The Doctors Are In!

The Doctors Are In!
In this exciting season premiere, four medical experts -- a dream team of doctors -- talk about medicine in a brand new way and answer your most pressing health questions. Dr. Lisa Masterson, an OB/ GYN; pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears; plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon; and E.R. doctor Travis Stork bring cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, procedures, topics, surgeries -- and everything you need to know about your health -- into your living room.

Hot Topics

The doctors engage in a lively exchange about why Viagra is covered by medical insurance and some women’s birth control is not. Next up, do children’s cold and cough syrup cause more harm than good? Could you be putting your child at risk? Plus, could your hand-held be hurting you? The doctors explore whether cell phones emit harmful electromagnetic fields or not.

Smoke Signal
Meet Brandon, a 37-year-old father of two, devoted husband -- and ticking time bomb? Between smoking and unhealthy eating, Brandon risks losing everything. Can Dr. Travis scare him straight?

Early Delivery
Ever wonder what you would do if you were in your third trimester and the baby came early? What if you couldn’t make it to the hospital in time? With the aid of a birthing simulator, Dr. Masterson shows expecting couple Patrice and Michael how to deliver their baby in case of emergency. Afterwards, Michael assures, “I will be there and ready to do it if I need to.”

Ask Our Doctors
Viewers at home can call, e-mail, or send their questions on video to the doctors. Lori from Seattle, Washington sent in a video to ask how she can lose the last 15 pounds of her baby weight. The doctors recommend good old-fashioned exercise and not gaining too much weight during the pregnancy itself.

Amy from Apple Valley, California calls in to ask what to do about her 6-month old son’s constant crying between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. Dr. Sears says such crying episodes are often caused by something in the baby’s diet or even heartburn. He demonstrates several soothing techniques for baby.

Tracy from Dallas, Texas sends a video asking Dr. Lisa about the safety of Depo-Provera birth control. Dr. Lisa explains the importance of taking calcium and doing exercise while she’s on Depo-Provera and says hat it shouldn’t be used any longer than three years because it can weaken bones.

An audience member asks whether flu shots are worthwhile? The doctors advise that children from the ages of 6 months to 19 years of age, adults over the age of of 50, anyone with a chronic medical condition, pregnant women, and anyone who is at high risk should have one.

The O Lift
Next, Dr. Ordon offers an exclusive look at his groundbreaking facelift procedure, The O Lift. Using special permanent Quill stitches that tighten and hold the muscles and skin in place, the surgery only requires a three day recovery period. Dr. Ordon operates on 45-year old Dayna and The Doctors cameras are there in the O.R. to capture it all. Dayna joins Dr. Ordon and Dr. Travis on stage to show off her new look!




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OAD 09/08/08