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All The Drs Health on Show

I just watched today show and was so glad to see and hear that all the Drs are doing great and their test came back great for all. I give them all kudos for doing this on tv exspecially Dr O with what they did on him. But I think it was a reality blast for them to realize life is short and noone is garunteed any time or days.



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I just started watching this show. I love the education. But the talking over each other and arguing needs to go.


I have basically stopped blogging on the forum, and almost totally stopped watching the show.  The arguments where I can't hear what one doctor is saying over the other is rediculous!  I mean really, is Dr. Lisa PMSing nearly every day, going though ealy menopause or does she think hers is the only correct opinion above all?  It's disgusting.  I will watch the show a couple more times, but if it doesn't improve, I'm gone.  Maybe your ratings too!

You may delete this, but I am sure others feel the same way.  Remember, every detrimental word equals 1,000 people who see things the same way, but don't voice it.  Ask your raters if you don't believe me.



I watch your program everyday when I,m home, but when I miss it I don't know how to replay the program  , Please advice.  thank you,  Gloria Bolin   gloriabolin@msn.com


Glad to hear you enjoyed it :D

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