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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign
A controversial ad campaign created by New York City’s Human Resources Administration is using scare tactics in hopes of reducing the number of teen pregnancies in the city. The Doctors weigh in the the efficacy of the campaign.
Cleaning Tips for Reducing Indoor Allergies
Elycia Rubin, contributing editor for Women's Health and Men's Health magazines, offers cleaning tips for reducing potential allergy triggers inside your home. And, consumer product expert Dr. Gadget shows you two cleaning products that can help keep your floors and air clean.
Miles a Minute Devotional
Watch one of Pastor Miles McPherson’s daily one-minute devotionals called Miles A Minute.
Pastor Miles Intervention: Healthy Changes
The Doctors identify health issues that each family member needs to address. Will they start taking the necessary steps to improve their health?
Pastor Miles on Feelings of Shame
Francine and Chuck’s son Ben joins his parents and Pastor Miles. Ben says he feels ashamed after his wife left him and has turned to alcohol and cigarettes, which threaten his relationship with his parents – and his health.
Pastor Miles: Power of Forgiveness
Pastor Miles discusses how the power of forgiveness can help heal relationships and even lead to improvements in health.
Pastor Miles Stages Family Intervention
Pastor Miles helps Chuck and Francine identify the issues in their marriage that have pushed them away from each other.
Mole Removal Procedure
Kristen has a large mole behind her ear, which often gets irritated when she brushes her hair. Dr. Lee explains that she has cerebriform mole, which has a brain-like texture. Watch as Dr. Lee removes the mole.
New Procedure to Remove Keloid Scars
When Jazmine had her upper ear pierced 10 years ago, it triggered a keloid scar. Jazmine has had it removed four times, but it has returned larger each time. Dr. Lee uses a new procedure to freeze off the keloid.
When Killer Bees Attack
Reports of people being attacked by killer bees have The Doctors asking: Do you know what to do when bees attack? Stacy McKenna of the Los Angeles County Bee Keepers Association explains what you should and shouldn’t do to survive a killer bee swarm.
Ice Cream Cleanse?
Could eating five pints of coconut-based ice cream a day for four days help you lose weight? “If you think about it, this is the same stuff that people are making smoothies out of every day,” family physician Dr. Rachael Ross says. But, is an ice cream cleanse healthy?
Essential Earthquake Safety Tips
Earthquakes are shaking things up across the country — are you prepared for “The Big One”? The Doctors share essential dos and don’ts that could save your life!
Anti-Hangover Supplement
TV personality and businesswoman Adrienne Maloof reveals her go-to remedy for halting a hangover. Plus, The Doctors share more tips for preventing the dreaded feeling.
Cancer Myth or Reality?
Is there a secret cure for cancer? Can eating lunch meats increase your risk of colon cancer? Oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro clears up the biggest rumors about the deadly disease.
Keratoconus Procedure Explained
Rico, 24, underwent a cross-linking procedure and corneal transplant to treat keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease that causes the cornea to gradually deteriorate, resulting in severe vision loss. Ophthalmologist Dr. Ronald Gaster explains the warning signs of keratoconus and the procedures he performed to restore Rico’s sight.
Treating Keratoconus
A degenerative eye disease called keratoconus has caused 24-year-old Rico to experience progressive vision loss. The condition causes the cornea to gradually deteriorate and develop an abnormal, cone-like shape. Ophthalmologist and keratoconus specialist Dr. Ronald Gaster performs a cross-linking procedure and corneal transplant to correct Rico’s fading vision.
Living with Keratoconus
A degenerative eye disease called keratoconus has caused 24-year-old Rico to experience progressive vision loss for the past 10 years. The condition causes the cornea to gradually deteriorate and develop an abnormal, cone-like shape. In order to save his sight, Rico needs a corneal transplant on his left eye and a procedure called cross-linking to strengthen and stabilize the cornea of his right eye. Unable to afford the costly procedures, Rico’s mother, Mabelle, reached out to The Doctors for help.
Treating Severe Shoulder Pain
Shannon, 43, has been suffering from extreme, shooting shoulder pains for more than a year. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sonu Ahluwalia explains the common causes of shoulder joint inflammation, and offers treatment options.
Explosive Sneezing
Learn how bright lights can trigger a mysterious body reflex that causes an uncontrollable, supersized sneeze.
Excessive Vomiting during Pregnancy
Excessive vomiting during pregnancy? Learn about hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness that can lead to dangerous dehydration and weight loss. Plus, OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains how the condition is treated.
Nasal Filter for Alleviating Allergy Symptoms
Suffering from spring allergies? See how a new nasal filter helps keep pesky pollen at bay!
New Device for Migraine Prevention
Struggling to manage your migraines? See how a new FDA-approved electronic headband helps prevent and alleviate the debilitating symptoms.
Dangerous New Selfie Trend?
A new online trend has people taping up their faces and posting pictures of the distorted results. The Doctors discuss the potential dangers of sellotape selfies.
Earthquake-Proof Your Home
Eric Stromer, construction expert and host of HGTV’s Over Your Head, demonstrates how to prepare your home for an earthquake.
Alex Borstein on Hemophilia
Actress, writer and comedian Alex Borstein opens up about how the blood disorder hemophilia has impacted her family and how it even inspired her career!