Need for Sleep

Today’s hot headlines include the hidden dangers of sleep aids, such as dependency, overuse, addiction, and mixing them alcohol. The Doctors suggest using alternative methods like exercise and taking the TV out of the bedroom. “The bedroom is for sleep and sex, period.” says Dr. Travis. Then, want to know the latest methods teens are using to cheat on their urine drug tests? The Doctors don’t want to give too much away, but warn parents that simple Internet searches reveal the answers.

Regulating Egg Donations
Young women beware: Unscrupulous egg donor clinics prey on those of you who are poor or mired in college debt. Dr. Lisa asserts, “It’s like selling body parts!” and explains what all potential egg donors need to know. She warns that too little research has been done to know the long-term effect on a woman of having her eggs harvested. Dr. Ordon adds that the government does not control this practice at all, and The Doctors agree it needs more regulation.

Surrogate Grandmother

Then, 56-year-old Jaci is making medical history. Despite being menopausal for five years, she is the oldest surrogate mother in the U.S. Not only is she pregnant; she’s pregnant with triplets…  her daughter’s!


Due to hormones and living a healthy lifestyle, Jaci has the uterus of a 30-year-old. Dr. Lisa describes what a “plump and juicy” uterus is and what type of woman is a good candidate for surrogacy. Dr. Lisa performs a cutting-edge 4-D ultrasound onstage and reveals the gender of the babies to the whole family.

Send the Kids to Bed

Next, 5-year-old Joelle refuses to go to bed, and her nightly ritual of stalling tactics is taking a toll on the whole family. Dr. Travis and Dr. Sears demonstrate how losing just one hour of sleep can cause permanent changes in the brain and be detrimental to its development. Dr. Sears explains that a brain develops all the way up until the age of 21. Sleep deprivation can cause moodiness, crankiness, depression, and binge eating.


5-year-olds need 11 to 13 hours of sleep a night, which Joelle is clearly not getting. Dr. Sears pays a house call to teach Joelle’s parents, Jennifer and Ken, the best way to implement bedtime, and shares his surefire strategies for getting all kids to sleep.

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