A Boy’s Miracle Heart

Heart Defects in Children
One of the biggest thrills of parenting is learning that your child has a big heart. But one of the biggest terrors is learning your child has a defective heart. Special guest Dr. Gregory Fontana is one of the leading pediatric heart surgeons in the country. He joins The Doctors onstage and shares what every parent needs to know about children’s heart problems. Nearly one in 100 babies are born with a heart defect, and 25 to 30 percent of congenital defects are heart defects. One of the most common reasons for miscarriage is due to a heart defect. Find out what you can do during pregnancy to detect any problems -- in a heartbeat.

Shemar Moore on MS

Sexy actor Shemar Moore (Young & the Restless and Criminal Minds) heats up the set and shares his experience with his mother’s 10-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

“My mom is superwoman; MS is her kryptonite,” Shemar explains.

Dr. Travis details the different forms of Multiple Sclerosis. Shemar, an only child, has participated in the MS Ride for years to help raise money to help his mother and combat the disease. MS Ride participants raised over $700,000 last year! In a crisis, would you know how to do CPR if you needed to? Travis shows Shemar and viewers at home his failsafe approach.

Thermage's Amazing Results

The Doctors give a sneak peek at a new kind of Thermage technology that claims to be able to melt two inches off your waist in just one hour! See the amazing results when Sonia has the procedure done live on set.

Ask Our Doctors: Kid's Edition

Do your kids ever ask a question that you wish you just could hand off to your doctor? Dr. Travis, Dr. Lisa, and Dr. Sears are on call for the Kid’s Edition of Ask Our Doctors to answer questions about allergies, asthma, and exercise.

Heart-Warming Story

The riveting story of a 2-year-old boy who was born with his heart outside of his chest is told on The Doctors. Go into the operating room for a firsthand look at the extraordinary surgery that restored his chance at life. See how Adrian is doing when he joins The Doctors onstage!



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OAD 9/19/08