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Deadly Surgical Mistake
An optional surgery for a man suffering from a lung tumor resulted in his death after the surgeon inadvertently operated on the wrong lung. The Doctors discuss what went wrong and how to prevent a surgical mistake from occurring.
Earthquake-Proof Your Home
Eric Stromer, construction expert and host of HGTV’s Over Your Head, demonstrates how to prepare your home for an earthquake.
Alex Borstein on Hemophilia
Actress, writer and comedian Alex Borstein opens up about how the blood disorder hemophilia has impacted her family and how it even inspired her career!
How Hemophilia Affects the Body
Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, chief medical office for Pfizer, explains how the blood disorder hemophilia affects the body.
Frankie Muniz's Mini-Stroke
Twenty-eight-year-old actor Frankie Muniz recently suffered a second mini-stroke. Dr. Travis shares the signs and symptoms to look out for, and why stress may not be to blame for Frankie’s condition.
Symptoms of Throat Cancer
Celine Dion’s husband, René Angélil, is recovering from surgery that removed a tumor from his throat. Learn the symptoms of throat cancer, and find out if you’re at risk for the deadly disease.
Eve's Weight Loss Journey
Eve’s doctor told her she wouldn’t live to see age 40 if she didn’t change her habits. Learn what finally motivated her to start eating better and exercising.
Mario's Weight Loss Journey
Hear how Mario quit eating fast food and smoking — at the same time! — and lost more than 200 pounds.
Diagnosing a Cyst
Michelle, 31, was distressed to find a large growth in her vaginal area. Dr. Rachael gets to the bottom of Michelle’s embarrassing problem, and shares tips to diagnosing bumps below the belt.
Dr. Rachael in Action
Meet Dr. Rachael’s patient, LaTonya, who recently underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Plus, see how The Doctors helps her on the road to recovery.
Relationship Deal Breakers
The Doctors share their number one relationship deal breakers. Plus, learn the health benefits of being in a good relationship.
Bar Harassment
Bar harassment: Do some men intentionally harass women, or are they just misreading the signs? The Docs weigh in.
Doctor-Patient Trust
The Doctors reveal how they make their patients feel more comfortable when discussing sensitive health topics.
When Heart Attacks are Deadliest
Research shows you’re more likely to die of a heart attack at night or during the weekend. Find out what conditions can affect your care and how to get the best treatment.
Gastic Pill
A new gastric pill available in the U.K. that inflates like a balloon in your stomach claims to offer a non-surgical alternative to gastric bypass. The Doctors discuss whether it is safe.
Linda Blair's Health Scare
Actress Linda Blair, best known for her role in the movie The Exorcist, helps train dogs for her WorldHeart Foundation for Animal and Human Welfare, which fights animal cruelty and helps rescue dogs. Linda shares that she recently discovered she had a hernia and was concerned that it would prevent her from leading her active lifestyle.
Hernia Risks
Surgical oncologist Dr. Leslie Memsic explains that a hernia is a tear in the thin layer of tissue overlying the muscle, which allows the intestines to protrude through the tissue. About 2 percent of the population has umbilical hernias, and chances increase with age. Hernias can be caused by heavy lifting, pregnancy, chronic cough and prostate problems.
Plastic Surgery for Bullied Teen?
Renata says she’s been bullied since she went to middle school. She eventually dropped out of school because she was tired of being bullied. Her mother, Michelle, applied to Little Baby Face Foundation, which provides low-income families with free reconstructive surgery for children with facial birth defects, and Renata was chosen. She had a deviated septum fixed, rhinoplasty to correct the slanting of her nose and a chin implant.
Service Dog Stays By Girl's Side in OR
When Kaelyn, who is known as K.K., was 2 months old, she was diagnosed with mastocytosis, a rare condition in which someone has too many mast cells, which release histamine as part of the body’s immune response. When there are too many mast cells, even the smallest triggers, such as stress and temperature change, can cause a massive release of histamine, which can cause the blood pressure to drop and the body to go into shock. A service dog named J.J. helps Kaelyn and her family live a more normal life.
Doctor's Best Friend
Anaesthesiologist Dr. Brad Taicher explains how a dog helped him ensure that 7-year-old Kaelyn didn't go into anaphylactic shock during surgery.
Three Warning Signs of Diabetes
Dentist Dr. Thanos Kristallis shares three warning signs of diabetes that can be found in your mouth, and The Doctors discuss other early signs of diabetes.
How to Monitor Your Blood Pressure
The Doctors has an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column!
Relief from Chronic Fatigue
Michelle, who works on The Doctors TV show, was concerned about unexplained weight gain and fatigue, although she eats healthy and exercises regularly. Michelle visited endocrinologist and metabolic specialist Dr. Eva Cwynar, who performed a nutritional evaluation and conducted hormone testing.
Affects of Smoking During Pregnancy
A controversial study claims smoking during pregnancy can influence the child’s sexuality. The Doctors weigh in on how a mother’s behavior during pregnancy can affect the child’s development.
Living with Suicide Disease Part 1
Following a routine surgery to remove a cyst from behind her ear, Tyler, 15, began to experience pressure and pain that became increasingly agonizing over time. Tyler was eventually diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve disorder so painful, it's often called the "suicide disease." Hear her story.