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The Great Lung Run
Harvard graduate Kelcey Harrison decided to take action after losing a friend and classmate to lung cancer. Kelcey is running from New York to San Francisco to not only raise awareness and fundraise for research efforts, but to extinguish the myth that only heavy smokers fall victim to the disease.
The Power of Helping Others
Life-stylist Moll Anderson shares her experience traveling to Jamaica with UNICEF, and how the trip shaped her perspective on life.
Dr. Ordon Travels to Jordan
Hear about plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon’s recent trip to Jordan, where he joined a team of surgeons who performed corrective surgeries on more than 50 children with various injuries and facial deformities.
Kids and Sports
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross discuss the importance of keeping kids active, and the benefits of participating in team sports.
Surgery on Elderly Dogs
Mario, a producer forThe Doctors, takes his beloved four-legged friend, Louie, to veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell to discuss treatment options for Louie's gallstones. Mario explains that Louie was recently diagnosed with the hard, pebble-like deposits in his urinary tract and has been having trouble urinating. Mario fears that at 14 years old, Louie is too old to undergo major surgery.
Can You Sunburn in the Car?
Did you know that windows only filter out 37 percent of UVA light? Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee explains why it's important to wear sunscreen at all times ... even when you're in the car!
Fish Oil for Brain Injuries? Part 2
The Doctors discuss the pros and cons of using fish oil for injuries such as Grant’s.
Fish Oil for Brain Injuries?
Fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin joins The Doctors to discuss the heartbreaking ordeal her family underwent when her teenage son, Grant, was hit by a car going 40 miles per hour while strolling through their neighborhood. Hear what lead her to turn to alternative treatments to help her son recover.
Humans Lungs Grown in Lab
The Doctors discuss the latest breakthrough in regenerative medicine: the growth of human lungs in a lab. Learn how researchers were able to accomplish this incredible feat.
Preventing Bunions
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross offer tips to prevent the bothersome bumps.
Treating Bunions
Are unsightly and painful bumps keeping you from wearing your favorite footwear? Podiatrist and foot surgeon Dr. Ali Sadrieh discusses the treatment options for combating bunions, and explains what you can expect when going under the knife.
17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
Dr. Mike Moreno, author of the "17 Day Diet," shares diet and exercise tips from his latest book, the "17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition," including how a fasting day can help reset your body.
Mindful Meditation
After TV producer Mark Koberg was diagnosed with HIV, he says he dealt with the condition medically but not emotionally. After a year, the emotional burden took a toll on his health, and doctors told him he had to reduce his stress. Mark turned to mindful-based stress reduction. Advocates say mindful-based stress reduction can help people better manage stress, fear, anger, anxiety and depression.
Balance Hormones Naturally
Hormone imbalance often occurs before and during menopause, but many women want to avoid the risks of hormone replacement therapies. Endocrinologist Dr. Joseph Pinzone reveals the top 5 surprising practices that could be disrupting the balance of your hormones and shares natural ways to help restore balance.
Dogs in Pools?
Should you give your dog a multivitamin? Is it safe for your dog to cool off in a pool? Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell answers your pressing pet questions.
Candace Bure Finds Balance
Candace Cameron Bure, known for her role as D.J. Tanner on the TV show Full House, talks with Dr. Rachael about family, fitness, faith and her run on Dancing with the Stars.
Dr. Rachael Dances with the Stars
Dr. Rachael Ross joins Candace Cameron Bure and her dance partner, Mark Ballas, in the "Dancing with the Stars" studio.
Juvenile Arthritis
When Rhiannon was 2 years old, she went to a birthday party, where she played in a jump castle. The next day, her knees were swollen to the size of grapefruit, and she later reverted to crawling instead of walking. A rheumatologist eventually diagnosed her with juvenile arthritis. While most people consider arthritis to be a condition associated with older people, about 294,000 children under 18 have arthritis or rheumatic conditions.
How Juvenile Arthritis Affects the Body
Juvenile arthritis is an autoimmune condition. The immune cells attack the membranes that line the joints, causing swelling, stiffness, pain and fever. The eyes and skin also can be affected.
How to Avoid Bacne
Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross offers tips for preventing bacne. And, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork confesses the attention-grabbing way he avoids breakouts during long road trips.
Cat Weight Loss
Think cats hate water? Watch how an obese cat is shedding pounds.
Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman introduces us to the workout class she says has changed her life: SoulCycle. SoulCycle is a 45-minute indoor cycling class that incorporates cardio, hand weights and core strengthening exercises.
Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee examines Sara, who says she's had bacne for 15 years. Dr. Lee explains that acne on the back is a common condition, often caused by hormones, especially in women.
Treating a Blood Blister
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains how to treat a blood blister.
Foot Blisters
The Doctors share safe and effective ways to heal painful foot blisters.