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Hello all Hope you are all doing great.I havent been on in a couple of days.I ended up with a bad sinus infection. Was lucky to get out of bed.

Boy I sure related today about the size L I am only 46dd and 5'3. I always feel like I am carrying around 60pd more in front. I was so happy to see them working on her weight and getting her to her point of surgery. I am really thinking about having this surgery.




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Hi!  I just wanted to comment on Breast Reduction!  Im a 37yr old, mother of 2 boys.  I am 5'4'' and a 38ddd+, and have been all my life, Im talking since I was 15yrs old!!!!  Now let me tell you what I have been told over the years.....

  1. the scarring is terrible!!! Who cares, only the people you really love will see them anyways!
  2. its considered "cosmetic" surgery to the insurance companies! Well I consider...headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, etc.. a "medical " problem!
  3. Now heres the one I love the best! You need to lose wieght!!! OK, like I said before, Ive been this size since the time I got breast!!!! They didnt change in size while I was pregnent! They didnt change after breast feeding, and theyve never changed with my wieght!  And please tell me what fun exercises can you do while carrying "two milk jugs"? And where do you find the supportive wear that you need in order to excerise comfortably???

Icue,you are sos right on all remarks. And it is always male insurers who set the standards on what needs to be removed and how much needs to be removed.


I will say that I had a reduction when I was 22.It was the best thing I could have ever done, and I know that with my genetics after I have children I will need to have another one.However,at the time of age 22,I was not planning on having children for many years,so the thought of "living" with them did not fly with me. he scars are bearable, mine are quite large, but I do have a friend who's scars are very small in comparison, its all about Dr techniques. I was told by someone that she had massaged the scars daily (painfully sometimes) to keep the scar tissue down. I do not wear low cut tops nor have I ever wanted to show a lot of cleavage so my scars don't bother me.I was not told to lose weight, at the time (size 9 with DD at least), however, women who have larger breasts are usually heavier women.I have such trouble finding bras because my bandwidth is 34 not 38+, it seems that all companies feel that if your breasts cup size is that large you should be bigger too!


After my surgery I felt misshaped. I had always had large breasts so when they were "normal" size, it took a while for me to become comfortable with the new overall shape my body had. Since my reduction I have gained too much weight and my breasts have increased in size as well, every size in clothes, the breasts grew first.If you are lucky enough (sounds strange) to keep the same breast size with weight gain then why wait?I envy those people who lose weight and their breasts disappear.I lost 10 lbs and then bandwidth went from 36 - 34 but the cup size stayed the same. Your breasts totally changed as well. My favorite bra that I had always worn,did not fit anymore.I spent a lot of time trying on every style of bra to find one that fit. I completely believe in going to specialty bra stores.The bras cost $100+ compared to $30 OUCH, but totally worth it.Have fun with it ladies, the funniest thing is when the doctor draws your new breasts and you see where the nipple is really supposed to be!


I had breast reduction surgery years ago, and dont regret it for a moment.  I found it to be a little uncomfortable but that was it, and my surgeon was a woman who was very careful not to remove the aereola.  She made fine cuts on the sides to make sure that there was still sensation in them.  My daughter had a friend who was huge when she was 14, and was told that she would have to pay to have the surgery done.  (Canadian here!) I referred to my plastics and it was done no problem due to the fact that it was preventative medicine.  She couldnt believe it, and was so happy to have it done.  My feeling is also that once you have had children, and are large, you should not have to carry around this burden anymore. lol


Thanks Canadian, Boy I would hate to see that drawing on me.LOL I agree on buying good bras.I really couldn't wear ceap bras Or I would really be in bad shape. And like you if I lose weight it never happens in the boobs. I can't beleive it when people say I they lose weight in their boobs first.Go figure.




Dear Icue:  Do you have documentation that you suffer from these conditions?  If so, i would think that presenting them to the insurance company would be considered preventative medicine.  Losing weight is also not the answer as you cannot exercise dead muscle and tissue.  That is directly from a trainer.  Also i would like people to know that unless you have skin that stretches back, that liposuction should not be an option, as my surgeon told me, they only use it as a last option.  When you lose the fat etc., and your skin does not stretch back, you are left with hanging skin.


