The Doctors Awards

The fans of The Doctors are an important part of community. Awards are's way of recognizing active community members who participate in groups, post and comment on message boards, blog and interact with others on the site. The more active you are, the more awards you'll earn! Below is a list of the awards. Once you earn one, you'll receive a notification and the award will appear on your profile so you and others can see your achievements! Sign up or login to The Doctors community to get started!

Blogger Awards

          Blogger                  Super Blogger              Über Blogger

Community Awards

       Chatter            Conversation Starter       Super Speaker         Connector          Community Leader

The 17 Day Diet Challenge Awards

The Doctors 2010 Health Challenge Trophies

Quit S

        Bronze                        Silver                          Gold               Silver Laurel           Golden Laurel

Weight Loss

        Bronze                  Silver                    Gold               Silver Laurel            Golden Laurel

Less Stress

        Bronze                  Silver                    Gold               Silver Laurel             Golden Laurel

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are awards on
A: Awards are's way of recognizing active community members who participate in groups, post and comment on message boards, blog and interact with others on the site.

Q: How do I earn awards?
A: You can earn awards in a variety of ways, including logging into your account and participating in The Doctors 2010 Health Challenge, blogging and being an active member on the community message boards throughout

Q: Where do I see the awards I have won?
A: The awards will appear on your profile page in the "My Awards" section. You can see other community members' awards on their profile pages in the same section.

Q: What are the 17 Day Diet Challenge Awards?
A: By joining the 17 Day Diet Challenge, you can join Team Doctors or Team Dr. Phil. Earn awards by participating in the 17 Day Diet community, encouraging others in their weight loss journey and update other members on your progress.

Q: What are The Doctors 2010 Health Challenge Trophies?
A: By joining The Doctors' 2010 Health Challenge, you have committed to lose weight, stop smoking or reduce stress. The Doctors is keeping track of your participation in the Health Challenge. Earn trophies by logging into The Doctors' community, signing the Health Challenge contracts of your choice, joining the Health Challenge group and staying active in the community by updating your progress and motivating others to reach their goals! You can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, Silver Laurel and Gold Laurel trophies for your participation in each challenge!

Q: What are Blogger awards?
A: Community members who blog on can earn Blogger, Super Blogger and Über Blogger awards. The more you blog, the higher your award level goes!

Q: What are Community awards?
A: You gain a higher status in The Doctors' online community by posting topics on the message boards, replying to others and engaging in community conversation. Start out as a Chatter and rise through the ranks to become Community Leader.

Q: How can I opt out of earning awards?
A: When you are logged in, go to "Edit Account" in the "Community" tab and click the box under "Trophies and Awards" to suppress the awarding of all trophies and awards.