When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

Male Birth Control Pill?

Several years ago, a male hormonal contraceptive seemed likely. But development has stalled because pharmaceutical companies don’t believe there is a high enough demand for male birth control. 

Flu Vaccine

Every year people debate whether to vaccinate against influenza, and this year is no different. The Doctors recommend that children 6 months to 18 years of age, pregnant women, the elderly and people at high risk should be vaccinated.  

To Circumcise or Not?

The debate heats up as Dr. Sears says circumcision is a cosmetic procedure and is not necessary; Dr. Lisa stresses that circumcision decreases the risk of passing HPV and HIV to men’s female sexual partners and should be done for the health of the female.

Risks of Plastic Surgery

Has cosmetic surgery become so commonplace that people are forgetting there are serious risks involved? After losing 100 pounds, Krissy decided to go in for a breast lift and augmentation. She chose a doctor in Mexico whom she believed to be reputable to perform the procedures. Her life was turned upside down after the surgery went horribly awry and left her disfigured. Since then, Krissy has endured seven surgeries in an attempt to restore the damaged tissue.

Dr. Ordon explains how breast augmentation is performed and what went wrong in Krissy’s case.

Dr. W. Tracy Hankins from Ariana Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Las Vegas specializes in breast reconstructive surgery and offers to perform a reconstruction on Krissy’s breasts pro bono. If you’re considering plastic surgery of any kind, Dr. Ordon shares his essential list of do’s and don’ts.

Babies Go To Booty Camp

Potty training is a trying time in any household. Watch several controversial potty training techniques in action and see if any are right for your child. Pediatric nurse, Wendy Sweeney, also known as “The Potty Whisperer,” developed a potty training program called Booty Camp. Enrollment is open to children over the age of 2 ½.

In Booty Camp, The children are encouraged to take ownership of their bodies, and if they use the bathroom in their pants or on the floor, they are expected to clean it up.  As part of the program, the children are offered treats in the form of candy or junk food if they perform well – this is also used to increase bowel movements and urination throughout the five-hour program. Though unconventional, Wendy says the program has a 96 percent success rate if the parent is compliant with the training.  The doctors discuss their concern that the children are receiving foods that are so high in sugar.

Cynthia, 22, Diane, 28, and Cheri, 36, sent their toddlers to Wendy’s Booty Camp and are happy with the results. Dr. Sears takes issue with some of her methods, but thinks the overall concept is a good one. Rebecca, 37, uses a technique called Baby Signs, which utilizes sign language as a component of potty training. Baby Signs recommends implementing the program when children are anywhere from 12 to 24 months of age. Rebecca has enjoyed great success with the program. The creators of Baby Signs, Dr. Linda Acredolo and Dr. Susan Goodwyn, join the discussion and talk about the benefits of early potty training.

Dr. Sears’ Potty Training Tips:
• Watch for Readiness
• Use Potty Props
• Don’t Pressure the Child
• Lead by Example
• Never, Ever Punish