Ryeer I agree if she has enough documentation the insurance would have to pay.And you are so right skin does not stretch back.




Thanks for all the info guys !  And yes

I do have medical documentation, but the doctor said I have to have at lest a year of documentation!!! Well I dont know about anybody else, but I dont run to the doctor every time my shoulders or neck orr back hurt, I just take advil!  And yes I have to spend $100+ on specialty bras, but I envy the girls that can buy a bra(and panties to match) at victorias secret or  better yet WALMART!!!  I was thinking about taking kickboxing classes, but besides them getting in the the way, and the guys stares, I cant find a GOOD and Supportive sports bra!!!! 

Maybe I need to get a new doctor that is more understanding, but then Im affraid Ill have to start my "year" of documentation (which I dont have) !!??

And I have been known as "the girl with BIG boobs" all my life, so I am kinda scared about how people would look at me differently, even though I HATE them I do at least get more attention and away with things with guys that I might not if I change them?? 

Thanks, Tiff



P.S. It would also be a change and nice not to have to buy outfit that fits the top, but it too big on the bottom!!!    Tiff


You buy bigger clothes and then get them tailored.  It's not that expensive to do and then clothes look like they're made for you and appropriate for your height, shape, etc. 

I don't know that I'd get a breast reduction, but I sure wouldn't mind a breast lift!! :)


I have had DD's since i was 16 and a size 5. The boys loved me the coach said my boobs were too big to play golf. I am now a HH I have had every nick name in the book, and I saw the show and for the first time in my life I did not feel alone. Today i had a customer tell me he wished he was my Bra, I told hime he was causeing me just as much pain as the bra does. But for everyone here I have a question my doctor told me not to get reduction till after I have kids and also does anyone else have a little bit of a hump on the back of their neck. I had someone tell me its from carrying all the weight all these years.  And is there a way to get ride of the dents in your shoulders they spoke of on the show before the reduction.



Tell that man that under the law that's called harassment.  I tell ya, some people need to have their heads examined!

DrOrton asked the woman--Dorothy?--on the show the same question.  He asked if she was done having kids.  She said she was and then they told her about losing some weight to get her body to a size that would fit her reduction.  So if you don't have kids or you're not done having kids, then you might want to wait.

Do you do any kind of weight training? If you do or don't, get the trainer at your gym (or even look online) for exercises that will strengthen your back muscles.  I work constantly on my posture, and I find that being attentive to that helps!


OK guys, I guess Im the only one that missed the episode on breast reduction, does anyone know what date it waas on so I can go back and watch it online??     thanks, Tiff


Hi its rykeeroxene aka Patricia.  I found that when i went to sears they measured me to help me find a bra for my size, as having a reduction and lift makes it hard to find bras as well.  Another thing that i was told about is to get the bra extenders, which i do have.  Funnily enough Walmart has them in the sewing section of their store.  They can be 2, 3, 4, or 5 hook depending on the hooks on your bra.  Although they only come in the standard colours, but what colour is underneath is really not important.  One obstacle i did encounter in my surgical pursuit was getting the top of my arms done.  My surgeon was more than willing to do it if i could get OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) to cover it.  I appealed 3 times, all the way to the committee, and didnt really get a no, but that if at least 12 plastics requested it then they would put it on the books.  The only precaution my surgeon told me was that i would have scars under my arms, so i told her that i wouldnt be out with my arms in the air lmao.  The only surgery she was not willing to do was the inner thigh surgery, and from what i have heard it is not a very good surgery to have done in the first place, as they have to leave skin alone near the vaginal area, and apparently it is painful.  My friends and i have a debate going on as to why men are so obsessed with big breasts.  Is it because they were not breast fed?  Havent figured that one out yet, interesting though.  Thanks for listening and appreciate this site, gives me information and helps me to be able to help if i can.  Good wishes to all.  Patricia


