Worth The Risk?

The doctors are in! First up, the doctors discuss the hottest medical headlines of the day. The Doctors discuss the legitimacy of chiropractors. Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Dr. Nicolas Campos joins the debate, and outlines the benefits of chiropractic application on musculoskeletal conditions. And can a spray-on condom catch on?

The latest buzz in dieting is … insects? While eating insects is popular in many cultures throughout the world, The Doctors question whether doing so can become popular in the United States. But eating bugs is not unhealthy.

"They're high in protein, they're low in fat," Dr. Travis says. "They're good for ya."

Is HPV Vaccine Safe?
The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is one of the most talked about medical advances in years. Ads say that it can protect your daughter from cervical cancer. But how safe is it? Does it put your daughter at greater risk? Did the FDA do enough studies? Dr. Lisa and Dr. Sears explain the benefits to Sally, who wonders whether she should have her 10-year-old daughter vaccinated.

On the other end of the issue, Kelly thought she was helping her 14-year-old daughter Emily by getting her vaccinated, but the results were disastrous. Barbara, a representative from the National Vaccine Information Center, cautions against the vaccination. It’s a discussion that every mother needs to hear.

Ask Our Doctors
It’s two-for-one day as couples ask The Doctors about their medical concerns. William and Sam call in from San Diego, CA, to ask Dr. Sears how to discipline their difficult toddler. Dr. Ordon answers Jim and Connie’s email about “his and hers” plastic surgery, and Dr. Travis advises Andrew and Meryl, seated in the audience, how to lose weight and encourage one another as a couple.

Miracle Acne Treatment?
Next, Dr. Ordon shows us the latest in acne treatment, a combination vacuum and laser instrument called Isolaz. Dr. Ordon explains that acne is the No. 1 skin problem in the world. Three out of four people either have acne or bear its scars. A new laser treatment may be the miracle cure for even the most stubborn cases of acne.

Twenty-eight-year-old Kristin has suffered from acne since her teens. She’s tried everything for her acne, but to no avail. Dr. Ordon treated Kristin for five weeks, and brings her onstage to show the amazing results.

Leigh, 40, has suffered from acne since she was 10 years old. Dr. Ordon performs the procedure on Leigh live in the studio and gives a close-up view of exactly how it works on the skin. Could this revolutionary treatment be right for you?