster ride with her weight for years. After two overweight pregnancies she tipped the scales at 330 pounds, she vowed to change her life. Stephanie lost 150 pounds, but now pregnant with her third child, she has already gained 50 pounds in her first trimester. Desperate for help, she turns to Dr. Lisa and Dr. Ordon for guidance.

Living With Tourette's
Asher, 14, was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome when he was 7 years old. He and his mother, Elizabeth, join The Doctors and discuss the affects of living with this neurological disorder. Asher explains how heat and stress trigger his tics. Asher likens the involuntary movements to the feeling one has to scratch an itch.

describes how disconcerting it was to witness Asher’s early signs of the disorder and recalls that she didn’t know what to make of them. She says that Asher seemed to find his “focus” when he was writing. Asher started his first book when he was 10 years old and is now on his third.

Dr. Travis explains that individuals who suffer from Tourette’s have an excess of dopamine in the basal ganglia of the brain. Pediatric neurologist Dr. Andrea Morrison adds that the most common misconception about children with Tourette’s is that their tics are intentional and that they are acting out for attention. She describes tics as an obsessive-compulsive trait that is sometimes alleviated with relaxation techniques.

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OAD 10/6/08