Supportive sports bra....I have found SHOCK ABSORBER www.shockabsorber.co.uk  to be the best.  I have tried them all and cannot figrue out how some larger chested women can stand bouncing around so much.  I was always the 2 sport bra exerciser.  The shock absorber Level 4 is great, it has a band closure and then between your upper shoulders is has another closure...That I have found is the best in controlling bounce.  (I see the new style doesnt have it but you may be able to find an older style with it online.  They do only go up to G


Thanks Canadian!!!  I took a look at the web site, it looks like what Im looking for!!!  Now I just need to find one in the U.S.!  Again thatnk alot, thats the first sports bra that I ever seen that know what a"big breasted" woman is looking for, and looks sporty enough to wear in public!!  Im not heavy, just big breasted so I wanted something that I could wear and be comfortable without having to wear a shirt over it and be hot!!!  Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!   Tiff


My daughter is 27 years old and has large breasts (42F).  She complains of shoulder problems.  She also has a slight curvature of her spine.  I offered her to have breast reduction surgery to help her quality of life when she was around 22.  However, she is no longer covered under our health care.  She just passed her bar exams and is looking for a job.  I hope that once she is settled and has insurance that she will consider surgery.  Any information on why she should consider breast reduction surgery would be greatly appreciated.  Also, if she does consider this procedure, how would she go about finding a very qualified plastic surgeon?

Thank you for helping a Mom who cares about her daugher's health. 


Retiredteacher,I would so say do the surgery.Big that have large breast like us always are carrying around so much extra weight. I wish I would have done it yrs ago. it will so greatly improve her quality of life.People who do not have this problem can not really understand.

I would look around the web for doctors and get refereences. I am sure her dr probably has some recomendations also,So please be a support and encourage your daughter.




OK, just thought I would put my 2 cents in here...


I HAVE HAD A BREAST REDUCTION!!! And it was the BEST thing I have ever done in my life!!!!!

I was the kid in 3 grade with a B cup, and by the time I graduated I had 36 DD.  After 2 children they had grown to a 40 I.  Yes that is right a I.  Special made Bras..  I had headaches everyday of my life, the shoulder were trashed because of the straps digging valleys in them. And yes, I do have a slight hump behind my neck from it starting to curve from the weight. 

But before you go and do this, PLEASE make sure you know all the complications---  Due to the strech marks, I ended up having a problem with the skin adhereing to itself on the bottom of the breasts.  I ended up with the stiches blowing, had to have adheasing removed 3 times (dead skin inside the breast, was dying from the inside out). And eventually had to have a revision done.  One of my boobs is a B cup the other is a C cup. And the scares are NOT PRETTY!!   And yes, even after all that I would do it again.   Why you ask?

BECAUSE I CAN BREATHE!!!   you can't imagine the weight you are carring around.  They took off a total of 11.8 lbs from my breasts, and when I woke up, I took the first deep breathe without pain in years.  Before I couldn't sleep on my back, because of the weight they crushed down on my chest.  

Don't get me wrong, the hubby misses them deeply. But he know how much better my life is now.  And the shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches were gone instantly..

So if you decide to have it done, great.  Just make sure it is for you, not some other reason.



Pqqk I know what you mean I have all the headaches and sore shoulders and yes have to sleep on side and stomach.But I have heard alot of women get reduction and have ended up with 2 different sizes.If I end up doing it I will get  references for sure and know who is doing the surgery.Not that something could not go wrong.




I had it done 9 yrs ago at age of 26 and it's honestly, the BEST thing I've ever done!!!  I had a problem getting insurance to pay , but after several attempts thru 3 or so companies, I finally found one that would pay...no questions asked.  All I needed was for my "primary" physician" to write a letter to insurance company and I have to say that I'm very fortunate to have such a wonderful doctor....I'm a patient and not just a number to him.  Honestly, it was more of a psychological thing with me.....5' 1", size 2 with double D's.  I was very insecure with how I looked and my Dr was sooooo supportive and believes that a persons psychological health is just as important as being physically healthy. 

