Life-Threatening Tumor

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Could a new pill replace exercise? The Doctors explain that although the concept is appealing, the pill is in development; exercise and proper nutrition are still the best way to stay healthy.


There's a startling new trend among young men in their twenties: vasectomies. Men are having them done at a young age to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and The Doctors weigh in with their concerns. Dr. Sears worries that there will be an increase in STDs, and Dr. Lisa cautions that men should think of this procedure as permanent. Dr. Ordon corrects the false assumption that all vasectomies are reversible. Dr. Lisa chimes that, “Every woman should remember: no erection without protection!”


Life-Saving Surgery

Lai was born with a small benign mass on her tongue that went untreated and grew into a giant 12-pound tumor. She grew up in a remote village in Vietnam and didn’t have access to proper medical care. As she grew older, the mass grew larger and threatened to suffocate her. At age 15, she is given just six months to live.


The Doctors heard her story and wanted to help. Go inside the operating room asThe Doctors cameras capture the grueling 11-hour surgery that saved Lai's life.


Dr. Gomez and Dr. Marx were the lead surgeons on the medical team that worked miracles and gave Lai another chance at life. They explain her case and recount how Lai underwent two blood transfusions during surgery just to replenish the blood supply of the tumor itself. They rebuilt her jaw with a titanium mandible and say that Lai is a candidate for dental implants. Lai is now in speech therapy and will undergo another surgery to continue her recovery.


Dr. Gomez and Dr. Marx explain that Lai’s tumor comprised 40 percent of her body weight, which impeded her natural development. She wears a back brace to correct her scoliosis and takes Human Growth Hormone to aid in her physical development. 


Lai and her mother, Tuyet, do not speak English, but with the help of a translator Tuyet thanks the doctors who saved her daughter’s life. Lai made a thank you card for Dr. Gomez and Dr. Marx and presents it onstage.


Couch-Potato Kid?

Hayden is an 11-year-old boy who is addicted to video games. In the last eight months, Hayden has experienced rapid weight gain due to his sedentary lifestyle. Hayden’s mother, Kristin, complains, “Everything that he enjoys is sedentary. It’s very frustrating because we constantly feel like we have to force Hayden to go outside and be active.”


Dr. Sears shares the shocking results of Hayden’s physical examination. Hayden’s Body Mass Index (BMI) borders on obese. Dr. Sears cautions that if Hayden doesn’t make some changes now, in 10 or 20 years, his chance of heart attack increases 360 percent and his risk of diabetes increases 2000 percent.


“I’m very worried about his health, and I don’t know what to do about it,” Kristin says.

Hayden counters, “There are no other sports or activities that I want to learn.”


But Dr. Sears and Dr. Travis have a plan: They tell Hayden how to build muscle and make better food choices and to show how to make exercise just as fun as playing video games, Dr. Sears challenges Hayden to a race … on a Wii Gaming System!


And to make sure Hayden sticks with the new plan, The Doctors give Hayden a Wii Home System of his very own, as well as a one-year membership to NexGym, the next generation of fitness for kids.


And to help Kristin keep Hayden healthy, Dr. Sears gives Kristin his book, The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood’.


Audience Ask The Doctors

Tamika, who is five months pregnant with her first child, is afraid of her upcoming labor and asks Dr. Lisa what she should expect in terms of pain.


Emily asks Dr. Ordon whether using Botox when she’s young will help her prevent wrinkles.

David asks Dr. Travis if can he treat his high blood pressure with herbal supplements rather than medication.

Rose asks Dr. Sears whether it’s normal that her 5-year-old grandson only uses two or three words in a sentence. 

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OAD 12/26/08