Teen Plastic Surgery

Anesthesia is under the microscope these days, especially the phenomenon of “anesthesia awareness.” The Doctors maintain that anesthesia is safe and complications rare.

How Young is Too Young?

One 18-year-old girl died during breast augmentation surgery due to an adverse reaction to the anesthesia. Could age have been a factor? How young is too young for plastic surgery? The number of teens having plastic surgery has more than tripled in the past 10 years.  Would you let your teen go under the knife?

Twelve-year-old Brooke was ridiculed about her weight and called hurtful names like beached whale and fat pig. Her mother, Cindy, took her in for liposuction and a tummy tuck. A year later, she had lap band surgery. Cindy stands by her choices for her daughter, but what does Dr. Ordon think? The doctor who performed Brooke’s surgery weighs in with his side of the story. Now 15, Brooke wants even more plastic surgery, but Dr. Ordon thinks she’s had enough for such a young age.

Ask Our Doctors

Victoria from St. Paul, Minnesota, asks how she can speed up her metabolism now that she’s had a baby. The Doctors suggest exercise, breastfeeding, sex, and eating lots of small meals throughout the day.

Monica from Lennox, California, is 23-years-old and has never been to the gynecologist. Dr. Lisa assures her that regular visits are an important part of maintaining her health, suggests that Monica bring a friend to make her feel more comfortable, and tells her to remember that “she’s always in charge.”

George in Providence, Rhode Island, asks Dr. Sears when he should stop showering with his 2-year-old son. Dr. Sears says that kids will naturally start to get more private around the ages of six or seven. He explains that when it comes time to break away from the practice, George will know – for example, when his son says something embarrassing to a total stranger!

Drowsy Driving

We all know the dangers of driving drunk, but what about driving drowsy? College roommates Erica and Suzannah, undergo a sleep deprivation experiment, that demonstrates how brain and motor function are compromised. Erica gets behind the wheel of a driving simulator after being up for 24 hours straight, and her performance is the same as someone driving under the influence of alcohol! Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus shows us just how critical those hours of sleep really are.

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OAD 11/27/08