Testing for Cancer

Is diet soda any better for you than the than the real thing? Dr. Travis ribs Dr. Lisa about the diet soda she drank before the show, but Dr. Lisa maintains that everything should be consumed in moderation. The Doctors discuss whether we’re too clean for our own good and explain that exposure to dirt and germs can build the immune system. Lastly, The Doctors give tips about how to make the most of emergency room visits.

Battling Scoliosis

Scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, affects approximately six million people in the United States. For some, the condition is so severe that their life expectancy is barely beyond the teens. One such case is 7-year-old Naomi, whose scoliosis threatens to suffocate her. Despite a risk of paralysis, Dr. Robert Campbell implants a titanium rib that expands her chest and allows her to breathe. The Doctors cameras go inside the operating room to capture the life-saving surgery. Dr. Campbell explains the procedure and shows how the titanium rib works.

Naomi and her adoptive parents join The Doctors on stage and Naomi shyly says, “Thank you, Dr. Campbell, for helping my back.”

Cancer Test
If you could take a test that would tell you whether or not you would get cancer, would you take it? A genetic test for breast and ovarian cancer is available, but is it for everyone? Proponents of the test argue that it can help patients make important healthcare and lifestyle decisions and take preventive action. Two women tested positive and took drastic measures.

Thirty-two-year-old Tiffany has been married for 8 years and has 3 sons. She lost her mother to ovarian cancer when Tiffany was just 17 years old. In May of 2007, she tested positive for the BRCA cancer gene. She chose to have a double mastectomy and had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. “Nothing is more important than living for your children and your family and seeing them through all the stages of their lives. Nothing.” Tiffany explains. 

Dawn, 32, is one of Tiffany’s best friends.  Dawn’s mother tested positive for the BRCA gene and had her ovaries removed. Dawn tested positive as well, but is unsure about what to do. She’s considering having her ovaries removed but is undecided about having a mastectomy. Dr. Ordon explains the many options available for breast reconstruction post-mastectomy.

Dr. Herman, a BRCA expert, explains the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer gene as well as the test and treatment options. He details who is at risk and who needs the test. He stresses, “Seven out of a hundred women get breast cancer by the age of seventy. Ovarian cancer is 1.4 out of a hundred. If you don’t know, most people who get ovarian cancer can’t survive it. We can’t find it.”

Surprise Ultimate Makeover

Then, 48-year old Cynthia has been taunted by names like “Pinocchio,” “ski slope,” and “witch” her whole life. She avoids work events, reunions -- even pictures -- but doesn’t want to miss her 20th wedding anniversary where she and her husband plan to renew their vows. She turned to The Doctors for help, and Dr. Ordon surprises her with an Ultimate Makeover. Cynthia dissolves in tears of happiness. “I just thought I was coming here for a consultation!”



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