I do have scars, but they are going away gradually.....I truly believe the key is keeping the breast moisturized before surgery.  I used alot of cocoa butter before and after and I'm very pleased with the outcome and so are some of the other ladies I have met in the past that had the same surgery.

I say "do it"!!!  Good luck!


My name is Dorothy. I was on the show for breast reduction advice and surgery. I have come to report that I have gone from 201 lbs to 193 lbs. I also got married Feb. 14th. I can't wait to get back on the show and have my surgery. I am going to be going from an L to a C. I can't wait. Next to my wedding it's something I'm so excited about that I lose sleep over. But it's a good thing. I have been reading some of the posts and it really puts my mind at ease with the decison I have made. Scaring and how it will look afterward are all weighting heavy on my mind. But anyone I have every talked to about this has had nothing but rave reviews to spout about. Anyway if you want to chat, leave me a message and I'll get back to you. Thank You for all the support.


As a 28 year old in a 38 G, my dream would be to have a brest reduction. I have weighed my brests and as far as my scale says they are 15 lbs each! So that is a lot of weight to carry! I started to grow in the second grade, I was a B than. I would follow advice and get a skilled doctor to do it but some day I will do it!

I would be willing to do the surgury no matter the risk because I can live with scars and smaller breasts, I can't live with head, neck, back and every other pain that comes with them!

Good luck!



I unfortunately did not see this show. I totally empathize and WISH I was those of you saying you were a 34DDD because I am (based on measurement under my breast and at the largest part) 34 inch band size and 42 inch around the largest part which depending on where you look that is 34G or GG. TRY finding that bra! The worst part is I am a maid of honour and for the life of me can't find a store that will even custom make a strapless bra that size. I am not obese and can lose weight but like MANY other women I have been this way since I had breasts and I am sure they have grown a tiny bit but I am 5'7 and 170lbs so not terribly obese...have a belly but not near my ribcage :)

ANYONE with suggestions of where to find bras I would be eternally grateful! I have no idea where to go the internet has been little help! I live in Ontario and am willing to go pretty much anywhere within 3 hours if need be! Thank you in advance!!

I agree with many comments below...we are not all obese and they need to consider where a LOT of women gain weight and many of us are pear shaped not apple...so 40DDD and bras like that are not always helpful to someone like me or the women below!

If men want us to have nice perky stretchless breasts then create a bra for us that prevents the breakdown of elasticity!!! Am I right or am I right!!??!!


Kristylee maybe on line you could put in custom bras in your area.I live in Atlant and we have a couple of very great places to get a custom bra. Somaybe check that out.Good luck I know how hard it is.




I have been approved by my insurace company to hav a breat reduction but, I'm scared to death. should I be???/ I'm scared of all the side affects.


Hi! i would go for the breast reduction.  I did it at the age of 18. I dont regret doing it. I was a 42 E when i had it done. I also lost a lot of weight and i felt so good. 


Hi all.

I had a breast reduction about 2 months ago.  I am the mother of two girls who were breast fed, and prior to my pregnancies I lost almost 100 pounds.  My breasts were a EE34, and I wear a size 3.  I have to say, I was worried about how I would feel about myself after getting a reduction, afterall I have had large breasts my whole life and wasn't sure about how I would adapt.  Well, I ahve to tell you, I am now a C34, and I couldn't be happier withthe results.  It isn't so much that they're smaller that makes me happy, but they are closer to my body and so they don't pull on my sholders or fall in my way when I try to do things.  It's nice to be able to buy shirts that fit properly, and bras that are not exponentially more expensive because I require a specialty size. 

The recovery was relatively painless and quick, and I have had a huge increase in self confidence - especially in the bedroom.  They weren't this nice and perky when I was 15.... ;)

I would recommend it to anyone struggling with the physical difficulties associated with large, pendulous breasts!

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