Troubling Puberty Phenomenon

Precocious Puberty
The cause of precocious puberty is unknown, but it creates a host of emotional and physical problems for those affected. Nine-year-old Mandy went through puberty when she was just two years old.

Her mother, Tammy, tries her best to buoy her daughter’s spirits. “We try not to dwell on it, and we try to build her self-esteem, but it’s tough.”

She says that Mandy has to have a hormone injection every month to prevent her from having a menstrual cycle, and explains that without treatment Mandy would enter menopause by the time she celebrates her seventeenth birthday.

Seventeen-year-old Brittni went through precocious puberty and recounts that she had to learn how to ignore men’s cat calls at the tender age of ten. She encourages Mandy to hold her head up high and ignore all the mean comments. “Remember, you’re still a kid.”

Board-certified endocrinologist Dr. Marcus Allen recommends that children have an MRI if they show signs of precocious puberty to rule out the possibility of a tumor in the brain. He shares possible causes of the condition and explains treatment options.

No-Surgery Nose Job
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon performs a no-scalpel nose job , which injects a type of filler called Radiesse to augment the nose and stimulate collagen growth.