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face exercises and jowl creams

A while back someone on this blog asked about a good jowl cream to lift the hanging skin around the jaw and chin line. Another person responded that facial exercises would work better. Then this whole debate started over whether or not face exercises really work and if so- whose program (there are a lot of them out there ) worked better.

I can honestly say that I've tried them ALL and have been searching for something that really works since I turned 39 (I'm going to be 52 next month) and I think they do work.

I use Carolyn's system and it does not require a lot of time or equipment. In fact, it's less than 15 min. a few times a week and they're to be done lying down for better results......I think it's the gravity pull that makes that work?

So I do them in bed either before going to sleep, while watching TV or even in the morning. I just think this one is the easiest and maybe that's why I'm getting results.

I guess it's like anything - if you do something religiously - you'll get results. You can see a few free sample vidoes of how these exercises work here at this link.....


this is where I found about it.

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Hi walinja,  I'll have to take a look at this site.  I have been doing neck excercises since I was 30.  I'm now in my 50s, and I know that it has helped all these years.  I just lie down, prop myself up on elbows, and lean my head back & raise it while tightening my neck.  I repeat that movement about 20-30 times.  Thanks, Elaina

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