The Doctors: Pregnancy Edition

What to Expect When You're Expecting
First up, the doctors tackle the hot topics of the day including: is homemade baby food better for baby? Dr. Sears investigates what kind of baby food is best for your infant. The doctors discuss whether coffee a good idea for kids, and the discussion heats up over the practice of implanting multiple embryos for in-vitro fertilization.

Twenty-seven -year-old Heidi is in her first trimester and suffers from insomnia, intense hunger cravings, and hormonal changes. Twenty-three -year-old Mel is in her second trimester and wonders if she should be concerned about her joint pain and her weight gain. Thirty-seven-year-old Kim is in her third trimester and concerned about her varicose veins and whether she’ll be able to tell the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and actual labor contractions.

Dr. Lisa explains what’s happening to a woman’s body in each trimester of pregnancy, and goes over what women can do in terms of exercise, sex, and diet. She outlines the different tests that can be performed throughout the pregnancy to track proper fetal development. Dr. Lisa shows an ultrasound from each trimester of pregnancy in order to outline where baby is at in its development.

Ask The Doctors

Gina from Manhattan Beach, California asks how to get her triplets on the same sleep schedule, and Sara from Ohio wonders how to acclimate her baby to her dog – or vice versa! Dr. Travis shares the importance of preparing your dog to respect your new addition to the family.

Laura from Chicago, Illinois, had vaginal reconstructive surgery after her first birth, and e-mails Dr. Ordon to ask whether she should have a C-section for her second birth.

Charlotte e-mails Dr. Lisa from Loganville, Georgia, to ask her about lasting effects of her C-section. It’s been two months since she gave birth, and she still can’t feel her stomach.

Emily asks a question from the audience about what types of exercise she can engage in if she’s trying to get pregnant and while she is pregnant.

Miracle of Birth
Next, just days before 32-year-old Connie was due to give birth, her 41-year-old husband, John, was rushed to the hospital with an aortic dissection and flat-lined. After more than five hours of surgery, multi-organ failure and a stroke, he fell into a coma. Shortly after, Connie gave birth to their son, not knowing if her husband was alive or dead. John flatlined for 10-minutes, but when the nurse laid his son Levi on his chest and whispered in his ear that he was a new father, John’s eyes opened. Dr. Travis notes, “It’s the beauty of the human spirit. Your story -- in all the stories that I’ve been a part of as a doctor -- your story went from the most tragic to the happiest. It just makes everyone here… believe.”

Warning signs of aortic dissection:
   1. Sudden severe chest or upper back pain
   2. Loss of consciousness
   3. Shortness of breath
   4. Weakness
   5. Stroke

To reduce your risk of heart disease:
   1. Control your blood pressure
   2. Don’t smoke
   3. Maintain an ideal weight
   4. Maintain a healthy cholesterol level
   5. Keep your doctor well-informed if you have a family history of heart disease

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